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Gudu rushed at Zhao Fu like a ferocious beast, giving off massive sounds.


The nine savage black dragons circled around Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu gave off a terrifying dragon's might as he charged at Gudu.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The two people clashed, and Gudu continuously hacked out with his axe, sending out powerful axe lights. Zhao Fu continuously slashed out with his sword, sending out blood-red sword lights, and explosions sounded out.

Massive gales swept out and the ground continuously cracked as sharp lights tore it apart, creating a terrifying scene.

"Roar!!" Gudu roared as he exploded out with a powerful aura. He gripped his axe with both hands and sent terrifying power into it. The axe gave off large amounts of light as he vigorously slashed out, and a massive axe light containing destructive power blasted out, causing the space around it to crack.

"Arghh!" Zhao Fu also yelled out as he ignited all of his Divine Bloodline's power. A powerful ripple spread out as large amounts of power flowed into the Sadistic Killing Sword, causing it to give off boundless blood-red sword light. He vigorously slashed out, sending out a berserk sword light.


The two sharp lights collided as a terrifying destructive force blasted out and the ground continuously trembled. The two people were sent flying back, and only stopped after traveling 100 meters or so.

Both of them had a trace of blood leaking out of their lips, and they looked at each other with cold expressions.


Gudu's blood-red aura flame started to sway as it became a large, blood-red tiger that gave off shocking power.

"Roar!" A dragon's roar sounded out as the nine savage black dragons around Zhao Fu turned into aura flames and dissipated, and the massive black aura flame around Zhao Fu turned into an enormous savage black dragon.

Gudu rushed towards Zhao Fu with the terrifying blood-red tiger, while Zhao Fu also shot towards Gudu followed by the powerful black dragon.

Both of them traveled incredibly quickly, and in an instant, they were only five meters away from each other.

"Roar!" The blood-red tiger behind Gudu gave a massive roar as it gave off boundless blood-red light, dyeing the surroundings blood-red. A powerful aura flowed out of the blood-red tiger's body, causing clouds to swirl.

"Roar!" The black dragon behind Zhao Fu gave a domineering roar as boundless black light shone out, dyeing the surroundings black, and it exploded out with terrifying power.


The two massive beasts gave off shocking power as they collided, and it was as if two worlds were colliding. A massive explosion rang out as a terrifying shockwave blasted out, destroying countless trees and boulders.

Zhao Fu and Gudu once again both flew out, and they coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Sensing these ripples, the people nearby felt quite startled; why were there such terrifying ripples? Could it be that two geniuses were fighting again?

Thinking about that, everyone looked quite excited and gathered towards that place, and they saw the mysterious cloaked figure fighting with Gudu, the eighth-ranked Iron Mountain Orc.

It was this person again? He had already challenged two geniuses and had challenged another one after disappearing for three days. This made countless people feel great admiration towards him.

At the same time, everyone felt quite excited for the terrifying battle between this mysterious person and Gudu. They wanted to see the terrifying power of these peerless geniuses.


Gudu chopped out, and a black axe light containing terrifying power flew towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu dodged to the side, and the axe light slammed into the ground, opening up a large crack.

Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, sending out a blood-red sword light containing a sharp aura towards Gudu. It was incredibly fast and flashed through the air.

Gudu punched towards the sword light, sending out a powerful fist energy which crashed into the blood-red sword light and shattered it, causing it to turn into countless motes of light and dissipate.


Zhao Fu's Sadistic Killing Sword gave off blood-red light as he stabbed towards Gudu incredibly quickly, leaving behind a trail of light in the air.


Gudu sent great power into his axe, causing it to give off black light. He vigorously swung upwards, slamming into the Sadistic Killing Sword and sending it flying away.

Gudu gave a cold laugh and quickly spun as he ferociously kicked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu gripped his right hand into a fist and gathered large amounts of power as he punched out.


An explosion sounded out as Gudu's foot and Zhao Fu's fist collided, creating a shockwave that forced both of them back a few steps.

At that moment, Gudu once again heavily swung his axe, bringing with it a powerful axe light as it slashed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu grabbed at the air, and the Sword Mark on the back of his hand flashed as a sword filled with deathly aura appeared in his hand. Holding this sword, Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, and a gray sword light containing icy deathly aura flew out.


The axe light and sword light collided, causing light to shoot everywhere as a powerful wind rippled out.

Gudu roared and rushed at Zhao Fu, vigorously swinging his axe at Zhao Fu's head.

Zhao Fu forcefully slashed out with his sword, bringing with it a cold sword light as it flew towards Gudu.


The two weapons clashed with great force, and sparks flew as a shockwave blasted out.

The two of them had similar strength and neither pushed the other back, resulting in a stalemate. At that moment, the cross-shaped pupil in Zhao Fu's right eye started to quickly spin as a wave of cold ghostly qi spread out.

"Roar!" A ghost that was dozens of meters tall and covered with muscles appeared behind Zhao Fu, vigorously punching out and sending Gudu flying back. He crashed onto the ground and coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

In that situation, Zhao Fu had used the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power.

"Arghh!" Gudu looked furious as he got up from the ground and gave an enraged roar as the blood-red totem on his chest gave off intense blood-red light, and a terrifying power spread out from his body.

Gudu's skin became blood-red colored and he doubled in size. He looked incredibly savage as two small black horns appeared on his head, and his hands became claws. A row of bone spikes appeared on his back, making him look quite terrifying.