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 Thinking about that, everyone felt even more shocked because no one had ever dared to try to do such a thing before. Those were the top ten geniuses of this generation, and they stood at the very peak of the Outlander Race. No one dared to challenge them one by one.

Now that this person wanted to challenge all ten geniuses, everyone felt both shocked and respectful; this person was quite valiant for daring to do such a thing.

They felt quite excited for this upcoming battle because they had seen how terrifying the previous two battles were, and they understood how intense this battle would be. Just thinking about it made their blood boil.

The two Empires that had wanted to kill Zhao Fu no longer felt as angry and started to observe Zhao Fu.


Back at the battlefield, Gudu gripped his axe and vigorously hacked down, sending out an enormous axe light with terrifying destructive power towards Zhao Fu. The air that it passed through exploded, resulting in a massive sound.


Zhao Fu sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword, causing it to give off a large amount of sword light. An extremely terrifying sword aura spread out as Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, and a blood-red sword light containing sharp energy slashed out.


The two sharp lights collided with terrifying power, and a massive shockwave blasted out. Zhao Fu was sent back ten or so steps while Gudu only took a few steps back.

"Hahaha, boy, you're not a match for me. Your cultivation is too low; don't blame me for bullying you," Gudu said as he loudly laughed before rushing towards Zhao Fu.

Gudu quickly reached Zhao Fu and swung his axe horizontally, bringing with it a large arc of light.

Zhao Fu flipped forwards, avoiding this attack and coming behind Gudu. His sword gave off large amounts of blood-red light as he stabbed at Gudu's heart.

Gudu spun and slashed out with his axe, blocking Zhao Fu's stab and forcing Zhao Fu back.

Gudu loudly laughed and raised his axe, sending large amounts of power into it, and the axe gave off an intense light.


Gudu vigorously slammed his axe down, and an enormous black ray of light blasted towards Zhao Fu with extremely destructive power, leaving a deep crack in the ground.

Zhao Fu was quite startled and blocked with the Sadistic Killing Sword while also releasing a defensive barrier.


The black ray of light slammed into Zhao Fu, and the defensive barrier instantly shattered as he flew backwards. However, most of the damage was blocked by the barrier and Zhao Fu was not injured.

However, Gudu rushed forwards and caught up to Zhao Fu, and his axe gave off cold light as he hacked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu could only once again block with his sword and defend.


Zhao Fu was once again sent flying backwards but in a different direction, and he heavily crashed against a tree. The tree violently trembled and its leaves fell like rain as a trace of blood leaked out of Zhao Fu's lips.

Gudu loudly laughed as he once again came before Zhao Fu and raised the axe with both hands. The axe gave off large amounts of cold light, and a massive aura spread out.


An enormous axe light flew out with terrifying power towards Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu dodged to the side. The axe light split the tree that had been behind him from top to bottom with an incredibly clean cut.

Zhao Fu looked at Gudu with a cold expression, and he felt somewhat angry. He exploded out with a powerful aura as a black aura flame burst forth around him.

Gudu did not show any weakness and also exploded out with a powerful aura as an iron-colored aura flame burst forth around him and gave off ripples.

Zhao Fu rushed at Gudu and slashed out with great force, while Gudu gave off a terrifying aura and also charged at Zhao Fu. Gudu hacked at Zhao Fu with his axe with shocking power.


A massive sound rang out as the sword and axe clashed, and a shockwave blasted out, sending out large gales.

Gudu wildly laughed as he gripped his axe and pressed down on Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu's sword was forced lower and lower.


Zhao Fu's expression was savage as he exploded out with an even greater aura, and the aura flame around him became even larger as he pushed back.


A muffled sound rang out as Gudu was forced back five or six steps. He looked quite startled before his expression became cold. He exploded out with a greater aura and the iron-colored aura flame around him became even more ferocious.

Gudu rushed at Zhao Fu like a ferocious beast before leaping up into the air and gripping his axe with both hands as he hacked down at Zhao Fu with terrifying power.

Zhao Fu did not move, and he instead sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword, causing it to give off a blinding sword light and a wave of blood-red sword qi spread out.


The axe descended with terrifying power, and Zhao Fu also vigorously slashed out. The two weapons clashed, exploding out with terrifying destructive power, as the ground beneath Zhao Fu's feet cracked before caving in, forming a 100 metre wide crater.

After bearing the brunt of this impact, Zhao Fu's arms ached and his feet felt weak, and he sunk into the ground.

"Roar!!" Gudu roared as an even more powerful aura exploded out. The iron-colored aura flame around him expanded in size, and it almost covered Zhao Fu. With this power, Gudu pressed down forcefully with his axe.


The ground cracked and Zhao Fu's calves were forced into the ground as well. His expression was quite unsightly, and his sword was being forced down by the axe.

"Roar!" At that moment, a dragon's roar sounded out as Zhao Fu ignited his Divine Bloodline, and a supreme aura exploded out as nine savage black dragons appeared around Zhao Fu, giving off terrifying dragon's might.

The aura flame around Zhao Fu became many times bigger and clashed against Gudu's ferocious aura flame, causing large winds to blow out.

Zhao Fu's strength was also greatly increased, and he vigorously slashed out.


A massive sound rang out as Gudu was sent flying back dozens of meters. He crashed to the ground and his expression became serious. He understood that if he did not use his full power, he could very well lose.

However, facing such a powerful opponent like Zhao Fu, it was worth going all-out.

"Roar!!" Gudu raised his face to the sky and roared as the iron-colored aura flame around him expanded by many times, covering the surrounding ten or so meters. A terrifying power blasted out as the ground around him continuously cracked.

A blood-red Orc totem appeared on Gudu's chest before spreading out and covering his entire body. Gudu looked much more savage and his aura flame became blood-red colored.