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 The countless traces of black and red sword qi instantly covered the surrounding 100,000 meters, flying about and reducing everything to nothingness. Space itself was covered with cracks and the berserk, murderous, and cold sword intent filled the entire heavens and earth.

Sensing this sword intent, the spectators' bodies all felt icy cold and they could not help but tremble. It was the first time they had seen such a terrifying sword intent.


The sky darkened as clouds swirled and the ground trembled. Everyone in the secret realm once again looked towards the scene of the battle, and their expressions became more serious.

They understood that another terrifying battle had erupted, and only people from the top ten would be able to unleash such ripples. This person had already defeated two geniuses; just who was this person with such terrifying power?

The people on the viewing platforms were completely dumbfounded. After Yu Luohua had unleashed that terrifying attack, they had thought that the battle was decided. However, they had never thought that Zhao Fu's eye would release such a terrifying sword qi that would defeat Yu Luohua in one attack and reverse the situation.

Now, everyone was even more curious about Zhao Fu's identity; such a terrifying figure was someone who would shake the Heaven Domain.

The sword qi gradually dissipated and the cracks in space recovered. There was now a 100,000 meter wide crater covered with sword gashes, looking quite terrifying.

Zhao Fu pressed his hand against his chest as blood leaked out from his left eye, and he stumbled as he limped away.

The spectators all felt incredibly nervous and no one dared to make any noise as they made way for Zhao Fu. This was their respect for a peerless genius - everyone understood that he would definitely become incredibly famous.

Zhao Fu came to a place with no one else around and quickly sat down cross-legged and started to recover from his injuries. His wounds this time were quite severe.

It was not just the wound on his chest, but his left eye had also taken a great amount of damage, especially his Killing Sword Pupil. Zhao Fu had used the Killing Sword Intent, which had incredibly destructive power.

Fortunately, Zhao Fu had unlocked the Celestial Mode, so his eyes had become much more powerful. Otherwise, he could have permanently damaged that pupil. For now, he would not be able to use that pupil for a while.

Time passed and Zhao Fu gradually recovered from his wounds. This time, it took him three days, and Zhao Fu felt that he was one step closer to awakening the Outlander Emperor Star. The 34 totems on his back gave off different lights and some Outlander Fate started to enter Zhao Fu's body. This meant that Zhao Fu started to receive the acknowledgement of the Outlander race's Fate.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile; none of this had been a waste. He needed to defeat more geniuses and receive more acknowledgement from the Outlander race's Fate.

There was also the matter of points. Now that Zhao Fu had defeated Yu Luohua and obtained one-third of her points, he was ranked fifth.

Outside the door to the secret realm, Yu Luohua also finished recovering from her injuries. Her expression was cold - she had well and truly lost this time. Facing that terrifying attack, she had not been able to resist at all, and she felt a trace of terror in her heart. Just who was that young man, and how did he have such terrifying power?

She had wanted to challenge other geniuses and raise her ranking; perhaps she would have a chance at drawing out the King of Kings Sword.

However, Zhao Fu's arrival had ruined all of her plans; she had lost to someone else so early on.

The Elephant person was also thinking the same thing. He had recovered from his wounds, and seeing the bloody Yu Luohua exiting the secret realm, he looked quite surprised as he asked, "Were you also defeated by that person?"

Yu Luohua's expression was quite unsightly as she nodded. She did not say anything else before going to recover from her injuries. She had another chance to enter and she had to make the most of her time.

The Elephant person felt quite surprised; it seemed that that person was going to challenge each of the top ten geniuses. He did not know whether or not it would be possible, but seeing that another genius had been defeated, he felt better and re-entered the secret realm.

By now, Zhao Fu had found his next opponent. This person was quite tall and was covered with muscles. He had iron-colored skin and held an axe, and he gave off an extremely powerful aura. He was the eighth-ranked Iron Mountain Orc, Gudu.

Gudu seemed to have been affected by some kind of power and could sense Zhao Fu, causing him to sit on a large boulder on the summit of a mountain as he waited for him.

Zhao Fu was dressed in a black robe and looked quite calm as he arrived, and he looked at the Iron Mountain Orc Gudu.

Gudu loudly laughed, "Boy, you're not too bad, being able to defeat the two of them. However, you're quite brave for challenging me; do you know my strength?"

Zhao Fu calmly took out the Sadistic Killing Sword as he said, "You'll be the third!"

"Hahaha, boy, you're quite arrogant. I want to see just how strong you are," Gudu loudly laughed as he held his axe and walked towards Zhao Fu.


A terrifying aura exploded out of Gudu's body, and an iron-colored aura flame burst forth around him, giving off wild gales.

Gudu raised his axe and started to run, reaching Zhao Fu incredibly quickly. He sent a massive wave of power into the axe, causing it to give off boundless cold light, and he vigorously swung down towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu leapt backwards and avoided this trike, and the axe slammed into the ground, causing the ground to split open. A shockwave spread out, causing a ten meter wide crater to appear.

While in the air, Zhao Fu vigorously slashed with the Sadistic Killing Sword, sending out a sharp blood-red arc of light.


Gudu quickly withdrew his axe and blocked, causing a metallic collision sound to ring out.

Gudu loudly laughed and gripped his axe with both hands as he vigorously swung it, sending out a powerful axe light towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword, causing it to give off large amounts of sword light as he once again ferociously slashed out.


The black axe light and blood-red sword light clashed, resulting in a massive explosion. Cold light shot out in all directions as a shockwave spread out, forcing Zhao Fu and Gudu back. Gudu took two steps back while Zhao Fu took five steps back. Gudu was a strength-type cultivator and was significantly stronger than Yu Luohua; he was quite difficult to deal with.

The people on the viewing platforms once again looked quite excited as they watched this battle. Zhao Fu had defeated the tenth-ranked Elephant person and the ninth-ranked Yu Luohua, and he was now facing the eighth-ranked Gudu. Everyone understood his goal - to defeat each of the top ten geniuses one by one.