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Yu Luohua stabbed her sword at Zhao Fu's throat and Zhao Fu blocked with the Sadistic Killing Sword before slashing at her with the Death Disaster Sword. Yu Luohua dodged to the side, and she slashed out another white sword light.

Zhao Fu dodged to the side and avoided this white sword light before sending power into the Death Disaster Sword. The Death Disaster Sword gave off large amounts of a gray deathly aura that spread out like a mist, causing the temperature of the surroundings to fall.


Zhao Fu swung the Death Disaster Sword and the massive amount of deathly aura flooded towards Yu Luohua with a massive sound.

Yu Luohua spread her 12 wings, which gave off intense white light that contained a searing energy as it spread out.

Under the white light, the deathly aura quickly dissipated and disappeared.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu appeared behind Yu Luohua; he had only used the deathly aura as a distraction. He sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword and vigorously slashed out.


Yu Luohua was sent flying by Zhao Fu's attack and a gash appeared on her body, from which blood flowed out, and her pure-white wings were stained with some blood.


Yu Luohua's expression was cold as she gripped her sword and exploded out with an even more powerful aura, slashing out an enormous sword light with all of her strength, which tore through the air towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was quite startled that Yu Luohua could still attack like this, and he exploded out with power as he crossed his swords and released a firm black defensive barrier.


The massive sword light shattered Zhao Fu's defensive barrier and caused him to fly back hundreds of meters before he was able to stop. He felt immense pain in his hands, as if the flesh on his hands was going to be torn apart.

Yu Luohua turned into a ray of light and shot towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed as he gripped his swords and also charged towards her.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out again and again. Each strike gave off terrifying ripples, and Yu Luohua also sent terrifying power into her sword and each attack brought with it brilliant sword light.


Yu Luohua cried out and her body exploded out with intense white light as she held her sword which also gave off bright white light and forcefully slashed towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu roared as he gave off ferocious black aura flames and slashed towards Yu Luohua.

A terrifying explosion once again sounded out, and the two of them were sent flying back by the shockwave before crashing to the ground.

This caused everyone to look quite startled; was it a tie?


A ray of white light exploded out, illuminating the surrounding tens of thousands of meters. A terrifying and wild wind blew, causing countless trees to sway.

There was a trace of blood leaking out of Yu Luohua's mouth as she stood on the ground, holding her sword up with one hand. The sword gave off a formless sword energy that caused the space around it to twist, and beside her, powerful images appeared - they were Feather person soldiers with two wings.

They had serious expressions and were dressed in ornate armor, and they gave off powerful auras. There were many of them, at least tens of thousands in total.


A massive black aura flame shot into the sky as the surrounding Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered and the two swords that Zhao Fu held both gave off intense sword light.

A wave of deathly mist spread out, covering the surrounding 10,000 meters. At the same time, broken corpses appeared around Zhao Fu: There were headless Demons, limbless Humans, Elves with only half their bodies...

An icy deathly intent and a cruel and berserk sword intent flooded out, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet.


Yu Luohua heavily slashed down and the countless Feather person soldier images gave off terrifying auras as they surged towards Zhao Fu, seeming like they would destroy everything.


Zhao Fu also slashed out with his swords, causing the deathly mist filled with corpses to ferociously flood out with an aura of extermination.


The two enormous attacks collided, resulting in a heaven-shaking explosion. A terrifying wave of destructive power spread out, causing the surroundings to collapse as everything within 100,000 meters was reduced to dust.

The ground continuously trembled violently as clouds swirled and a terrifying shockwave blasted out. The people spectating from far away felt as if they had fallen into icy water and their bodies trembled.

Zhao Fu crossed his swords in front of him and released a defensive barrier to withstand that terrifying destructive power, and he managed to avoid taking any injuries. A 100,000 meter wide crater had appeared on the ground, from which traces of black aura rose up, and the surroundings were deathly silent.


Suddenly, a sword hum sounded out and tore through the sky as a white sword light rushed into the sky, shining down on the land. A massive sword qi storm erupted out, destroying everything around it.

A bloodied Yu Luohua was standing in the air, holding up her sword with an icy gaze in her eyes as she heavily swung downwards.


A massive white sword light containing abnormally searing heat slashed towards Zhao Fu, seeming to be able to tear apart the heavens and earth.

Zhao Fu's expression fell and put everything he had into defending. However, after being hit by that attack, he flew back 1,000 meters and crashed into a cliff. An incredibly deep gash through which bone could be seen was in his chest as blood poured out.

The spectators all looked quite shocked; they had never thought that Yu Luohua would still be able to unleash such a devastating attack.

Had Yu Luohua won?

With Yu Luohua's current power, it seemed that she could enter the top six, and despite falling to her, being able to force her to such a state was something this person could take pride in.

"Arghh!" A pained howl tore through the sky, and everyone felt quite startled as they looked towards the cliff.

Zhao Fu's expression was wracked with pain and blood leaked out of his left eye as a black and red sword pupil gave off faint light and gradually split open, as if the gates of hell were being opened.

Shing, shing, shing, shing, shing...

Massive amounts of sword qi containing terrifying power madly flooded out of Zhao Fu's left eye and continuously shot out. Each trace of sword qi contained berserk killing intent and destructive sword intent as they slashed out.

Everything in range was slashed apart by the traces of sword qi, and countless traces of black and red sword qi flowed out, creating a hellish scene.

Yu Luohua was greatly dismayed, but she did not have any strength to defend. As her body was ripped apart by the sword qi, opening up countless wounds, she did not hesitate to choose to leave the secret realm or else she would die here.

Seeing the berserk sword qi, everyone in the surroundings were terrified and quickly retreated.