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 Bang! Bang! Bang...

The eight powerful rays of light shot towards where Zhao Fu was with terrifying power, resulting in explosions. The ground collapsed as dust billowed up.

A 100 meter wide crater appeared, but after the dust settled, everyone could see that the nine black dragons were swimming around Zhao Fu and had protected him so that he was not injured by those rays of light at all.

Yu Luohua looked quite startled and had never thought that Zhao Fu would be able to block her attack so easily. Her eight silver-white wings spread to their limits and intense light covered the ground. The light was incredibly bright and made it difficult for anyone to fully open their eyes.

The temperature of the surroundings quickly rose and any water in the surroundings evaporated. All vegetation started to weather as the ground started to crack.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Eight massive silver-white rays of light blasted out incredibly quickly towards Zhao Fu, bringing with them power that seemed to be able to raze and purify everything.

Zhao Fu did not move and looked at Yu Luohua as he ignited his Divine Bloodline's power, and an all-surpassing might spread out.

An even greater wave of black aura flooded out of Zhao Fu, rushing into his surroundings.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Nine dragon's roars sounded out as the nine savage black dragons received large amounts of power and became bigger. They gave off intense black light and gave off terrifying destructive power as they rushed towards Yu Luohua, causing the space around them to crack.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The searing rays of light and the ferocious black dragons collided, resulting in a massive explosion. The space around them seemed to start to fall apart as terrifying ripples spread out, causing the weather to change.

The people in the surroundings sensed those terrifying ripples and their expressions fell, but they then smiled as they hurried over. It was most likely another two peerless geniuses going all-out fighting, and ordinary people would not have the opportunity to see such a thing.

At the same time, they were curious as to which two geniuses were battling it out. The battle from two days ago had been incredibly exciting, and they wanted to see another battle of such scale.

When they reached the outer regions of the battlefield, they were shocked to find that it was that same cloaked figure fighting with the ninth-ranked Yu Luohua.

They had not seen that person after the battle two days ago, and they had never expected that he would come and find the ninth-ranked genius to fight; it was truly admirable.

The people on the viewing platforms continued to watch attentively. They felt both excited and nervous as they watched that terrifying battle and did not want to miss a second. Currently, no one could tell who was going to win.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Zhao Fu and Yu Luohua continuously clashed in the sky, and sword lights shot out as ferocious sword qi gales rushed out.


Zhao Fu once again crossed his two swords and formed a ten meter long sword of light. He swung it with immense power, sending Yu Luohua crashing to the ground and smashing open a ten or so meter wide crater.

Yu Luohua coughed up a large mouthful of blood and looked at Zhao Fu furiously. She gave a long whistle as a silver-white light exploded out from her, causing terrifying power to blast out, and the ground in the surrounding 1,000 meters caved in.

After the light disappeared, Yu Luohua stood in the center of the crater and gave off a faint light. There were two more pairs of wings on her back, and she was now a Twelve-Winged Feather Person and had extraordinary power.

No one expected Yu Luohua to be a Twelve-Winged Feather Person; she had now shown all of her cards, and her strength was now comparable to the seventh-ranked genius.

Yu Luohua's gaze fell coldly on Zhao Fu. She slowly raised her sword and vigorously slashed out, sending out an enormous white sword light containing searing power. The air became incredibly hot, and cracks appeared in the space that the sword light passed through.


The sword light heavily slammed into the ground, causing the ground to tremble. A 1,000 meter long sword gash appeared in the ground, giving off a scalding heat.

Zhao Fu avoided the main attack, but he was hit by the shockwaves and flew out.

Yu Luohua gave off faint light as she stood in the air and looked at Zhao Fu coldly. She once again slowly raised her sword, and a terrifying sword energy spread out.

Zhao Fu's expression became savage as he no longer held back and ignited all of his Divine Bloodline's power. A massive black aura flame erupted around his body, and ground under him crumbled as the nine savage black dragons once again appeared around Zhao Fu.


Yu Luohua slashed down, sending out a terrifying white sword light towards Zhao Fu.

At that moment, Zhao Fu also slashed out, and a blood-red sword light containing a berserk sword intent ferociously flew towards the white sword light.


Yet another massive explosion sounded out as the two sword lights clashed together, and a powerful destructive force blasted out.

Right as the explosion sounded out, Zhao Fu gripped his two swords and rushed towards Yu Luohua with his nine black dragons. Yu Luohua's expression was icy cold as she also gave off immense power and shot towards Zhao Fu.

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Zhao Fu's two swords continuously slashed out, sending out sword lights towards Yu Luohua. Each sword light contained immense destructive power, and Yu Luohua also continuously swung her sword, sending out terrifying white sword lights. The sword lights of the two sides clashed, resulting in massive collision sounds and great gales rushing out.

Yu Luo's gaze hardened as her 12 wings spread out and gave off large amounts of silver-white light as a searing energy spread out.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Twelve rays of silver-white light shot out with ferocious power, giving off explosions as they blasted towards Zhao Fu.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..."

Nine dragon's roars sounded out as the nine savage black dragons around Zhao Fu gave off terrifying dragon mights and slammed towards Yu Luohua.


The black dragons gave off large amounts of black light as they clashed with the silver-white rays of light. A terrifying shockwave blasted out, and because of how close Zhao Fu and Yu Luohua were, they were both blown back over 100 meters and traces of blood leaked out of their lips.

In the next moment, the two of them once again gave off powerful auras as they transformed into rays of light and once again clashed in the air.

The people in the surroundings watched on seriously with excited expressions; this battle was even more intense than the previous one.