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In the next moment, Yu Luohua twisted her body as she vigorously kicked out onto Zhao Fu's chest, causing him to slide back ten or so meters before he stopped.

Zhao Fu felt a wave of pain on his chest and he looked at Yu Luohua seriously. As the ninth-ranked genius, she was much stronger than the Elephant person.

Yu Luohua raised her head and said somewhat proudly, "With your current power, it's impossible for you to defeat me. You should go and challenge other people and keep your ranking as number ten. Only then will you have the right to ascend the King of Kings Mountain."

Zhao Fu did not know what the King of Kings Mountain was, but he was not very pleased with Yu Luohua's arrogant tone. His expression was cold as he exploded out with an even greater aura and rushed towards Yu Luohua.

Seeing that Zhao Fu was unwilling to give up, Yu Luohua coldly harrumphed and gave off a powerful aura as she shot towards Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu slashed out with great power, sending out a blood-red sword light with great force. In response, Yu Luohua also swung her sword, sending out a white sword light that contained searing hot power towards Zhao Fu.


The two sword lights collided, resulting in an enormous explosion. Sword light shot out everywhere as a sword qi storm blasted out.

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Zhao Fu sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword and slashed out with terrifying power, sending out blood-red sword lights towards Yu Luohua. Yu Luohua also sent immense power into her sword and continuously slashed out, sending out white sword lights towards Zhao Fu.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The sword lights collided, resulting in massive explosions, and the surrounding ground, trees, and boulders were all covered with sword gashes.

No one on the viewing platforms said anything and the entire scene was silent as everyone stared at this battle.


A sword hum sounded out as Yu Luohua's sword gave off large amounts of white light as she vigorously slashed out, causing a brilliant white sword light that illuminated the surroundings to fly towards Zhao Fu with searing heat.

Facing this attack, Zhao Fu took out the Death Disaster Sword and held one sword in each hand. He sent two massive waves of power into the two swords, causing them to give off intense sword light, as he vigorously slashed out, causing a blood-red sword light and a gray sword light to slash towards Yu Luohua in the shape of a cross.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two attacks collided, resulting in yet another massive explosion. This time, a terrifying shockwave spread out, sending the two people back.

Zhao Fu was forced back a few steps while Yu Luohua was sent flying back seven or eight meters, and her clothes and hair became somewhat disorderly because of the blast.

Yu Luohua looked quite angry as she said coldly, "You've angered me now; since you insist on doing this, you can go and die!"


A massive explosion sounded out as Yu Luohua gripped her sword with both hands, held it in front of her chest, and pointed it towards the sky. Her expression was cold as her eight silver wings spread out, giving off an intense silver-white light and a terrifying aura spread out from her body.

Yu Luohua raised her sword, and it gave off a brilliant white sword light that covered the surroundings as an extremely dangerous aura spread out.

Zhao Fu's hairs stood on end as he felt quite startled. His aura flame became even stronger as he sent large amounts of power into his two swords, and he raised them before crossing them together. A blood-red and gray sword of light appeared in Zhao Fu's hands, and an enormous sword energy spread out.


Yu Luohua's expression was cold as she slashed down with her sword, sending out an enormous sword light that gave off searing heat that seemed to be able to purify the entire world. The air that it passed through exploded, resulting in massive explosions.


Zhao Fu gripped the ten or so meter long sword of light and also slashed out, sending out a terrifying sword light that seemed completely unstoppable towards Yu Luohua.


A massive explosion once again sounded out, and blinding light spread out as a terrifying destructive power blasted out, causing the ground to tremble.

After everything settled, the spectators could see that a crater that was hundreds of meters wide had opened up. Zhao Fu and Yu Luohua were lying on opposite sides with traces of blood leaking out of their lips. Both of them had cold gazes as they looked at the other person.

In the next moment, the two of them gave off powerful auras as they charged at each other. Yu Luohua ferociously slashed at Zhao Fu, while Zhao Fu's sword of light had become two swords again, and they gave off a powerful sword light as they slashed towards Yu Luohua.

Shing, shing, shing...

Sword hums continuously sounded out as Yu Luohua slashed out again and again, sending out white sword lights. Zhao Fu's hands also blurred as he slashed towards Yu Luohua incredibly ferociously. The sword lights continuously clashed, sending out massive gales.

Zhao Fu's two swords gradually suppressed Yu Luohua, and as he continuously attacked, she was forced to start passively defending.


A muffled sound rang out as Zhao Fu vigorously sent out a blood-red sword light containing immense power, sending Yu Luohua flying back.

Yu Luohua flew back ten or so meters and looked at Zhao Fu furiously. She spread her wings and flew into the sky.


A massive power exploded out from Yu Luohua's body as her eight wings gave off intense silver-white light, and a terrifying aura spread out from those wings.

Swish, swish, swish...

Yu Luohua beat her wings, and eight rays of silver-white light shot out from her wings, bringing with them searing energy as they shot towards Zhao Fu incredibly quickly.

Zhao Fu was startled and quickly dodged to the side, but the eight rays of light seemed to have a will of their own and chased after him. Zhao Fu flew upwards and tried to shake them off, but the eight rays of light once again changed direction and continued to chase after Zhao Fu.

This time, Zhao Fu was unable to dodge anymore and he could only release a defensive barrier to protect himself.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive sounds rang out as the rays of light slammed into Zhao Fu's defensive barrier and exploded.

After the explosions stopped, Zhao Fu fell from the sky and crashed onto the ground.

Yu Luohua coldly smiled and gave off an even greater power as her eight wings once again gave off intense silver-white light, illuminating the surrounding ten kilometers as a terrifying power spread out.

Swish, swish, swish...

Yu Luohua once again beat her wings and eight searing white rays of light once again shot towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu got up from the ground and wiped the blood at his lips. Facing the eight rays of light, he exploded out with a wave of his Divine Bloodline's power.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Dragon's roars sounded out from within Zhao Fu's body as a massive black aura flooded out, and nine black dragons gave off terrifying power and might as they appeared around Zhao Fu.