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 As the terrifying blue ray of light shot out, Zhao Fu slashed out with the Sadistic Killing Sword, sending out a terrifying sword intent that contained immense destructive power that split the light in half, causing it to dissipate into countless motes of light.

However, the Elephant person's body suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Fu, and a massive fist containing great power blasted out towards Zhao Fu's head.

Zhao Fu hurriedly blocked with his sword, but in the next moment, he was sent flying by a great force.

The Elephant person rushed forwards and caught up to Zhao Fu, and he continued to punch at him with terrifying power.

Zhao Fu twisted in the air, and his sword gave off a massive sword light as it slashed towards the incoming fist.


The two of them collided, resulting in a shockwave that sent both of them flying back. The instant that both of them landed, massive aura flames once again burst forth around them as they rushed towards the other person.

The Elephant person's fists left behind afterimages as they punched towards Zhao Fu, creating massive sounds.

Zhao Fu continuously slashed out, sending out massive swathes of sword light, but they were shattered by the Elephant persons' fists. Because the Elephant person was using his fists, he was able to attack much faster than Zhao Fu, and he was able to gradually suppress Zhao Fu. Soon, there were fewer and fewer sword lights while there were more and more fist energies from the Elephant person.


The Elephant person once again punched out, causing the air to explode, as a terrifying punch landed on Zhao Fu's chest. Zhao Fu felt as if his body had been struck by an enormous beast, and he flew backwards.

The Elephant person's expression was cold as he raised a hand towards the sky, and blue aura flames flowed out.

Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered as a massive image of an elephant foot appeared in the sky, giving off an incredibly suppressive feeling. It vigorously stamped down towards Zhao Fu with enough power to shatter a small mountain.


A massive sound rang out as the ground continuously trembled and a 1,000 meter wide and 100 meter deep footprint appeared.

The people in the surroundings were quite startled and their hairs stood on end. This was the terrifying power of a top ten genius in the Outlander Race, and they could not help but feel awed. They did not have such terrifying power and facing this kind of power, they would be dead beyond a doubt.

Now that that person had been stomped by such a terrifying foot, was he alive or dead? Even though that person was quite strong, his cultivation was quite lacking and he did not seem like a match for the Elephant person.

However, with dust billowing everywhere, no one could tell, and they all stared towards the center of the massive footprint.

"Arghh!" a loud cry sounded out as a black aura flame rushed into the sky, forming a black pillar of aura flames that stood between the heavens and the earth.

The sky gradually darkened as the black aura flames spread across the sky, covering it, and massive amounts of Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered as an immense might spread out.

The temperature of the surroundings plummeted and the air seemed to solidify. Everyone in the surroundings, including the Elephant person, felt their hairs stand on end as they looked somewhat shocked as they stared at the center of the footprint.

A figure dressed in a black cloak holding a black sword gave off an incredibly terrifying aura, causing the space around him to twist. This person looked both corporeal and incorporeal, both real and illusory.

That figure raised the sword in his hand and slashed down, and a 1,000 meter long black sword light ferociously blasted out, slashing the ground apart as it flew towards the Elephant person.

The Elephant person was greatly shocked and crossed his arms in front of his body as he gave off an intense blue aura flame. It covered him and formed a powerful blue aura flame barrier.


A massive sound rang out as the blue aura flame barrier was slashed apart, and the Elephant person was sent flying backwards. He heavily crashed to the ground and coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

The spectators all gulped as they looked at the Elephant person. Facing such a terrifying person, how was he meant to defend?

The Elephant person got up from the ground with great difficulty and looked at Zhao Fu coldly as he breathed out.


A massive explosion sounded out as an enormous blue aura flame flooded out of the Elephant person's body, covering the surrounding 1,000 meters. His body once again grew until he was ten meters tall, and his body seemed to be exploding with muscles. The space around him was unable to withstand his power and started to crack.

Everyone stared at the Elephant person in shock; he was still unable to unleash such terrifying power. This kind of power could rival the number seven genius, and it seemed that he had made great progress.

Now, everyone felt incredibly excited about this battle, and they held their breaths as they awaited the next clash. Would it be the prestigious Elephant person, the tenth-ranked genius, who would prevail, or the mysterious and perverted bandit?

Back on the battlefield, the two people gave off terrifying auras as they stared each other down. Their gazes were incredibly cold, and in the next moment, they both simultaneously disappeared.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two people reappeared in the middle. The Elephant person punched out while Zhao Fu slashed out with his sword, and the collision resulted in brilliant light shooting out. A 1,000 meter wide crater appeared in the ground.

"Roar!!" The ten meter tall Elephant person gave a massive roar as he unleashed a ferocious aura. He gripped his fists, which were surrounded with blue aura flames.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The Elephant person continuously punched out, sending out fist energies containing terrifying power. The fist energies seemed like they could even reduce a powerful godly spirit into dust.

It was that attack again, and Zhao Fu would not suffer because of it again. He took out the Death Disaster Sword and held the Sadistic Killing Sword with the other hand, sending out gray sword lights and blood-red sword lights.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive explosions sounded out as the fist energies and sword lights continuously clashed, sending out powerful shockwaves. The ground continuously collapsed and countless trees swayed as boulders rolled. Cracks appeared in the space around them and the world seemed to fall into terror.

Everyone in the surroundings hurriedly retreated, as they were already being caught up in the shockwaves. If they did not get away now, it would be too late later.


This time, Zhao Fu came out on top. A powerful sword light slashed the Elephant person flying away, and he heavily crashed into a cliff, opening up a crater. A trace of blood leaked out of his lips as a gash appeared on his chest.

Zhao Fu held a sword in each hand, which gave off different sword lights, as he rushed towards the Elephant person.