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As the powerful fist energy slammed into the sword, Zhao Fu slid back ten or so meters and the hand that he held his sword with trembled; his hand ached, as if the webbing between his thumb and forefinger had been torn.

The Elephant person leapt forwards and reached Zhao Fu in an instant, and the fist covered with blue aura flames gave off explosive power as it blasted towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's gaze became cold as his blood seemed to boil and he sent all of his power into the Sadistic Killing Sword. The sword spirit within opened its blood-red eyes and gave a trace of a cruel smile as the sword gave off brilliant sword light and a bloody sword intent spread out, causing the surroundings to chill.


As the fist slammed towards Zhao Fu, Zhao Fu slashed out, sending out a terrifying sword light that unleashed a massive sound and sent the Elephant person flying back.

The Elephant person flew back 20 or so meters before stabilizing himself, and drops of blood dripped out of his fist as a small cut appeared on his knuckle.

"You are qualified to challenge me. I will use my full power and show you my power as one of the Outlander Race's ten geniuses," the Elephant person said with a serious look as he looked at Zhao Fu.


A massive explosion sounded out as the Elephant person exploded out with immense power, causing a wild gale to spread out. The ground cracked as a blue aura flame appeared around the Elephant person and his body expanded out. He became three meters tall and was covered with powerful muscles, and he gave off an aura of suppression.

A ten meter wide and three meters deep crater appeared in the ground, and the Elephant person floated above the crater as he looked at Zhao Fu coldly.


The Elephant person disappeared and appeared in front of Zhao Fu. His fist blasted out with terrifying destructive power and brought with it a great wind as it flew towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's expression fell and he blocked with his sword as a black energy barrier appeared.


A muffled explosion sounded out as the defensive barrier shattered and Zhao Fu was sent flying back 100 or so meters. He crashed to the ground and tasted a sweetness in his throat as a trace of blood leaked out of his lips.

Zhao Fu now looked somewhat angry, and a massive black aura flame burst forth around his body, causing wild gusts of wind to spread out and for the ground beneath him to crack.

The Elephant person gave off a powerful aura like a flood and gripped both fists as he condensed large amounts of blue aura flames.

Zhao Fu dragged the Sadistic Killing Sword, which gave off an immense sword qi, and he also rushed out.

The Elephant person punched with terrifying power, which seemed to cause space itself to twist. Zhao Fu slashed out, and the brilliant sword light contained an incredibly gory and savage sword intent.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two terrifying powers clashed. A shockwave spread out as the ground caved in, forming a 100 meter wide crater and causing dust to billow.

The fist covered with blue aura flames and the sword covered with intense blood-red sword light grinded against each other, neither side willing to retreat. The Elephant person's body was covered with blue aura flames while Zhao Fu's body was covered with black aura flames, and as the aura flames clashed, massive gales rushed out.

"Arghh!" the Elephant person roared as his aura flame doubled in size and an even more terrifying power exploded out from his body. The Elephant person pushed his fist forwards, and a massive power rushed out.


A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu was sent back hundreds of meters and he crashed to the ground, with blood once again leaking from his lips.

The Elephant person leapt into the air before punching out with both hands as he rushed down towards Zhao Fu. Because of the blue aura flames, he looked like a blue meteor giving off destructive power as he shot down towards Zhao Fu.

"Roarr!" As the blue meteor descended, Zhao Fu exploded out with all of his Divine Bloodline's power, and an even greater black aura flame exploded out, forming an enormous black dragon head that roared towards the heavens.

Zhao Fu swung his sword and the massive black dragon rushed out with terrifying power towards the blue meteor.


The two collided in the air, resulting in an enormous sound. Countless rays of brilliant light blasted out and a terrifying destructive power spread out, causing the ground to crack and all trees and boulders to be shattered.

Zhao Fu was sent back ten or so meters while the Elephant power flew out and crashed onto the ground, a trace of blood leaking out of his lips.

The Elephant person climbed up from the ground, looking somewhat infuriated. He roared towards the sky and clouds started to swirl as large amounts of Heaven and Earth Power flowed into him.

The Elephant person's body once again became bigger, until he was five meters tall. The blue aura flame around him continuously flickered and swayed, and a wild gale spread out as the ground continuously cracked.


The Elephant person turned into an intense ray of light as he charged towards Zhao Fu with terrifying power.

Zhao Fu leaned forwards and he tapped off the ground as he shot towards the Elephant person. At the same time, an even greater black aura flame appeared around him, and the Heaven and Earth Power in the surroundings continuously flowed into his body, causing an even more terrifying power to flood out.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The two of them once again clashed together, and the Elephant person continuously punched out, sending out fist energies while Zhao Fu sent out sword lights. Their attacks continuously clashed and resulted in massive explosions, causing terrifying shockwaves to ripple out.

As the people in the surroundings sensed these terrifying shockwaves, they quickly gathered and saw the two people intensely clashing.

They could not help but feel shocked - these two people were fighting with everything they had, and they knew that the Elephant person was the tenth-ranked genius. However, they did not know who the cloaked person he was fighting with was.

They were quite shocked that this person was not any weaker than the Elephant person and was able to engage him in such an intense battle.

The people on the viewing platforms were also quite shocked. They had never thought that that perverted bandit would have such great power. Seeing the two of them fight intensely, they felt incredibly excited. The main reason they came here was because they wanted to see intense battles like this.

Back on the battlefield, the two sides once again clashed before being forced back hundreds of meters apart.

The Elephant person performed a horse stance with his legs and placed his fist by his waist before punching out simultaneously.


The two fist energies turned into an intense ray of light that contained destructive power as it shot towards Zhao Fu incredibly quickly. The air that it passed through continuously exploded and it left a two meter wide groove on the ground.

Zhao Fu sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword and black aura flames covered it, dyeing it black. The Sadistic Killing Sword excitedly trembled, and an extremely bloody and twisted sword intent rushed out.