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 There was definitely something with that pair, or else they would not look so suspicious and come to this remote grove.

The man was a young man and looked quite handsome. He was quite tall and seemed like someone many women would like. The woman was a beautiful middle-aged woman with a mature figure and an enticing aura.

After entering the grove, the two of them did not say anything and tightly hugged each other as they impatiently kissed, looking incredibly desperate.

"Second Madam, I missed you so much!" the Cat person young man said.

The beautiful woman passionately responded, "I missed you as well. Hurry up and do me and make me experience how powerful you are again."

Following this, the two of them prepared to start doing it.

However, the beautiful woman felt the young man let go of her, and before she could open her eyes to ask what had happened, a pair of lips pressed against hers and a formless power made her sink into pleasure, and the two of them started to do it.

The beautiful woman reacted quite intensely. She had never experienced such pleasure before and she felt quite curious. She had never felt this way doing it with the young man before, so why had he become so extraordinary today?

Moreover, the thing doing her felt different than the young man's. The beautiful woman could not help but turn and look, and she saw that it was an unfamiliar young man doing it with her. The Cat person young man's expression was blank as he stood by the side like a statue.

The beautiful woman's mind went blank; she was being ravaged by another person, but she sank into the extreme pleasure.

Zhao Fu did not like this kind of person, having a rendezvous in front of him, so he used the Evil Spirit Abyss Flower's power to control the young man before replacing him to ravage the beautiful woman.

Only after a few hours, when the sun was setting and dyeing the ground an orange color, did the two of them finish.

The beautiful woman had collapsed to the ground, without a trace of strength left in her. Zhao Fu hugged her body and started to ask her about things.

The beautiful woman lay in Zhao Fu's embrace with an infatuated look; she had deeply fallen for Zhao Fu, and she did not hide anything from him, answering honestly.

Zhao Fu first asked about what he cared about the most, which was whether the Cat person City had any powerful ancestral or face items. The beautiful woman told him that there was an ancestor's corpse which was in the ancestral hall at the center of the City; it contained powerful Cat person power.

Following this, Zhao Fu asked the beautiful woman about the strength of the City and obtained accurate information. The City Lord had World Realm Cultivation and had three Generals who also had World Realm Cultivation. They also had a big army.

If he just rushed into the City, it would be quite difficult to snatch that ancestor's corpse.

However, after hearing about the beautiful woman and young man's identities, Zhao Fu smiled, feeling that the matter would be much easier to deal with.

The young man was the Cat person City's Young Lord and the beautiful woman was the City Lord's Second Madam. The City Lord was getting old, so he was unable to satisfy the beautiful woman. The young man had been long since interested in this Second Madam, and the two of them started to have an affair, which had gone on for a few months.

The young man would inherit the position of City Lord in future. After his father died, he would be able to be with the beautiful woman officially. That was the promise he had made to her.

The young man's mother was the Big Madam, the official wife of the City Lord. She held immense power in the City and was only below the City Lord. Because the City Lord was quite old, he was unable to take care of some internal affairs and they were mainly taken care of by his official wife.

If he used this young man to blackmail her, he would be able to obtain that ancestor's corpse quite easily. As such, Zhao Fu thought about it and passed news to the Cat person City about him having the young man, as well as his relationship with the Second Madam, so that she would not dare to make a big deal out of this.

Soon, a beautiful and voluptuous woman with a pair of golden cat ears and cat tail, and giving off a dignified aura came to this place with a cold expression. Even though she had heard some slanderous things, she had never thought that her son would really do such a thing and be caught.

After coming to this place, she saw her son standing there with a blank expression, looking like a block of wood. There was also a handsome young man looking at her with a wicked smile; he was not wearing any clothes.

Her husband's second wife was currently squatting down and lewdly serving that person.

Seeing the young man's mother arrive, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and said, "Come over and serve me and I'll guarantee that your son will be fine. No one knows about this, and I'll help you take care of all problems."

The beautiful woman thought about it, and looking at her son by the side, her expression was cold as she squatted down and started serving Zhao Fu as well.

Soon, the lewd sounds of two women rang throughout the grove, and they persisted for a long time.

The next day, the young man felt quite confused as he found himself back in the City. He did not remember what had happened, only that he had lost consciousness before ending up back here. His Second Madam was gone, his mother had also disappeared, the ancestor's corpse was gone as well.

The Cat person City's people did not know what had happened, and the City Lord sent people to investigate but they did not find anything.

Zhao Fu hugged the two women and came close to the Rabbit person City. This Rabbit person City was built on a grassy plains, and their surroundings were filled with lush grass.

By now, Zhao Fu knew the two beautiful women's names: the Big Madam's name was Mao Sigu and the Second Madam's name was Mao Xiaoling.

This Rabbit person City was quite close to the Cat person City, and Zhao Fu asked Mao Sigu, "Do you know anything about this Rabbit person City? Tell me everything."

After being ravaged by Zhao Fu for a night, Mao Sigu's expression was much more tender, and she said, "There's nothing special about it; it's a bit weaker than our Cat person City and also has a powerful ancestor's corpse."

Hearing that there was an ancestor's corpse, Zhao Fu lightly laughed. If he could obtain that ancestor's corpse and refine both ancestor's corpses, he would have the totems of all 34 Outlander races. Now, the key thing was how to obtain the ancestor's corpse.

"Husband, I'm all sticky and want to wash myself," Mao Xiaoling said as she frowned.

Zhao Fu nodded - after doing it all night, they were all quite sticky. After washing up, they would obtain more information about the Rabbit person City and make a plan to take the ancestor's corpse.

After a while, Zhao Fu found a 100 meter wide lake, but there were already people washing inside it; there were four beautiful Rabbit women.