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 "You animal! You absolute animal!" There were now countless people on the viewing platforms observing Zhao Fu. Seeing that he had only just slept with two Princesses before playing with a married mother and daughter, they could not help but furiously curse out.

However, everyone understood that a perverted bandit like Zhao Fu was someone who would feel uncomfortable without women around, and he would definitely bring harm to women everywhere.

It was just that everyone felt incredibly uncomfortable seeing how licentious Zhao Fu was. Why was there no one sent to punish him so that he could get what he deserved?

A few hours later, Zhao Fu hugged the mother and daughter and gave a pleased smile. The two women were both around 2.5 meters tall and were much taller than him. Their figures were better than ordinary women, and this had been quite a special experience.

"You're really such a bad guy. I even wanted to marry my daughter to you and had never thought that you would play with me with my daughter. I have a husband already and yet you did such a thing," the beautiful woman said angrily in Zhao Fu's embrace.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a wicked smile and said, "Is he as good as me? Have you ever felt that kind of extreme pleasure before?"

The beautiful woman's face became bright red and she panted in Zhao Fu's embrace. Thinking about how crazy she had gone just then, she could not say anything.

The young woman said shyly, "Now that I've decided to follow husband and my body belongs to husband, will you serve husband together with me, mother?"

The beautiful woman looked somewhat sad as she felt that she had let down her husband. She had heard her husband's voice just then, and yet she had done it with another man so excitedly. Now, she felt that she could not leave Zhao Fu, that bastard.

Zhao Fu that moment, Zhao Fu said somewhat domineeringly, "I'll bring you two away in the future. Also, can you give me the Giant Power Crystal now?"

The beautiful woman could not refuse and could only shyly nod as she handed over the Giant Power Crystal.

Zhao Fu had the two women put on their clothes and go join the banquet outside, while he refined the two crystals.

Zhao Fu first refined the white Halfling Blood Crystal. He sent power into it and activated the crystal.

The Halfling Blood Crystal gave off an intense white light and gave off a powerful aura as a faint Halfling image appeared within it.

Seeing Zhao Fu, the image tried to run but Zhao Fu bound it with his power. He raised a hand and created black flames that ignited the Halfling image, causing it to look incredibly pained before turning into a white orb of light.

Zhao Fu controlled the white orb of light to fuse into his body, and a powerful wave of Halfling energy spread out. Zhao Fu quickly absorbed this energy as a white Halfling totem appeared on his back.

Following this, Zhao Fu activated the Giant Power Crystal. It gave off intense blood-red light and gradually fused into Zhao Fu's body.

The Giant Power Crystal continuously melted within Zhao Fu's body and turned into powerful energy that flowed throughout Zhao Fu's body, causing it to go through changes. The effects were quite weak, and Zhao Fu's body gave off a blood-red light.

In the end, the Giant Power Crystal completely melted and Zhao Fu's back gave off a blood-red light as a blood-red Giant totem appeared on his back.

Now that Zhao Fu had obtained another two totems, he was only two totems away from obtaining all 34 Outlander totems.

It was now already morning, and the mother and daughter pair had already left. The mother was called Ju Dongmei and her daughter was called Ju Hanqing.

Ju Hanqing shyly walked in and said, "Husband, we've prepared some breakfast for you; come out and eat with us."

Zhao Fu put on some clothes and hugged her as he came to a dining hall. The beautiful woman and her husband were already at a table, on which a sumptuous breakfast was ready.

The husband had gotten drunk the previous night and had fallen asleep after returning to his room, and he did not notice that his wife had not been with him. Seeing his daughter and the young man walk in with sweet smiles on their faces, he felt quite relieved. It seemed that their matter was settled, and seeing how much she liked the young man, he did not have to worry.

Seeing Zhao Fu, Ju Dongmei's face became slightly red and admired her daughter for being able to be within Zhao Fu's embrace.

During breakfast, the mother and daughter continuously put food into Zhao Fu's plate and asked how the food was. Both women's faces were slightly red and their eyes were hazy, and the atmosphere seemed somewhat flirtatious.

The husband noticed this and said somewhat jealously, "Wife, you've never treated me like this before. I really admire our son-in-law."

Ju Dongmei rolled her eyes and put a piece of meat on his plate as she smiled and said, "He's our son-in-law and our daughter will be relying on him in the future, so I naturally need to treat him better."

The husband felt better and shook his head as he laughed self-mockingly - how could he be jealous of his son-in-law? He would leave with his daughter soon, and there was nothing for him to worry about.

After breakfast, the husband had to take care of some matters and left. Seeing this, the mother and daughter did not put up an act anymore and gave beautiful smiles as they came over to Zhao Fu and started to feed him. After he was full, he started to do it with them.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu asked Ju Dongmei, "You're familiar with this area; do you know if there are any historical remnants nearby? I'm interested in Cat people and Rabbit people."

Ju Dongmei lightly laughed and replied, "There are a few historical remnants but they've already been explored by others, so you won't get much out of them. However, I do know of a Cat person City and a Rabbit person City."

Zhao Fu felt quite delighted as he was now only lacking a Cat person totem and a Rabbit person totem. He smiled and asked, "Where are they? Quickly tell me."

Ju Dongmei smiled and told him the location of the two places, and he got up and prepared to head there. Seeing this, the mother and daughter were quite displeased and said, "Husband, what are you in such a hurry for? Can't you go after spending some more time with us?"

Hearing their words, Zhao Fu smiled as he said, "You two should recover your strength; I'll give you more love after returning. Also, you should start preparing to leave; after I come back I'll bring you away."

The mother and daughter's faces became red and they lightly nodded.

Zhao Fu put on his clothes and turned into a ray of light as he shot towards the horizon. The two places that Ju Dongmei had told him about were somewhat far away from the Giant City, and she did not know too much about the two other Cities.

Zhao Fu was heading towards the Cat person City, which was the closest. It was within a forest and Zhao Fu arrived after a few hours.

However, before he got close to the City, he saw a man and a woman looking quite suspicious as they entered a grove.

They were both Cat people and had cat ears and cat tails, and they looked the same as humans in other areas.