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 The secret realm was a trial area for others and was not a good place. The beautiful woman had always wanted to send her daughter out of the secret realm so she could have a more normal life outside. She would not have to worry about being killed for points or about something going wrong with the secret realm.

However, the beautiful woman did not have this kind of ability. Even the most powerful beings in the secret realm could not break through it, so she could only rely on examinees to take her daughter out.

The young woman next to her looked a bit shy as she said, "I think that he's alright. He's very powerful and his identity might not be simple. It's just if he will be interested in me? I'm not very confident in my looks."

Seeing that her daughter was somewhat interested in Zhao Fu, the beautiful woman smiled. She did not want to marry her daughter to someone who she did not like, and hearing this, she made her decision.

The man next to her smiled as she said, "Since our daughter is interested, let's wait for the tournament to conclude so we can see what his character is like. If he's an evil and tyrannical person, we can't marry our daughter to him."

The beautiful woman smiled as she replied, "I understand, I'll personally screen him."

Zhao Fu was now about to compete in the finals. His opponent was a Giant at the peak of the Great Earth Realm and looked quite savage. However, Zhao Fu did not feel threatened at all, and was able to easily defeat him.

Giants were innately stronger than ordinary people and were comparable to devil beasts. The reason they lost to Zhao Fu was because their cultivation was too low. If they had World Realm Cultivation, Zhao Fu would not have won so easily.

The Giants all cried out and felt quite shocked that Zhao Fu, who had joined halfway through, with his Harmony Realm Cultivation would sweep away everyone in front of him and take first place.

The Giants all laughed and started to take out food and wine, and they started to eat and drink at the tables. Some Giants started to dance to celebrate the conclusion of this tournament.

Zhao Fu was not too interested in participating, and he planned to leave after obtaining the Giant Power Crystal so that he could refine it and the Halfling Blood Crystal.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu was notified that the City Lord wanted to see him. Thinking of this, Zhao Fu agreed, as the Giant Power Crystal was in her hands so he had to go and claim it. As such, he followed a guard to a large hall.

The beautiful woman was sitting in a chair and gave a trace of a smile as she said, "I will give you the Giant Power Crystal and some other valuable things, but you have to tell me about yourself."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and looked at the beautiful woman in interest as he asked, "What do you want to know?"

The beautiful woman smiled as she said, "Tell me about your experiences."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "Aren't you afraid of me just making up some things to trick you? Also, I only need the Giant Power Crystal and don't want anything else."

The beautiful woman looked quite surprised and had never thought that Zhao Fu would reply in such a manner. She felt quite impressed and replied, "I'll evaluate what you say. Also, I won't hide this from you - I want to marry my daughter to you."

Zhao Fu thought of the beautiful woman's daughter's looks and did not refuse as he said, "That's no problem. You want me to bring your daughter out of the secret realm and take care of her, right? I can do this, but I also have a condition."

The beautiful woman felt quite delighted and smiled as she replied, "As long as you treat my daughter well, I'll try to satisfy any request you have."

Zhao Fu gave a profound smile and looked at the beautiful woman and walked towards her, saying, "Is that so?"

Seeing Zhao Fu walk over, facing his gaze, her face became slightly red and understood what Zhao Fu wanted. She shook her head and refused, saying, "Please change your request, I can't agree to this. Also, if you're going to be like this, I won't marry my daughter to you. You're quite dissolute and even have ideas about me."

Zhao Fu smiled as he said, "I'm a person who keeps his word. If you marry your daughter to me, I definitely won't let her down and will give her a life that is hundreds of times better."

Hearing this, the beautiful woman hesitated. From these exchanges alone she somewhat understood Zhao Fu's character and knew that he would keep his promises.

However, how could she agree to Zhao Fu's request?

Suddenly, Zhao Fu rushed forwards and brought the beautiful woman into his embrace, kissing her lips. The beautiful woman felt as if her mind had exploded, and she sensed countless traces of aura flow into her body as she passionately responded to Zhao Fu.

The two of them started to do it intensely, and the beautiful woman looked incredibly lewd as she begged Zhao Fu for more. Because her voice was quite loud, Zhao Fu released a barrier to prevent the sound from spreading out.

The beautiful woman's daughter felt quite curious as to why her mother had not come out for such a long time. She did not know what that person was like, and thinking about how that person might become her husband, she blushed.

She had not personally met Zhao Fu and did not know what he was like. However, after observing him in the tournament, she was somewhat interested in him.

After a while, the young woman could not help but come to the doors of the hall to listen in on the conversation taking place. However, she could not hear anything at all; could it be that they had gone outside to take part in the banquet? The young woman felt quite curious and opened the doors to the hall.

She saw her mother doing it intensely with that person, and her mother looked incredibly lustful. Was this really her mother? Wasn't she deeply in love with her father?

The young woman's mind became blank and she had never thought her husband-to-be would do it with her mother. Was this her mother's screening process?

The erotic scene in front of her greatly stimulated her brain.

Only after a while did the young woman come back to her senses. She turned to leave but was pulled in front of Zhao Fu but a formless energy, and she soon became like her mother.

In front of the hall, the banquet was incredibly lively as many Giants ate and drank. There were Giant women dancing, and laughter and cheers continuously sounded out.

The many Giants toasted the beautiful woman's husband and asked him to bring the City Lord and young miss to participate in the banquet. The beautiful woman's husband was somewhat drunk as he came to the hall and knocked on the doors as he said, "Wife, come and participate in the banquet. It's very lively here."

However, there was no response, and the man felt quite confused as he knocked again and once again asked but there was still no response.

Within the hall, the beautiful woman and young woman heard his voice, and did it with Zhao Fu even more excitedly and passionately.

The man frowned and felt quite confused. His wife had not come out for a long time, and she seemed to be ignoring him.

He was about to go in to have a look, but two drunk Giants started to fight, forcing him to go and separate them. Meanwhile, Zhao Fu continued to do it with his wife and daughter within the hall.