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 Hearing the Goddesses' words, the other spectators looked at Zhao Fu. Sensing his Harmony Realm Cultivation, they all looked disdainful and condescending, and some people even started to mock him.

"Hahaha, I'm going to laugh to death. If he can really beat the top ten geniuses, I'm willing to eat crap."

"That's so funny, you sure know how to boast!"

"He wants to challenge the top ten geniuses? Let alone winning, even blocking a few attacks from them would be impressive. If he's not careful, he might be casually insta-killed by those geniuses."

"Alright, alright, it's just some people fantasising. Can't you tell? That boy has a group of women and is evidently the young master of some faction; those women are just flattering him."

Hearing these words, the Goddesses all looked quite displeased and were about to attack those people. They had been intimate with Zhao Fu and naturally knew how terrifying the powers within his body were.

However, Zhao Fu stopped them because he did not want to expose himself yet. He would only act after the top ten geniuses had gathered a large number of points; there was no need to prove anything to these people.

Following this, Zhao Fu took his group and left.

The two geniuses were not using their full strength and would not fight for long; there was no need to continue watching.


The Three-Headed Ogre and Iron Mountain Orc clashed together with great power, unleashing a massive shockwave that sent them both flying back.

They looked at each other coldly and did not attack again. Just as Zhao Fu expected, they turned into two rays of light and separated, and the people who had been waiting to see who would win could only disappointedly leave.

A day later, Zhao Fu and his group walked out from a historical remnant after having obtained some decent gains. The only disappointing thing was that this historical remnant was a Minotaur historical remnant and contained items containing immense Minotaur power, but it was useless for Zhao Fu as he already had a Minotaur totem and could not awaken another one.


A massive explosion sounded out, and hearing this, Zhao Fu thought to himself before bringing his group to take a look.

Within a hidden valley, there were two people fighting incredibly intensely, sending out terrifying shockwaves. Because this area was quite remote, no one else had come; if it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Fu and his group had been exploring a historical remnant nearby, they would not have found this place.

The two people fighting were both women. One was an Elf with long, silver hair and silver eyes. She had a tall and slim figure and wore silver robes, and she was quite beautiful. She was a famous beauty in the Outlander Domain, and she was the Silver Moon Empire's Princess from before.

The other woman was a Dragon person. She had long, violet hair and a pair of violet dragon's horns. She had a seductive figure and had perfect looks, and she was dressed in armor. She had a violet dragon tail and gave off a heroic aura. She was most likely also a famous beauty within the Outlander Domain.

The two of them came from different factions, both of which were powerful Empires. They had prestigious identities, and both of them were geniuses who had awakened three-colored light. They had immense talent and were existences ordinary people could not even dream of coming into contact with.

Zhao Fu did not know why they were fighting, but they definitely had good things on them. Zhao Fu was quite interested in the Dragon person, as he might be able to obtain powerful Dragon person treasures from her and awaken a Dragon person totem.

Both of the women were using their full strength, and since Zhao Fu was not in a hurry, he decided to hide by the side with the others and reap the benefits at the end.

The people on the viewing platform knew Zhao Fu's character well by now. Seeing him hide by the side, and given that the two people fighting were both famous beauties, none of them could accept this. If they were ordinary women or ones who were not famous, they would feel admiration or envy, but they all knew that these two women were peerless beauties who they were interested in.

Countless people were in love with them and would be willing to do anything for them. They would not hesitate to go through water and tread on fire for them just to receive their attention.

If these two Princesses were defiled by Zhao Fu, that beast, they would want to even die. As such, all of the men now opposed Zhao Fu and wanted him to quickly die so that the thing they were worried about would not happen.

Everyone angrily cursed at Zhao Fu, who was hiding by the side. This fellow had already defiled so many women and was a perverted animal. How come he had not received divine punishment yet?

Everyone started to feel nervous and hoped that that thing would not happen and that the two Princesses would leave that place, discover Zhao Fu and his group, or stop fighting.

It would be best if some powerful person powerfully descended and killed Zhao Fu, that bastard; only then would they be at ease.

Within the secret realm, the two Princesses intensely fought and did not notice Zhao Fu and his group hiding, and they did not know that immense danger was creeping on them.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The Dragon Princess held a dragon-shaped spear and was incredibly domineering as she attacked, sending out terrifying violet spear lights that seemed to be able to pierce through everything as they stabbed towards the Elf Princess.

Shing, shing, shing...

The Elf Princess looked as if she was dancing a beautiful dance, and soft-looking sword lights shot out, filling the area around her and making it look like a sea of silver sword light, giving off an incredibly sharp sword aura.

The Dragon Princess rushed forwards with the countless spear lights, while the Elf Princess did not show any weakness and rushed towards the Dragon Princess with her sharp sword light sea.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the two extremely terrifying powers collided, resulting in an almighty explosion. A terrifying shockwave spread out, causing parts of the valley to collapse.

A massive crater that was thousands of meters wide appeared in the ground, and everything within that radius had been annihilated, creating a shocking scene.

The two women were blasted back and crashed onto the ground, with a trace of blood leaking out of their lips.

The Dragon Princess wiped away the blood at her mouth and looked at the Elf Princess as she smiled and said, "Yin Yue, your power has greatly increased; I thought that I would be able to easily beat you this time."

The Elf Princess also wiped away the blood at her mouth and said calmly, "Long Yue, I never thought that your strength would increase so quickly either. I also thought I'd be able to defeat you, but I still failed."