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 The Monkey Goddess' face was red as she panted in Zhao Fu's embrace. Hearing Zhao Fu's words, she glared at him - he had the audacity to ask for things from her right after ravaging her. Moreover, she was still somewhat angry about being ganged up on by Zhao Fu's people.

However, as Zhao Fu's hands started to roam about, the Monkey Goddess' face became bright red and she gave in as she said, "Alright, I'll give it to you! You're such a bad person, bullying me like this."

As she spoke, the Monkey Goddess took out a black jade that was three fingers wide and gave off an intense godly spirit aura.

"This is a Monkey God Jade that I obtained, and it contains large amounts of Monkey person power. I don't know if it's what you're looking for."

Zhao Fu took the Monkey God Jade and sensed its power; it was not very strong but he felt that it would be enough to awaken a Monkey person totem.

Zhao Fu asked the others to leave and started to refine this Monkey God Jade.

As he sent his power into the Monkey God Jade, it gave off an intense black light, and Zhao Fu controlled it to gradually fuse into his body.

A powerful aura exploded out from Zhao Fu's body as his body continuously gave off traces of black godly spirit aura. Zhao Fu was like a true godly spirit, and he gave off an immense divine might.

Zhao Fu quickly absorbed the Monkey God Jade's power and fused it into him, and the Monkey God Jade continuously became smaller until it became countless motes of black light and dissipated within Zhao Fu's body.

At the same time, Zhao Fu's back gave off black light and a black Monkey person totem appeared.

After entering this secret realm, Zhao Fu had obtained an Ogre totem, a Lion person totem, an Elf totem, a Chicken person totem, a Barbarian totem, and a Monkey person totem.That was six totems, and adding on the 23 totems he already had, he only had five totems remaining until he had all 34 of the Outlander Race's totems. Thinking about that, he could not help but feel incredibly excited.

He wondered what would happen after gathering all 34 totems; would the Emperor Star directly descend? Zhao Fu did not know, but he would find out soon.

Zhao Fu led his group deeper into the secret realm. Now, the only ones with him were the Goddesses and the Ogre Chief. As for the Chicken people and Monkey people, they were not very strong and bringing them with him would be quite troublesome, so he left them behind.

It would be quite dangerous within the depths of the secret realm - not only would there be powerful experts with large amounts of points, but there would also be good treasures.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Two days later, as the group flew, they heard large explosions and they headed in the direction that the explosions were coming from.

They saw a massive group of people gathered around two people fighting at the center. For so many people to be spectating without getting involved, this meant that the people who were fighting were most likely of the top ten geniuses on the rankings.

As expected, one of the people was the seventh-ranked Three-Headed Ogre Bou, and the other was the eight-ranked Iron Mountain Orc Gudu.

Both of these races were quite ferocious and savage, and they were not existences ordinary people could afford to offend. They had most likely gotten on each other's nerves, resulting in this intense battle.

As geniuses within the top ten of the rankings, the battle between the two people was naturally incredibly terrifying. The Three-Headed Ogre held a club and continuously swung it, causing the air to explode, and space trembled as he sent out waves of power.

The Iron Mountain Orc held a large axe and continuously slashed out, sending out powerful axe lights. They were not only sharp but also incredibly forceful, seeming as if they could split the heavens apart.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions sounded out as the attacks collided and resulted in enormous explosions. Terrifying shockwaves spread out as trees swayed and large rocks rolled.

The surrounding people watched the battle in shock, and some of their bodies trembled in excitement. This was a true battle between peerless geniuses of the Outlander Race, and ordinary people would not be able to witness such a scene.

Countless people on the viewing platforms were watching this battle and looked quite serious. No one acted condescendingly as this battle completely exceeded anything they could expect.

Zhao Fu also watched the battle between these two people and his expression was somewhat serious. Even though this battle was so intense, neither of them had unleashed their true strength.

Apart from the top three people, the other geniuses had to worry about the threat of others. As such, even though these two people were fighting, they did not use their full strength and left reserves.

This was only the seventh-ranked and eighth-ranked people, yet they were so terrifying, as expected from geniuses of the Outlander Race. They were already top-tier existences in the Heaven Awaken World and ordinary people could only look up at them.

Zhao Fu put away his arrogance; even though they were powerful, he would take them seriously and continue with his original plan. He would take them down one by one and take first place.

The Ogre Chief also watched the battle with a shocked expression. As part of the Ogre race, he naturally stood on the Three-Headed Ogre's side. Seeing that his race had such a powerful person, he could not say with pride, "As expected of a genius from our Ogre race; he's simply terrifying beyond belief."

There were a few other Ogres nearby and one smiled as he said, "But of course! This is our Ogre race's most brilliant genius, our greatest pride."

Another Ogre smiled as he said, "He's ranked seventh right now and I feel that he has the ability to rise by two places and enter the top five. Everyone below the top 5 aren't a match for him."

Another person sighed and said, "In this secret realm, those ten people reign supreme and look down on us like ants. No one can defeat them, and they are the main characters of this story; we're not even worthy to be side characters. I don't want to accept this, but I feel despair when I even think about challenging them."

Someone else smiled and comforted him, saying, "We're not here to compete with them; we just need to continue to obtain points and become disciples of Outlander Ten College. As for challenging those ten people, there's no point thinking about it; we won't be able to do it even if it takes us our entire lives."

Hearing this, the Unicorn Goddess who was in Zhao Fu's embrace smiled and said, "Husband, I'm confident that you're the strongest and can defeat them."

The Monkey Goddess also spoke, "That's right, husband, your aura is so powerful, so I'm sure you're not simple. I want to see you defeat these peerless geniuses."