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 Zhao Fu brought the Barbarian God's corpse into the God Temple and prepared to refine it.

Zhao Fu released a black mist that covered the Barbarian God's corpse and continuously ate at it, causing the Barbarian God's corpse to turn into dust, leaving behind a yellow Divinity.

The Divinity seemed to contain a trace of the Barbarian God's remnant spirit, and Zhao Fu sent out a black flame that covered the yellow Divinity and destroyed the remnant spirit before fusing the Divinity into his body.

A powerful energy spread out within Zhao Fu's body, causing him to give off a large amount of yellow light. Zhao Fu continuously absorbed this divine energy and fused it into him, and soon he felt a pain on his back as a yellow Barbarian totem appeared.

After refining the Barbarian God's corpse, Zhao Fu led his group to the final God Temple.

This God Temple was at the center of the forest and was made out of wood, and there were many vines growing out of it, giving off an aura of life. The God Temple was quite big and there were two Monkey people statues in front of it.

Both of the statues were dressed in armor and held large sabers. They had monkey heads, human bodies, and monkey-like fur and tails. They had serious expressions and gave off powerful auras.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to lead his group in, a group of Monkey people rushed out and attacked, sending out arrows containing immense power.

Facing the countless incoming arrows, Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and a massive wave of power rushed out as a black dragon inscription barrier expanded out.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The arrows slammed into the defensive barrier, causing sounds to ring out. The arrows were all deflected and fell from the air.

This place was quite close to the Barbarian God Temple - the Monkey people had sensed what had happened there and decided to attack Zhao Fu's group first.

Since things had turned out like this, Zhao Fu did not show any courtesy and gave the order to attack.

"Kill!" The Chicken people roared as they spread their wings and flew into the sky, and they gave off powerful auras as they rushed into the God Temple.

Zhao Fu and the others also gave off mighty auras as they charged in.

The two sides quickly clashed and sounds of battle continuously sounded out. Powerful shock waves blasted out, and the scene was quite chaotic.

A monkey godly spirit rushed out; this godly spirit was a woman and had short, red hair. She had a seductive figure and tanned skin, and she wore tight leather armor. She had a wildness about her and apart from a monkey tail, she looked the same as a normal human.

As she rushed out, Zhao Fu and the others surrounded her.

The Monkey Goddess' expression was somewhat unsightly; she naturally was not a match for Zhao Fu's group. She said coldly, "Come at me one by one if you dare. I won't fear you at all."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed; they had the numbers advantage, so why would they challenge her one by one? Zhao Fu was not an idiot, and he and the others attacked her together.

The Pigman Goddess attacked first, slashing out with her saber, sending out a ferocious saber light towards the Monkey Goddess.

The Monkey Goddess held a black wooden staff and swung it with great force, causing the air to explode. The staff sent out an immense wave of energy that shattered the saber light; it seemed that the Monkey Goddess was quite strong.

After destroying the saber light, the Monkey Goddess swung her staff toward Zhao Fu. She knew that Zhao Fu was the leader and only by taking down Zhao Fu could her side win.

However, she was mistaken about Zhao Fu's strength. On the surface, he seemed like he only had Harmony Realm Cultivation and would be easy to bully. That was the main reason why the Monkey Goddess had attacked Zhao Fu; she had the confidence to easily subdue Zhao Fu.


Seeing the Monkey Goddess attacking him, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a cold smile and sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword. He vigorously slashed out, sending out a massive blood-red sword light with terrifying power.

The Monkey Goddess was greatly startled and she hurriedly blocked with her staff but was still sent flying back by Zhao Fu's terrifying sword strike. She crashed ten or so meters away and a trace of blood leaked out of her lips.


A sword hum sounded out as the Chicken Goddess held her large green sword with both hands and vigorously slashed out, sending a green sword light towards the Monkey Goddess and drawing out a gash on the ground.

The Monkey Goddess quickly rolled to the side, avoiding this sharp sword strike, but the Unicorn Goddess appeared at her side, and her spear gave off immense power as she sent the Monkey Goddess flying out.

The Monkey Goddess once again crashed to the ground and coughed up a large mouthful of blood; this attack had greatly wounded her.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of chains rang out as chains containing great power shot out from the surroundings towards the Monkey Goddess.

The Monkey Goddess panicked and swung her staff, knocking dozens of chains away, but even more chains flew towards her.

They first bound her staff and her arms, making her lose the ability to fight. They then bound her feet, making it so that she could not move. Finally, they wrapped around her entire body, leaving her at Zhao Fu's mercy.

After being bound up, the Monkey Goddess looked furious as she struggled and tried to break free. Zhao Fu smiled, picked her up, and walked towards the God Temple.

The other three Goddesses blushed and smiled as they followed behind him.

Seeing that their godly spirit had been subdued, the Monkey people lost their will to fight and either ran away or knelt and surrendered.

Within the God Temple, the black barrier once again spread out.

Seeing this, the people on the viewing platform once again cursed out at Zhao Fu; they were quite familiar with his tendencies by now.

By now, Zhao Fu was quite famous because everyone was cursing at him for being an evildoer, a perverted bandit, and a bastard. Everyone wondered just what kind of person he was.

As such, there were naturally more and more people paying attention to him. It was very rare to see so many people pay attention to someone at the bottom of the rankings.

Those who viewed Zhao Fu either cursed at him for being a beast or scum, or they greatly admired him. Rather than being famous for his strength, he was notorious for his shameless ways.

Now, there were many people who even wanted to kill Zhao Fu, because to them he was complete trash, and they could not allow such a person to remain in the world.

Zhao Fu did not know about any of this. Within the black energy barrier, he continuously did it with the Monkey Goddess, while she passionately responded to him. Following this, Zhao Fu once again enjoyed the three other Goddesses.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu hugged the Monkey Goddess and smiled as he asked, "Do you have any powerful ancestral items or anything containing large amounts of Monkey person power?"