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 The Chicken Goddess took out a red chicken heart from her spatial ring and said, "This is the heart of a Chicken person Emperor and contains immense power. If you eat it, you'll be able to obtain great Chicken person power."

Zhao Fu took the chicken heart and ate it in one bite. This chicken heart was about as big as a fist and had a gory smell and taste. However, Zhao Fu could accept it, as he had even eaten people before.

After eating the chicken heart, Zhao Fu felt his heart vigorously beat as a powerful energy exploded throughout his body. He temporarily suppressed this power and said to the three Goddesses, "You all leave for now; I'm going to refine this power."

The three Goddesses smiled and nodded, and they put on their clothes before going outside.

The Chicken people did not know what had happened, and they saw their Goddess walk out with a red face and give off an alluring aura. She seemed much different than before.

Within the hall, Zhao Fu closed his eyes and quickly absorbed the massive amount of energy. His heart beat rapidly as his blood flowed quickly and his body heated up.

The chicken heart had turned into searing hot energy that spread throughout Zhao Fu's body, and Zhao Fu quickly refined it. He soon felt an immense heat on his back as a fiery-red Chicken person totem appeared on his back.

After obtaining this totem, Zhao Fu smiled and put on his clothes before going outside, and he headed to the next God Temple.

The next God Temple was a Barbarian God Temple and was guarded by a group of Barbarians. However, this Barbarian God was a man, so Zhao Fu was not very interested.

When they reached the God Temple, the Barbarians acted incredibly rudely. Zhao Fu had wanted to be courteous; if he could obtain something to awaken a totem, there would be no need to fight. Moreover, he did not want to take in the Barbarian God because he was not a woman.

After all, Goddesses could serve Zhao Fu, and he could absorb their divine energy. The Divinity in Zhao Fu's mind was now as big as a nail, and if he continued to absorb divine energy, it would become a true Divinity, allowing Zhao Fu to awaken the God Race's Emperor Star.

However, despite Zhao Fu's group acting courteously, the Barbarians did not respond in kind. The leader shouted, "Piss off! Our godly spirit is the most majestic existence; how could he meet you mortals?"

Before Zhao Fu's group had even done anything, some of the Barbarians already held their weapons and savagely looked at them.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu did not hesitate and said, "Kill them!"

The three Goddesses, Ogre Chief, and Chicken people held their weapons as they gave off powerful auras and started to fight with the Barbarians.


A massive aura spread out as a figure rushed out of the God Temple after sensing the disturbance outside.

It was the Barbarian godly spirit. He was quite ugly and was dressed in a beastskin. He held a large axe and seeing the Chicken Goddess standing with Zhao Fu's people, he called out, "You Chicken Goddess, you should be grateful for me not bullying you, and yet you came here to make trouble. I'm going to properly play with your body today and show you how powerful men are."

The Chicken Goddess had just experienced how powerful Zhao Fu was, and hearing this, she could not help but think of how lewd she had been under Zhao Fu. Seeing the shyness on the Chicken Goddess' face, the Barbarian God gave a pleased laugh and thought that it was him who had made her blush; perhaps this Chicken Goddess was interested in him.


The Barbarian God roared as he held his axe and gave off a powerful aura as he rushed at Zhao Fu's group.

He did not pay any mind to the others as he thought that it was the Chicken Goddess who had come to make trouble. He did not have any fear as he was the most powerful one in this forest, and he did not fear the Chicken Goddess at all.

The Chicken Goddess held her green sword and gave off a powerful aura as she showed no fear and met the Barbarian God in battle.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The two of them fought, causing massive sounds to ring out and sharp lights to fly out. Terrifying auras turned into wild gales and spread out.

The Barbarian God ferociously swung his axe, sending out ferocious axe lights. The Chicken Goddess began to fall at a disadvantage, and she could only use her sword to block.

However, at that moment, three people suddenly rushed over from the side, giving off powerful auras.

The Pigman Goddess slashed out with her saber, sending out an enormous saber light that contained an incredibly sharp aura towards the Barbarian God. The Barbarian God was quite shocked and had never expected there to be another godly spirit. He hurriedly dodged to the side, avoiding the Pigman Goddess' attack.

However, at that moment, the Unicorn Goddess held her spear, causing its head to give off large amounts of cold light, and a spear light containing terrifying power pierced towards the Barbarian God, causing the air to explode.

The Barbarian God hurriedly used his axe to block in front of him, and he released a yellow barrier around his body.


The spear lightly heavily struck against the yellow barrier, causing it to shatter, and the Barbarian God was sent flying dozens of meters back.

The Barbarian God was sent flying but was not injured. However, at that moment, the Barbarian God's hairs stood on end because a person had appeared behind him. There was a terrifying aura flame around that person, and his sword gave off boundless sword light.


Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, sending out a massive blood-red sword light and causing the air to explode.

The Barbarian God was completely defenseless and was hit by Zhao Fu's attack. His body flew out and heavily crashed onto the ground, causing the ground to tremble and rocks to fly everywhere, opening up a ten meter wide crater.

The Barbarian God coughed up a large mouthful of blood, and a deep gash through which bone could be seen opened up on his back. Blood continuously poured as the Barbarian God's aura weakened; he was now heavily injured.

Zhao Fu and the others definitely would not spare him. They rushed up and continued to attack the Barbarian God, and in the end, the Unicorn Goddess pierced through his heart, killing him instantly.

Following this, Zhao Fu and the others attacked the Barbarian soldiers and easily killed them. After the Barbarian God died, they no longer had any heart to fight, and some of them had started to run away.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu checked the Barbarian God's body but did not find anything good. The Ogre Chief and the others entered the God Temple but did not find anything either.

In the end, Zhao Fu's gaze fell on the Barbarian God's corpse; perhaps if he refined it, he could awaken a Barbarian totem.