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 If Zhao Fu was present, no matter what they wanted to do or what thoughts they had, Zhao Fu would have been the one making the decisions, as he was Great Qin's master and would decide Great Qin's fate.

However, because Zhao Fu could be in East Green for a long time, Great Qin was in a special state. Moreover, because of what had happened in Heavenstone City a few days ago, Great Qin needed to greatly increase its strength.

For Bai Qi, Xiao Jian, and some of the Outlander Generals, because of their experiences and nature, they believed that the strong preyed on the weak and that they needed to develop their strength through killing and plundering. They believed that feelings and other things that were unrelated to strength were impediments and burdens and that Great Qin should become a machine that developed quickly and efficiently.

As for Li Si, Ba Qing, and Daisy, it wasn't that they didn't want Great Qin to develop, but Bai Qi's idea was too extreme and would result in all parties incurring great losses. At the same time, it would cause all of Great Qin to become cold and cruel. They wanted to use more moderate means to promote growth.

On the other hand, while Wang Jian and Zhang Dahu did not like killing and plundering, they weren't against it either. During this period of time, they could allow themselves to become cold-blooded and merciless.

Right now, everyone held onto their own beliefs on how they wanted Great Qin to develop, so they split into different factions.

Following this, because of this matter, Ge Nia temporarily put his training on hold and returned to the Great Qin Town. Even though he seemed incredibly cold and had experienced countless bloody battles, he didn't hesitate to stand with those in the pacifist faction.

However, this could not change anything, as Bai Qi's war faction currently held the most power.

Li Si could only sigh and try to persuade Bai Qi, saying, "Commander Bai, you should know that His Majesty is a kind person and doesn't like to see his soldiers being injured or killed. I'm sure that he wouldn't want Great Qin to become a cold killing machine; perhaps His Majesty will not be pleased with us doing such a thing."

After spending so much time by Zhao Fu's side, Bai Qi understood Zhao Fu's personality. He knew the consequences of his actions, but he had made up his mind - he wanted to create a powerful empire that no one could offend for Zhao Fu, so he said, "I'll bear all of the consequences!"

In the end, a chain of orders was sent out, causing the previously lively and joyous Great Qin to be filled with a disturbed mood, and everyone began to look quite worried.


Within the Rolan Historical Remnant, Zhao Fu had already killed 50 or so Goblins and had fused together five Gloomy Jungle command medallions.

The command medallion was black and made of wood, and it had a jungle carved into it. Zhao Fu wanted to use it, but he received a system announcement that the hidden region hadn't been opened so he could not use it. As such, he could only put it away for now.

By now, Zhao Fu had cleared all of the Goblins in the outermost region of the historical remnant. Now, he had to face groups of Goblins with Hobgoblins.

Zhao Fu felt that these Hobgoblins would be difficult to deal with because their cultivation was already at Stage 1 and they held sharp swords that could easily release terrifying sword lights.

Zhao Fu was still somewhat injured and could not use his full strength, so he had to act carefully.

He still used the same tactic: luring a group of Goblins away from the rest before attacking. He burst forth from his hiding place, stabbing a hidden blade through one Goblin's heart before thrusting the other towards another Goblins' neck.

Even though Zhao Fu had moved incredibly quickly, he was still detected by the Hobgoblin. Just as Zhao Fu was about to kill a third Goblin, a sword light swept at him. This sword light was abnormally ferocious, and Zhao Fu was forced to draw the Sky Demon Sword to block the attack.


A clear colliding sound rang out as sparks flew from the clash. Even though Zhao Fu was much weaker in his injured state, because the Sky Demon Sword was an Epic grade weapon, it left a large crack in the Hobgoblin's Blue grade sword.

The Hobgoblin stared in surprise before choosing to retreat while the other three Goblins surrounded Zhao Fu. Luckily, Zhao Fu had already dealt with the ranged Goblins, or it would have been quite troublesome for him to deal with this group of Goblins.

The three Goblins raised their clubs and shrieked as they ran towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu activated some King's Power with great difficulty, causing the Sky Demon Sword to shine with a faint light as he slashed out.

Zhao Fu destroyed the three clubs with a single strike, shocking the three Goblins. Zhao Fu once again attacked and prepared to kill those three Goblins when the Hobgoblin stepped in again, sending a sharp arc of sword light towards him.

Zhao Fu raised his sword and blocked it, dispelling the attack.

The Hobgoblin stabbed his sword towards Zhao Fu and yelled for the three other Goblins to call more Goblins over.

Hearing this, the three Goblins turned and ran. Luckily, Zhao Fu could understand them, but because he was tied down by the Hobgoblin, he could only ask the three Flower Spirits to stop the Goblins.

The three Flower Spirits happily agreed and waved their hands, releasing three rays of light. Following this, three green vines burrowed up from the ground and wrapped around the three Goblins like snakes, binding them in an instant. The vines even covered the Goblins' mouths, preventing them from yelling.

Clang! Clang! Clang...

On the other side, the Hobgoblin battled with Zhao Fu. As their swords collided, the sound of metal clashing continuously rang out. After a few exchanges, the Hobgoblin's sword was covered with cracks and gaps, and it looked like it was about to fall apart.

This made the Hobgoblin quite angry. He felt that he was not much weaker than Zhao Fu, but the difference in their weapons was simply too great. He had a Blue grade sword, but it was like scrap metal against Zhao Fu's Epic grade sword. He believed that this was why Zhao Fu was suppressing him.

"Human, use a normal sword if you dare!" the Hobgoblin roared sullenly and angrily.

Zhao Fu inwardly grinned and pretended not to understand. He was not stupid - how could he change weapons against an opponent like this? Zhao Fu swung vigorously, cutting the Hobgoblin's sword in half and giving it a big fright. Now that the Hobgoblin had lost his weapon, how could he fight? As such, he immediately turned and ran.

Zhao Fu grasped this opportunity and flew forwards, stabbing out with his sword and piercing the Hobgoblin's heart. He twisted, destroying the Hobgoblin's heart and killing him instantly.

After dying, the Hobgoblin dropped two items. One was a black wooden shard - this seemed to be something that every Goblin would drop, while the other item was quite strange. It wasn't corporeal. Instead, it was a cluster of silver light. It fell on the ground and gave off a faint light, and it seemed quite mysterious.

As such, Zhao Fu picked it up and looked at it with a curious expression on his face.

[Legacy: Silver Lake Immortal's Sword - Sword Essence]: The shard of a Legendary grade weapon, Silver Lake Immortal's Sword. If one collects 1,200 sword essences, one can fuse them into the Silver Lake Immortal's Sword and obtain the Legacy attached to the sword.

"These things can fuse to form a Legendary grade sword?" Zhao Fu was quite surprised. However, collecting 1,200 of them seemed quite difficult.