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 Zhao Fu thought to himself and brought his group to walk towards the City Hall at the center. Soon, large amounts of deathly aura rushed out as Skeleton Elves dressed in armor and holding weapons rushed at the group.

Even though these Skeleton Elves were not very strong, they had large numbers. There were tens of thousands of them and they gave off a flood-like deathly aura as they rushed at Zhao Fu's group.

Zhao Fu immediately gave out orders and the 800 Pigmen soldiers gave off powerful auras as they rushed out. Even though there were only 800 of them, they were all Great Earth Realm Cultivators and their overall aura was not weaker than the tens of thousands of Skeletons.

At the same time, Zhao Fu led the others into battle as well.

Zhao Fu slashed out with his sword, sending out massive sword energy that easily blasted waves of Skeletons back. After flying out, the Skeletons collapsed into piles of bones and dropped gray-green crystals.

Zhao Fu noticed these gray-green crystals but did not pay them much mind for now because there were still large numbers of Skeleton Elves.

An hour later, Zhao Fu and his group finally finished dealing with the tens of thousands of Skeletons.

Zhao Fu picked up a gray-green crystal. It was not very big, only as big as a pinky nail. It was incredibly cold and made him feel as if he was holding a piece of ice. These gray-green crystals were called Elf Death Crystals.

The Elves were a race blessed with lifeforce and had longer lifespans than ordinary people, and they believed in the powerful Goddess of Life.

Life and death were different sides of the same coin, and places that had incredibly dense aura of life would also create extremely pure traces of aura of death; places with incredibly dense aura of death would also create extremely pure traces of aura of life.

Zhao Fu naturally did not care about these attributes, but what he took notice of was that these crystals contained extremely pure Elf energy. With enough of them, given the purity of this energy, he would be able to awaken an Elf totem, so Zhao Fu immediately ordered people to collect these crystals.

However, things didn't go as he wanted. A Skeleton Elf giving off a King's aura led 100,000 Skeletons and charged at Zhao Fu's group, giving off loud sounds.

Zhao Fu had the others stop collecting crystals and they once again started fighting. The others were responsible for killing the ordinary Skeletons while Zhao Fu went to deal with the Skeleton Elf King.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The Pigmen soldiers charged at the Skeletons, swinging their weapons and gave off powerful auras as they sent the Skeletons flying.

The Skeleton Elves flooded towards those Pigmen soldiers without any fear, madly attacking them, causing the Pigmen soldiers to start to receive injuries and casualties.

Zhao Fu leapt up and sent powerful energy into the Sadistic Killing Sword, causing it to give off large amounts of blood-red light as he ferociously slashed down towards the Skeleton Elf King.

The Skeleton Elf King held an exquisite-looking gray sword and sent a large amount of King's Power into it. Large amounts of deathly aura flowed out of the sword and the Skeleton Elf King slashed out.


An intense blood-red sword light and an intense gray sword light crashed together, causing a shockwave to blast out and cause the ground to crack. Rocks flew everywhere as a massive gale spread out.

"Arghh!" Zhao Fu roared as he exploded out with immense Divine Power and vigorously slashed towards the Skeleton Elf King. The Skeleton Elf King felt a wave of fear, as this Divine Power completely suppressed its power.


A muffled explosion sounded out as the Skeleton Elf King was sent flying and crashed dozens of meters away.

Zhao Fu gave off a powerful aura as he rushed up and ferociously slashed down at the Skeleton Elf King on the ground.

The Skeleton Elf King was startled and immediately rolled to the side.


The massive power struck the ground, opening up a massive crater. Even though the Skeleton Elf King dodged the brunt of Zhao Fu's attack, it was still caught in the shockwave and was once again sent flying.

"Roar!!" the Skeleton Elf King gave a furious roar and stood up as it gave off a large amount of deathly aura. It appeared in front of Zhao Fu in the next second and its sword gave off a terrifying power as it slashed out.

Zhao Fu looked somewhat savage as he exploded out with a black aura flame and also gave off immense power as he slashed out.


An enormous sound rang out as the two swords clashed, resulting in a massive explosion. Both people were sent flying back, and a ten or so meter wide crater was left on the ground.

A trace of blood leaked out of Zhao Fu's lips as he coldly looked at the Skeleton Elf King. The Skeleton Elf King's arm that held the sword was now covered with cracks.


Zhao Fu slashed at the Skeleton Elf King, while the Skeleton Elf King roared and brought with it large amounts of deathly aura as it charged at Zhao Fu.


Yet another large sound rang out as the two terrifying powers collided. This time, the Skeleton Elf King's cracked arm shattered and its sword flew out.

However, the Skeleton Elf King did not give up and its other arm stabbed out like a sharp knife towards Zhao Fu's throat.


Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, causing an enormous sword hum to sound out as intense sword qi cut off the incoming arm.

Now that the Skeleton Elf King had lost both its arms, it had essentially lost its ability to attack.

However, Zhao Fu would not let it off because of this. He sent large amounts of Divine Power into the Sadistic Killing Sword before slashing into the Skeleton Elf King's chest, sending it flying.

The Skeleton Elf King flew ten or so meters and crashed into the ground, opening up a large crater, and the bones on its chest were now cracked.

Zhao Fu rushed up and sent out a few more attacks, finally killing this Skeleton Elf King.

After killing it, Zhao Fu obtained two items. The first was a gray-green crystal the size of a marble. The second was a green ring.

This ring was called the Elf King ring and anyone who wore it would obtain large amounts of King's Power, and it would be able to contract with a powerful creature as the ring spirit.

The Elf King ring's stats were quite powerful but it was not very useful for Zhao Fu, as his power greatly surpassed this equipment. Moreover, now that he had Divine Power, he naturally did not need King's Power.

The gray-green marble was called a King Death Crystal and seemed like it would be useful. Zhao Fu picked it up and sent power into it, causing the ordinary gray-green crystals in the surroundings to float up and fly towards the King Death Crystal.

These ordinary grey-green crystals continuously fused into the King Death Crystal, forming a gray crystal as big as a ball in the end.