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 The illusion disappeared and the young man came back to his senses as he looked at this scene in shock. He had not left the secret realm and had remained where he was, and he did not understand what had happened.

Just then, he remembered returning outside the secret realm with the others and they had dealt with the ancestral egg before returning.

However, why was he back here? The young man soon realized that he had been affected by some kind of powerful illusion; it had seemed completely real, and he could not tell at all.

The people on the viewing platforms also felt quite curious. Even though they could not see Zhao Fu's appearance, they had seen the eyes under the hood of the cloak give off an illusory glow, easily bringing someone at the peak of the Great Earth Realm into an illusion.

What kind of illusion technique was this? Or was it his bloodline power? It was simply shocking, as it could easily drag someone into an illusion without even looking them in the eyes; all it required was a glance.

The people in the surroundings continuously fought, and the Lion people were quickly killed. Facing the attacks from the two Goddesses, the Lion Chief was at a disadvantage and was already covered with many wounds.

Seeing this, the young man did not dare to stay here and once again tried to leave the secret realm. However, a terrifying gaze landed on his body, causing his hairs to stand on end. The young man felt that if he tried to do anything, he would immediately die.

Even if he tried to leave the secret real, it would be useless, as he would once again fall under an illusion; he could not escape.

Moreover, even if he stayed here, there was that cold gaze that seemed to be filed with killing intent. Thinking about that, the young man immediately knelt and said, "Sir, please don't kill me; I can tell you about the location of a historical remnant."

After putting the egg away, Zhao Fu prepared to kill the young man, but hearing about the historical remnant, he stopped.

"Charge!!" a roar sounded out as roughly 10,000 or so Lion people soldiers gave off powerful auras as they rushed over; their reinforcements had arrived.


A massive sound rang as the Pigman Goddess slashed the Lion Chief to the ground, opening up a large crater and causing him to cough up a large mouthful of blood.

Zhao Fu looked at the incoming 10,000 or so soldiers and gave a cruel smile. He originally did not like to kill people, and he would only do so if he had to. However, as he killed more and more people, he had started to enjoy the feeling of killing.

When faced with so many enemies he could easily kill, his heart rate would speed up and his blood seemed to flow faster.


Zhao Fu turned into a black sword light and shot into the incoming army. Sharp sword lights flashed out, causing the Lion people's bodies to be cut in half and sending blood flying everywhere.

The 10,000 or so Lion people held their weapons and furiously surrounded Zhao Fu.

Facing them, Zhao Fu did not show any fear and instead gave a cruel smile as he rushed out.

The Lion people immediately attacked, sending out sharp lights containing immense power to fly towards Zhao Fu.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Zhao Fu suddenly ran to the side, and countless attacks landed on the ground, creating dents and causing dust to rise up.

The remainder of attacks were blocked by Zhao Fu's defensive barrier, and he once again charged into the army of Lion people soldiers. In response, the Lion people furiously gripped their weapons and charged at him, while Zhao Fu once again slashed out.

Chi, chi, chi...

A ferocious blood-red sword light containing terrifying power slashed out, bisecting hundreds of Lion people.


Blood sprayed throughout the air, and before all of it descended, Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and shot through the blood, spinning as the Sadistic Killing Sword sent out a circular blood-red sword light. The Lion people's heads in the surroundings were all slashed apart, sending blood spraying upwards.

The blood from before finally landed as even more blood filled the air, creating a rain of blood.

A Lion person expert roared as he furiously rushed over to Zhao Fu. He held a large saber and gave off a powerful aura as he hacked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu stabbed out with his sword as fast as lightning, straight through that Lion person expert's mouth. The sword stabbed through his neck, and Zhao Fu did not withdraw the sword and instead sliced to the side, causing the Lion person's head to fall off. He then slashed out again, chopping the Lion person's body in half.

"Arghhh..." cries continuously sounded out as blood splattered everywhere. The ground was covered with corpses and none of them were complete. The Lion people were unable to defend against Zhao Fu's slaughter at all.

The young man was quite shocked as he watched Zhao Fu continuously massacre the Lion people. Zhao Fu was the weakest here, and he had never thought that Zhao Fu would be the most savage, killing people for pleasure like a demon.

The people on the viewing platforms also looked quite dismayed. They had never expected this person to be so licentious and also bloodthirsty. He was not a good person at all.

"Arghh!" The Unicorn Goddess stabbed her spear through the Lion Chief's heart, and he gave a final cry before his body powerlessly collapsed to the ground.

The remaining Lion people were either slaughtered by Zhao Fu or cleaned up by the Pigmen soldiers. In the end, the ground was covered by their corpses, and the dense smell of blood was enough to make people vomit.

The young man stood there in terror after seeing how Zhao Fu killed without even blinking. He did not dare to offend Zhao Fu at all now.

Zhao Fu flicked the Sadistic Killing Sword and sent the blood and bits of flesh flying off before putting it away. He came to the young man and said, "Speak, tell me where the historical remnant is. If I'm satisfied, I'll spare your life."

The young man said nervously, "It's an Elf historical remnant and my big brother discovered it while running away one time. He didn't explore it because it was too dangerous. That historical remnant is nearby and I had wanted to lead the group there before we came across this Tribe."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and said, "Bring me there!"

The young man nodded and brought the group to a lake and said, "Sir, the Elf historical remnant is at the bottom of the lake."

Zhao Fu looked at the Ogre Chief, and the Ogre Chief understood and dove into the water. He came back after a while and said, "There is indeed a historic remnant underwater."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile and waved a hand, sending restrictions into the young man's body as he said, "I'll release you after I've explored this historical remnant."

After saying this, Zhao Fu brought the group into the lake.

He found that there was an Elf City underwater, as well as a barrier that kept the water away. Zhao Fu brought the group in and found that it was completely silent and had no signs of life. There was a dense aura of death and there were mostly many Undead creatures here.