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 The group had mediocre strength and had six people: four men and two women. Facing a large number of Lion people, they started to become injured and became more and more disadvantaged.

However, their lives were not in danger as they could choose to leave the secret realm at any moment, even if they were in battle. All they would lose would be one-third of their points.

Seeing that they were unable to withstand the Lion people's attacks, a young man in the group raised a red egg the size of a plate, which had a picture of a lion on it, and called out, "You'd better all get back or I'll smash this Red Lion Egg."

The Lion people attacking the group had red fur, and they furiously looked at the group as they stopped attacking.

That egg was the Ancestral Egg that the Lion person Tribe worshipped. It was not a real egg but something condensed after the powerful Lion person ancestor died. It contained immense power and was an extremely high-grade material. It had been in a temple but had been stolen by this group of people.

The crowd of Lion people made way and a powerfully-built Lion person walked out. He was the Chief and he said coldly, "Put down the egg and we'll allow you to leave, or else you'll all die here."

The group did not care about the Lion Chief's threats as he could not instantly kill them with his power. As such, they would be able to leave the secret realm.

Right now, they did not want to lose any points or give up this powerful Red Lion Egg. The young man holding the ancestral egg naturally could not agree and said, "Hurry up and move out of the way, or I'll smash this egg."

Seeing that the group was so unafraid and refused to give up the egg, the Lion Chief felt quite furious but he could not do anything about this; he could not change the rules of the secret realm.

He understood that the group did not want to give up on their points, which was why they did not directly leave. However, he could not just let them leave, as they would run and they would not be able to take back the ancestral egg.

The Lion Chief furiously shouted, "If you destroy that Red Lion Egg, don't even think about getting away."

Seeing how unyielding the Lion Chief was, the group felt quite troubled. On one hand, they did not want to waste points or use up one of their chances in the secret realm, nor did they want to give up the Red Lion Egg. This Red Lion Egg contained extremely powerful ancestral energy and there was a trace of a spirit flame inside. It was incredibly precious and valuable.

Neither side was willing to take a step back, forcing them into a stalemate.

Zhao Fu had the others hide in ambush before he walked out and said, "I have an idea, how about you give the Red Lion Egg to me. That way, the group can leave and I'll give some compensation to the Lion person Tribe. How does that sound?"

Everyone looked at Zhao Fu and found that he was a mere Harmony Realm Cultivator, and they uncourteously called out, "Scram!"

The group had obtained the Red Lion Egg with great difficulty, so how could they just give it over to someone else so easily just so they could escape? If that was the case they might as well just give it back to the Lion person Tribe.

The Lion person Tribe naturally would not agree either because that was their ancestral item and they absolutely could not lose it. Let alone trading it for something, they would not give it over even if it cost them their lives.

Zhao Fu long since expected this, but he felt quite displeased about being told to scram. His expression became cold as he said, "You're seeking death; don't blame me for this!"

The leader of the group laughed as he said, "With your measly cultivation? If we weren't surrounded by so many Lion people, I'd come over and beat you up myself. I wonder how such an overconfident person like you has managed to stay alive until now."

A Ratfolk person next to him laughed as he said, "Just ignore this idiot; let's think of how we can escape."

The Lion Chief also looked at Zhao Fu and felt quite angry. Not only did he want to take away their ancestral item, but he was also so arrogant too, "It's you who is seeking death. Since you want our ancestral egg, you're an enemy too. Men, go and deal with him."

A few Harmony Realm Lion people savagely rushed over, as if they could already see Zhao Fu begging for mercy at their feet.

Facing the Lion people savagely charging over, Zhao Fu did not move from the spot as he took out the Sadistic Killing Sword and casually swung it.


A sword hum sounded out as a massive blood-red crescent flew out and slashed the Harmony Realm Lion people into a few pieces. Blood and flesh fell all over the ground; they did not stand a chance.

This scene caused everyone to look incredibly confused; no one had expected such a thing to happen: How could nZhao Fu, a Harmony Realm Cultivator, instantly kill people of the same cultivation as him.

What shocked them even more was that the Pigmen soldiers, two Goddesses, and Ogre Chief rushed out, surrounding the Lion people and the small group.

The Lion people only had 200 or so people, and Zhao Fu's 800 Pigmen soldiers completely surrounded them.

Seeing that they were surrounded, both groups felt quite shocked, and sensing the Pigmen soldiers' auras, as well as the three World Realm experts' auras, they started to feel panicked.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed, "I said it was you who were seeking death, and yet none of you believed me. Now, all of you can die together. Kill all of them!"

The Pigmen soldiers obeyed and gave off powerful auras as they rushed at the two groups. The Lion Chief roared, his voice reaching incredibly far away. The Lion person Tribe was not too far away, and he was most likely calling for reinforcements.

His cultivation was at the peak of the World Realm, and the two Goddesses held their weapons as they rushed at him. A battle quickly unfolded between them.

Seeing this, the small group understood that if they did not run away soon, it would be too late. They chose to directly leave the secret realm - even though it cost them one-third of their points, it was better than losing their lives.

After choosing to leave, the secret realm's power covered them, causing their bodies to gradually become transparent as they were about to disappear.

Zhao Fu looked at the young man holding the ancestral egg, and the blue pupil in his left eye gave off an illusory light that pulled the young man into an illusion.

The others disappeared and left the secret realm, but that young man remained there, a stiff expression on his face.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and grabbed, and a few chains flew out and carefully wrapped around the ancestral egg before bringing it to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu took the Red Lion Egg and sensing the ancestral energy within it, a trace of a smile appeared on his face.

If he could refine this Red Lion Egg, he would be able to obtain a Lion person totem.