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 When the barrier was dispelled, the Unicorn Goddess' face was red and she panted as she leaned in Zhao Fu's embrace. Even though she still looked holy, her body gave off an intense desire.

Seeing this, the men on the viewing platforms felt immense respect that Zhao Fu could tame such a pure and arrogant Goddess so quickly. If it was them, they would not be able to do so. Moreover, they had never enjoyed such a beautiful and pure Goddess before.

The women all looked furious; yet another Goddess had been stained by this perverted bandit, and there was one less pure Goddess in this world. How come that perverted bandit still hadn't died?

Zhao Fu naturally did not know about any of this. He hugged the Unicorn Goddess and the Pigman Goddess, followed by eight red-faced guards. This was especially so for the Unicorn Goddess' six guards - they wore silver-white armor but had incredibly red faces, making them look quite enticing.

The group came to a secret room, at the center of which was a stage. Above the stage floated an orb giving off yellow light.

This orb was the core of this area. The reason that this area could float in the sky was because the orb was an Earth Soul that could give a large amount of lifeforce and defensive power, and it was extremely powerful.

It was the final item needed for the War God's Fury. If they could bring it back and place it in the War God's Fury, the War God's Fury would be able to be used in battle and unleash its terrifying destructive power.

The Ten Thousand Gravity Origin Stone gave the War God's Fury the ability to fly, the God Race Stone gave it immense god race power, the Celestial Peach Tree gave it powerful lifeforce and the ability to gather energy, and now this Earth Soul gave it defensive power and soul power.

Now, the War God's Fury could be formed into a living creature. Now that it had lifeforce, a body, and a soul, it could be called a living creature.

The War God's Fury was as big as a region and the destructive power it could unleash would definitely be shocking. Even if it slammed against the ground, all creatures in a region would die.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to let go of the two women to take that Earth Soul, the Unicorn Goddess clung onto Zhao Fu and said flirtatiously, "Husband, don't let go of me."

On the other side, the Pigman Goddess could not help but laugh as she thought about how wild and lustful the pure Unicorn Goddess had been within the barrier. Now, she was deeply attached to Zhao Fu.

She had remembered the Unicorn Goddess calling her an impure woman, and now she was the same. She was even lewder than her, which made her feel better.

Zhao Fu smiled and hugged her as he went onto the stage and collected the yellow orb of light, and the ground started to tremble.

The Earth Soul was the core of this place, and without the Earth Soul, this area would soon collapse. Zhao Fu did not hesitate and brought everyone to leave this place.

After returning to the ground, Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to bring the Ogre Chief and the two Goddesses with him. They were quite powerful and would be of much use to him.

There were also the 800 Pigmen soldiers; they were willing to die for him and could help him deal with any situation. Zhao Fu did not have to worry about losing them either, as it wouldn't matter even if they all died.

The guards did not want to be separated from their godly spirit masters and said shyly, "Sir, we can also help serve you; please bring us as well."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed but refused, as it was quite dangerous and he was not completely confident that he could protect them.

Zhao Fu and the three others continued on towards the inner regions of the secret realm.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." soon, three snake-like creatures made of blue light roared and attacked the group.

Zhao Fu did not move, and the two Goddesses and the Ogre Chief gave off powerful auras and rushed at the snakes.

The Unicorn Goddess stabbed out with her spear, causing a massive spear light to pierce through one of the snakes. The Pigman Goddess slashed out, slashing another snake in half, while the Ogre Chief swung his club and smashed open the head of the last snake.

After the three creatures were killed, they turned into countless motes of light and entered the three people's bodies, and Zhao Fu did not get a single point.

This was because secret realm creatures could also gain points. Even though Zhao Fu was their master, the points belonged to whoever made the kill.

The people on the viewing platforms felt quite confused and felt that Zhao Fu had missed the point. Shouldn't he be finding creatures to kill so that he could earn points and become a disciple of Outlander Ten College?

However, it seemed that he did not have any interest in points, and the creatures from before had sought their own deaths. He would not have taken the initiative to kill them.

Right now, he probably had the fewest points because everyone was working hard to earn points except for him. He seemed to be focused on looking for treasure, so it was only natural that he had the fewest points.

Everyone's purpose in coming to the secret realm was to become a disciple of Outlander Ten College, and normally people would only explore after gaining enough points. If this person did not gain any points, he would definitely fail.

Outlander Ten College was a place that countless geniuses wanted to enter, but this person did not seem to care. Was it that he was too arrogant and did not take Outlander Ten College seriously?

Some people looked at his points in curiosity and found that he only had 500 points; those with 0 points did not show up in the rankings.

Much time had passed, and the first-ranked Sun Elf now had 500,000 points - this was over 1,000 times more than this person.

Zhao Fu continued onwards in the secret realm. The Ogre Chief was quite familiar with this area, and he knew of the location of a Lion person Tribe.

The secret realm was incredibly big, even bigger than an ordinary world. Apart from just creatures made for earning points, there were various races living here.

That Lion person Tribe was quite big, and it was the biggest Tribe in this area. It had 100,000 or so people and each Lion person Warrior was quite powerful and had around Stage 7 or 8 Cultivation.

Zhao Fu had the Ogre Chief bring them there, and after a few hours, they finally reached that Tribe.

They were surprised to see that the Lion person Tribe's people were currently surrounding a small group.

There were no rules against making groups in the secret realm. Anyone who wanted to obtain some security could band together, but this was in name only and was not binding. They also had to be on their guards against each other.

After all, it was everyone's dream to enter Outlander Ten College and some people would resort to underhanded methods as long as they could make it in.