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 Zhao Fu did not know how many people there were now paying attention to a 'low-profile' figure like him.

After doing it with the Pigman Goddess and her two guards, he used the Six Desires Demonic Qi to heal their wounds and cause their power to recover. They were now only slightly weakened.

The Ogre Chief could not help but inwardly sigh - this person was even more of a stud horse than the best stud horse; he seemed to be determined to do any woman he came across. Couldn't he be more loyal? His daughters were now following him and yet he was so licentious. The Ogre Chief could not help but wonder if he had ever truly loved someone.

Noticing that there was no noise coming out of the barrier, the Ogre Chief realized something and felt quite angry. Since he could block off noise, why had he not done so before when ravaging his three daughters? No wonder his daughters looked somewhat embarrassed when facing him; this person was worse than a beast.

The Ogre Chief could only inwardly curse at Zhao Fu and could not say these things out loud unless he did not want to live anymore.

The Ogre Chief now knew how terrifying and mysterious Zhao Fu was.

Even though Zhao Fu was quite dissolute, he was backed by immense power, and his daughters at least would not be bullied by others.

However, his daughters had become incredibly reliant on him and incredibly lewd, and they just wanted to stay by his side and serve him.

The barrier soon disappeared, revealing Zhao Fu and the women; by now, they had put on their clothes.

The Pigman Goddess and the two guards' faces were bright red and they gave off enticing auras. The Pigman Goddess was smiling sweetly as she lay in Zhao Fu's embrace, and she looked completely different than before.

Zhao Fu hugged the Pigman Goddess as he smiled and asked, "How much do you know about the other God Temple?"

The Pigman Goddess charmingly smiled as she replied, "That God Temple belongs to a Centaur Goddess and she has the bloodline of the holy beast Unicorn, so she's incredibly arrogant and looks down on everyone else, especially other races. I'm not very familiar with her."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought before saying, "Let's go over together! After taking care of things here I have other matters to take care of."

Following this, Zhao Fu and his group went to the other God Temple.

There were Centaur statues outside, and after coming to the God Temple, the Centaur statues exploded out with powerful auras and attacked.

They were quickly dealt with by Zhao Fu's group - Zhao Fu had not only brought the Pigman Goddess and her guards but also the 900 remaining Pigmen soldiers. The statue soldiers were instantly destroyed and turned into broken rocks.

After destroying the statue soldiers, Zhao Fu and his group entered the God Temple. What was surprising was that it was completely silent within and did not have anyone protecting it.

Zhao Fu directly led his group to the main hall, where he saw a woman sitting on a throne.

This woman had very long silver hair that nearly reached the ground. She was peerlessly beautiful and there was a snow-white horn at the center of her forehead. She was tall and slim, almost two meters tall, and she had a snow-white horse's tail. She wore a long, white dress and gave off a holy and proud aura.

There were six guards beside her, who all had long, white hair and pretty looks. They were dressed in silver-white armor and held silver swords, and they also gave off holy auras.

After Zhao Fu's group walked in, the Centaur Goddess - or rather, Unicorn Goddess- opened her silver-white eyes and said coldly, "Why have you come to Our temple? Also, We do not like men or impure women, so state your business and then leave."

The Pigman Goddess looked somewhat angry; impure women were naturally referring to her, as she had just done it with Zhao Fu.

However, the Pigman Goddess thought of something and gave a flirtatious smile as she leaned against Zhao Fu and said, "Husband, help me properly discipline her later."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and nodded. He looked at the Unicorn Goddess and said, "Will you obediently submit to me, or do I have to make you submit?"

A look of anger appeared on the Unicorn Goddess' beautiful face; this was immense disrespect to her.

She grabbed at the air and countless silver-white traces of light gathered, forming exquisite, white spears. A massive aura exploded out from her body, forming a massive gale.

Zhao Fu did not show any fear and said, "Capture them alive!"

The 900 Pigmen soldiers gave off powerful auras as they charged up, followed by the Ogre Chief, the Pigman Goddess, and her two guards.

The Ogre Chief and two guards, as well as 100 Pigmen soldiers, were responsible for attacking the six Centaur guards, while the remaining 800 Pigmen soldiers attacked the Unicorn Goddess.

"Husband, I'll go and teach that goddess a lesson and capture her so that you can train her," the Pigman Goddess said as she smiled.

In response, Zhao Fu laughed and nodded.

The battle quickly exploded out by the Unicorn Goddess' side was at a complete disadvantage. Facing the Ogre Chief, two guards, and 100 or so Pigmen soldiers, the six Centaur guards soon showed signs of defeat.

On the other side, the Unicorn Goddess was tied down by the Pigman Goddess, and the 800 Pigmen soldiers also shot traces of cold lights towards the Unicorn Goddess.

Soon, the six Centaur guards had been captured, and their bodies were somewhat bloody.

The Unicorn Goddess blocked the united strike from 800 Pigmen soldiers, but she was sent flying by the Pigman Goddess. She crashed onto the ground and coughed up a large mouthful of blood. She continued fighting for a bit longer before she too was captured.

She was forced to kneel in front of Zhao Fu by two Pigmen soldiers, and Zhao Fu caressed her beautiful face, making her look quite disgusted.

The people on the viewing platform were split into two groups. Most of the men wanted Zhao Fu to quickly do this goddess. Even though they could not do her themselves, imagining such a pure and arrogant goddess acting lewdly, they could not help but feel excited.

Most of the women felt incredibly infuriated; such a beautiful and pure goddess was going to be violated by a beast. They wanted to rush in, save this goddess, and kill that perverted bandit.

However, even higher-beings could not blast open the secret realm, much less them. They could only furiously watch and hope that a miracle would happen.

In the end, there were no miracles. The black energy barrier once again appeared and the Unicorn Goddess and her six Centaur guards were brought in. Even though they could not see or hear anything, everyone understood what was happening.

The men looked quite excited as they imagined the pure goddess acting lewdly, while the women furiously wanted to skin Zhao Fu alive.

Now, Zhao Fu once again became even more famous.