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 "Our God, we will help you," the two guards cried out and gave off powerful auras as they rushed over.

Zhao Fu smiled as he looked at the Ogre chief and said, "I'll leave them to you. You can deal with them, right?"

The Ogre Chief smiled and nodded; the two guards' cultivations were only at the peak of the Great Earth Realm and were a trace away from breaking through to the World Realm. However, the Ogre Chief had been a World Realm Cultivator for a long time, and he was enough to deal with the two of them.


The Ogre Chief laughed as he exploded out with a powerful aura and rushed at the two guards. They quickly started fighting and cold lights shot everywhere, resulting in shockwaves spreading out.

Chi, chi, chi...

The Pigman Goddess slashed with her large saber, sending out a massive saber light that cut ten or so Pigman soldiers in half, causing blood and organs to spill over the floor.

However, hundreds of sharp lights flew out, and the Pigman Goddess sent large amounts of power into her saber, causing it to give off intense light as she vigorously slashed out.

"Roar!!" A white boar made of saber light gave off a terrifying power as it rushed towards the countless incoming lights, destroying them. It then charged into the group of Pigmen soldiers and smashed dozens of Pigmen soldiers into mush.

However, the remaining Pigmen soldiers did not show any fear and continued to give off powerful auras as they madly rushed up.

The Pigman Goddess held her saber as she spun and a sharp saber light sent the incoming Pigmen soldiers flying back.

However, the remaining Pigmen soldiers continued to charge up. Ten or so Pigmen soldiers leapt up before hacking at the Pigman Goddess.

The Pigman Goddess could only unleash an energy barrier to block these ten or so Pigmen soldiers' attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

All of the Pigmen soldiers sent a large amount of power into their weapons and slashed out cold lights that slammed against the energy barrier.


A clear cracking sound could be heard as the energy barrier shattered after taking so many attacks. It turned into motes of white light and dissipated.

The closest Pigmen soldiers grasped this opportunity to rush up, and one of them held a spear and stabbed towards the Pigman Goddess' head.

The Pigman Goddess slashed out with her saber, sending that Pigman soldier flying back.

Another two Pigmen soldiers attacked from the left and right, sending two rays of cold lights towards the Pigman Goddess. The Pigman Goddess swung her saber, chopping those two Pigmen soldiers in half, causing blood to fly everywhere and dye the ground red.


At that moment, another Pigman soldier held an axe and hacked towards the Pigman Goddess' back. The Pigman Goddess was unable to react in time and was hit by the axe, causing her to stumble forwards. A gash appeared on her back, from which blood continuously flowed out.

The Pigman Goddess looked pained and she slashed backhanded, cutting that Pigman soldier into pieces.


A Pigman soldier ferociously rushed up and attacked the moment that the Pigman Goddess had just killed the previous soldier, slashing her on the shoulder.

The Pigman Goddess sent that Pigman soldier flying with a kick and slashed out with her saber, killing the other Pigmen soldiers rushing up. However, only fewer than 100 Pigmen soldiers had died, and the remaining ones continued to rush at the Pigman Goddess.

"Arghh!" After receiving a few more wounds, the Pigman Goddess furiously roared and exploded out with all of her power. The Divinity within her continuously trembled as countless rays of white light shot out of her body, causing a powerful godly aura to spread out.

However, at that moment, the Pigmen soldiers gripped their fists and terrifying auras rose up off their bodies.


All of the Pigmen soldiers punched out and the terrifying auras coming out from their bodies instantly gathered into a massive fist that contained great power as it shot towards the Pigman Goddess, resulting in a massive explosion.


The Pigman Goddess had just exploded out with power and was unprepared as she was sent flying by the massive fist. She flew backwards dozens of meters and crashed into a wall, causing it to crack. The Pigman Goddess coughed up a large mouthful of blood and her aura weakened as she was now heavily injured.

On the other side, the Ogre Chief had severely wounded the two guards. They were covered with blood and their auras were incredibly weak.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled as he came up to the Pigman Goddess and said somewhat mockingly, "Glorious godly spirit, it seems that you've been defeated by your own soldiers."

The Pigman Goddess looked furious and said, "You're shameless!"

Zhao Fu squatted down and lifted up the Pigman Goddess' chin. Zhao Fu kissed her, and a large amount of Six Desire Demonic Qi flowed into her body.

The Pigman Goddess struggled at first, but soon she wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's neck and passionately responded to him.

After a while, Zhao Fu stopped and the Pigman Goddess' face was completely red as she looked at Zhao Fu with great desire, stretching out her tender tongue as she breathed raggedly.

The people on the viewing platforms now understood how Zhao Fu had made the three Ogresses become so lewd. It seemed that this fellow was a perverted bandit who practised some kind of terrifying perverted Art. Everyone could not help but curse, "Shameless and despicable!"

However, they could not help but feel admiration and wonder what kind of Art was so powerful that no woman could resist it. Even the Pigman Goddess was acting so lewdly now.

Some of the more bold and lewd women could not help but imagine how pleasurable it would be doing it with Zhao Fu.

Some more traditional women were angered; they could not allow this kind of perverted bandit to harm others. Seeing how powerful Zhao Fu's Art was, they felt quite terrified that they would be turned into lewd women like this.

As such, they spread this information and told women to be careful against this person or else the consequences would be quite severe.

It was best not to keep such a perverted bandit and was best to kill him; keeping him around would be a disaster waiting to happen.

As they spread information about him, Zhao Fu became more and more famous. More people started to pay attention to him and knew that there was a shameless and perverted bandit participating in this examination, and he was not weak at all.

"Give it to me!" The Pigman Goddess wrapped her arms around Zhao Fu's neck as she pleaded with a reddened face and hazy eyes.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and pressed her beneath him before a black energy barrier spread out. He then started to ravage the Pigman Goddess, and he dragged in her two guards as well.

This time, even the voices were blocked off, but anyone could imagine how intense the scene within the barrier was. The many men on the viewing platform could not help but curse out.

The women looked furious and said, "Go die, you perverted scum!"