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 Zhao Fu did not have to act as the Ogre Chief was able to quickly deal with the incoming statue soldiers. Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile and brought the Ogre Chief into the Pigman God Temple.

After walking in, they saw more soldiers. However, these were no longer statues but real Pigmen. They gave off powerful auras and looked at Zhao Fu and the Ogre Chief.

"Intruders must die!" the Pigmen soldiers simultaneously shouted out vigorously, shaking the surroundings.

"Sir, there are too many of them," the Ogre Chief said as he looked around. There were at least 1,000 of them, and they all had Great Earth Realm Cultivation. As a World Realm Cultivator, the Ogre Chief felt quite intimidated.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change and he said calmly, "Step back for now, I'll take care of this."

"Kill!" the 1,000 Pigmen soldiers roared as they rushed at Zhao Fu like a destructive flood.

They were incredibly fast and looked like they would soon reach Zhao Fu, making the Ogre Chief feel quite nervous.


At that moment, Zhao Fu exploded out with a powerful aura as a ten meter tall black aura flame rose up around him, causing a wild gale to spread out.


Zhao Fu squatted down and pressed his palm against the ground, causing a massive power to explode out. A black, rose-like magic formation appeared as black aura instantly spread out and covered the ground.

The Pigmen soldiers continued to charge and did not notice anything wrong. At that moment, Zhao Fu looked up and his eyes became blood-red colored and his pupils became rose-like flowers that gave off a devilish black demonic light.

All of the incoming Pigmen froze and the black aura covering the ground entered their bodies as if it had a life of its own.

The countless Pigmen were unable to resist as their surroundings fell into darkness and they were dragged by vines into a dark abyss. Their eyes became black, and after a while they returned to normal.

Seeing this, the Ogre Chief became greatly dismayed and had never thought that Zhao Fu's power would be so terrifying, being able to instantly take control of 1,000 Great Earth Realm Pigmen. After all, he only had Harmony Realm Cultivation.

Now, there were even more people paying attention to Zhao Fu and they all looked shocked. What kind of power could instantly take control of 1,000 people with higher cultivation than him?

Before, they had not been too surprised to see Zhao Fu take control of the three Ogresses because various strange powers could achieve such a thing. However, this was over 1,000 Great Earth Realm Pigmen, showing how terrifying this power was.

What they did not know was that when Zhao Fu summoned the Demon Lord Star and used the Evil Flower Bewitching World's power, it was even more terrifying and that he could take control of an entire world's people. Zhao Fu had used this when awakening the Demon Lord Star before, but he had not used it ever since because once he did so, his identity would definitely be exposed.

Controlling 1,000 Great Earth Realm Pigmen was not very easy for Zhao Fu, and he felt much pain in his eyes as two traces of blood ran down from his eyes.

However, paying such a price to control these 1,000 Pigmen was worth it.

The Pigmen stood fixed on the spot with dumb looks, and Zhao Fu led them into the main hall of the God Temple.

Within the hall was a tall stage on which was a throne. Upon the throne sat a beautiful and voluptuous woman with short hair and a pair of snow-white pig ears, and she was wearing armor and gave off a powerful aura.

Beside her were two guards dressed in armor. They held spears and had seductive figures and pretty looks. They had pig ears, pig tails, and two fangs in their mouths, making them look somewhat savage.

When Zhao Fu walked in, the three of them slowly opened their eyes, and seeing this scene, they looked somewhat shocked.

The Pigmen soldiers who were responsible for guarding the God Temple seemed to be standing with the intruders and no battle had happened between them. What was going on? These soldiers were the most loyal soldiers, so how could they have betrayed them so easily?

"Why have you all betrayed our god? Don't you know this is an unforgivable crime. You should be ashamed," a guard said coldly to the Pigmen.

However, the Pigmen expressionlessly stood by Zhao Fu's side and did not move or make any sound, making the atmosphere quite awkward.

Seeing this, the guard looked quite angry and prepared to say something else.

Zhao Fu smiled and somewhat domineeringly cut her off, "Alright, there's no need to say anything else. I hereby declare that you are all mine. It's best that you show some tact and leave with me obediently, and help me clear out the God Temple next door."

The Pigman Goddess on the throne gave a beautiful smile as she said, "Boy, you speak quite overbearing. Do you know that We are a godly spirit, someone who is worshipped by countless people? We are not an existence that can be blasphemed against by the likes of you."

Zhao Fu did not care and smiled as he said, "Don't give me all that. To me, godly spirits are just some powerful people. I've slept with many godly spirits like you."

The Pigman Goddess' gaze became cold, and she disappeared from the throne before reappearing in front of Zhao Fu. She took out a large saber and gave off an immense power as she slashed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu also exploded out with power as he raised his sword and blocked.


A metallic collision sound rang out as sparks flew everywhere. Zhao Fu was forced back a few steps, as the Pigman Goddess' strength was at the peak of the World Realm.

Seeing how she had pushed Zhao Fu back, the Pigman Goddess condescendingly laughed, "Boy, you dare to be so arrogant despite being so weak?"

Zhao Fu was not angry and did not continue to fight with the Pigman Goddess as he had a way of dealing with her. He smiled, retreated within the army of Pigman soldiers, and said, "Kill her!"

The Pigmen soldiers' gazes all fell on the Pigman Goddess, and they exploded out with powerful auras, causing the Pigman Goddess' expression to fall. She tried to take control of the Pigman soldiers, but there was no reaction.

"Kill!" the Pigman soldiers roared as they madly attacked the Pigman Goddess. Sharp rays of light containing terrifying power shot out, too many to count.

The Pigman Goddess immediately released a white energy barrier, blocking those countless attacks. However, the attacks of over 1,000 Pigmen soldiers were incredibly terrifying, and even though they were unable to break the Pigman Goddess' defenses, they still created countless cracks on the barrier.