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 This blood pool was called the Ogre Blood Pool, and they would throw the corpses of Ogres into here. The blood pool would refine their corpses into blood water, and other Ogres could bathe in the blood water to absorb their power.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and a black energy barrier once again spread out; Zhao Fu did not want others to learn of his secrets. The totems on his back appeared, and they would be enough to scare anyone.

After taking off his clothes, Zhao Fu entered the Ogre Blood Pool; Zhao Fu wanted to absorb the essence from countless Ogres and obtain an Ogre totem.

Currently, Zhao Fu had 23 totems and there were 34 races within the Outlander Race. Zhao Fu still needed 11 totems, and if he could obtain all of the races' totems, he would definitely be able to awaken the Outlander supreme Emperor Star.

If Zhao Fu could awaken the Heaven Awaken World's Eight Major Race's Emperor Stars, and adding on his own Chaos Imperial Star, he would have nine Emperor Stars. Just thinking about that, anyone would be shaken.

Moreover, he also had to take care of matters in the Outer World. He couldn't just obtain something as heaven-defying as the Eight Forbidden Blood Art and not do anything with it.

When the time came, Zhao Fu would also have eight Origin Stars, the Outer World's eight suns. That would make the scene even more majestic.

Of course, this was all to come in the future. Right now, Zhao Fu bathed in the blood pool and absorbed its power.

The people viewing Zhao Fu once again felt quite displeased; now, there were even more people paying attention to Zhao Fu.

"Fudge, why did that boy release a barrier again? Don't tell me he's doing it with those three Ogresses in the blood pool. I want to beat him up for not letting us watch."

"That guy's a bastard. Even if he enjoys them himself, he should at least let us watch. If it wasn't for the fact that his adventure was quite interesting, I wouldn't bother watching him."

"I feel that this person is quite special and mysterious, and perhaps his background is not simple. I feel that it's worth continuing to watch him; we might be surprised."

"I agree. Even though we're not there, I can sense that that boy is quite powerful. Ordinary Harmony Realm experts would be completely oppressed by World Realm experts and yet he could put up a good fight. That Ogre Chief was not weak at all."

Countless traces of power entered Zhao Fu, causing his body to once again go through changes. However, the effects were quite weak because Zhao Fu's bloodline was simply too powerful. After all of the blood water disappeared, Zhao Fu once again felt a pain on his back as a blood-red Ogre totem appeared and gave off a faint blood-red light.

Looking at the dense totems from different races on Zhao Fu's back, the three Ogresses felt quite shocked and they felt immense respect for him. This kind of person would become very terrifying.

After putting on his clothes, Zhao Fu dispelled the barrier. By now, the Ogre Chief had finished recovering from his wounds and he planned to have him take him to the two God Temples.

Of the three Ogresses, the one with the domineering aura was the big sister Shi Gu, the one with the playful aura was the second sister Shi Long, and the one with the barbaric aura was the third sister Shi Ye.

Hearing that Zhao Fu was not planning on bringing them, they angrily called out, "Why aren't you bringing us? You played with our bodies and made us get addicted and yet you want to leave us here? No way, we want to leave with you and want you to do us every day."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly smiled and said, "You're too weak and it'll be troublesome if I bring you with me. What I'm going to do is quite dangerous, but I'll take you with me after."

Shi Ye lightly harrumphed and said, "I don't care, I want you to do me in all sorts of ways right now. Even if you don't agree, I'll take what I want myself."

Zhao Fu looked at the Ogre Chief, who understood Zhao Fu's intentions and how dangerous things would be. He said with a cold expression, "You'd best all behave yourselves and go back to the cave."

Seeing how cold their father's expression was, the three Ogresses felt a bit of fear and dissatisfiedly returned to the cave.

"Apologies, sir, my three daughters are not very sensible; please don't mind them," the Ogre Chief said as he apologetically smiled.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded and did not mind much.

Following this, Zhao Fu came with the Ogre Chief to a sparse area. There was nothing here except broken rocks and a ruined stage at the center, which did not look special at all.

The Ogre Chief brought Zhao Fu to the stage and took out two statues. One was a Centaur dressed in armor and holding a spear, and the other was a Pigman dressed in armor and also holding a spear. They were both made of stone and gave off powerful auras.

The Ogre Chief put the two statues next to each other and they gave off a powerful aura as they raised their spears and a white door of light appeared.

No wonder the Ogre Chief said that no one would discover these God Temples; since the keys were in his hands, how could anyone else discover them?

"Sir, this is the entrance to the God Temples," the Ogre Chief said as he smiled.

Zhao Fu nodded and said, "Come with me!"

The Ogre Chief was quite strong and would be of some help, and he would not be a burden to him.

Hearing this, the Ogre Chief nodded and the two of them stepped through the door of light.

After entering the door of light, two God Temples appeared in front of them. They were standing on flat ground that floated in the air, and they were surrounded by a blue sky and white clouds. The two God Temples were incredibly majestic and were next to each other.


Zhao Fu looked at the Ogre Chief and asked, "Do you know what is inside?"

The Ogre Chief shook his head, "I only came here once in the past but felt that it was too dangerous so I did not continue. However, my guess is that there are two powerful godly spirits; I could sense their power."

Zhao Fu nodded and brought the Ogre Chief to the Pigman God Temple.

There was a row of Pigman soldier statues in front of the Pigman God Temple. Their appearance and size were similar to the statues from before, but their auras were more powerful.

As Zhao Fu and the Ogre Chief came forwards, the statues seemed to come to life and rushed at them with powerful auras.

Facing the incoming statue soldiers, Zhao Fu stood where he was and did not move.

The Ogre Chief understood and exploded out with a powerful aura as he gripped his club, blocked in front of Zhao Fu, and attacked with immense destructive power.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The statue soldiers were destroyed by the Ogre Chief, resulting in large sounds and bits of stone flying everywhere.