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 Zhao Fu didn't need to use the Sky Demon Sword to deal with these Goblins, and he instead used his Assassin skills to kill these Goblins. The jungle suited his Assassin skills, and since he didn't have the ability to kill them all instantly, he had to deal with them subtly.

Seeing five Goblins furiously walk over, Zhao Fu hid within the jungle and looked for an opportunity to act.

"Look for the bastard who did this! We'll definitely kill him after finding him!" one of the Goblins yelled angrily after walking into the jungle.

"That's right! That's right! Kill him!" the other Goblins shouted.

Zhao Fu hid in a corner with a calm expression as he watched those Goblins slowly walk closer. However, what surprised Zhao Fu was that after walking 20 meters, the Goblins gave up looking for that 'bastard' and completely tossed aside their vows to kill him.

Zhao Fu had wanted to lure them further away because if a large ruckus erupted here, it was possible that they would draw the attention of other Goblins. However, Zhao Fu now had no other choice but to act immediately!

He rushed out from where he had been hiding, moving incredibly quickly and lightly. He arrived at the back of the group of Goblins between two Goblin Rock Throwers like a light breeze.

Zhao Fu's arms shot to either side, placing his hands against the two Goblin Rock Throwers' necks. He then activated the mechanism for his hidden blades, sending two silver blades into the two Rock Goblin Rock Throwers' necks.

The two Goblin Rock Throwers only felt a pain in their necks before their pupils constricted and they died, and the other three Goblins didn't even notice what had happened. This showed just how agile and stealthy the Assassin profession was.

Zhao Fu grasped this opportunity and quickly withdrew his hidden blades from the two Goblin Rock Throwers' necks. Just as their corpses were about to fall, Zhao Fu rushed forwards, his body turning into a blur as he stabbed one of the hidden blades into another Goblin's heart from behind.

The two Goblin Rock Throwers' bodies were right about to hit the ground, and Zhao Fu sent his King's Power into his hidden blades, slashing another Goblin to his left with the hidden blade on his left wrist.

Thud! Thud... Thud... Thud!

The first two Goblin Rock Throwers' bodies hit the ground, as did their baskets of rocks, followed by the third Goblin's corpse and then the fourth Goblin's corpse.

Even though this seemed quite slow, it had all happened in a few seconds.

Suddenly, the chain of thuds caused the Goblin in the front to quickly turn around and look.


A sharp hidden blade stabbed through the last Goblin's throat, and he could only gurgle as he stared at Zhao Fu with wide eyes before dying.

Zhao Fu felt a slight sense of pride that he was able to deal with those five Goblins so quickly, simply, and efficiently. The Assassin profession was quite good, and he gradually came to like this profession more and more.

However, with Zhao Fu's status, he would not be able to continue down this path forever because his King profession would always take priority.

The five Goblins didn't drop any good equipment, only clubs, rocks, and a few silver coins. However, there were a few black wooden shards, which Zhao Fu picked up to satisfy his curiosity.

[Gloomy Jungle - Shard]: Collect 10 shards to form a command medallion, which can be used to enter the hidden region, Gloomy Jungle.

"Hidden region?" Zhao Fu did not know what this was because he had never heard of such a thing before. However, obtaining these things was quite easy - after killing those five Goblins, he had collected five of them. If he killed another five Goblins, he would be able to form a Gloomy Jungle command medallion.

"Zhao, you're so strong!" Roserose looked up at Zhao Fu, her eyes filled with little stars as she said in admiration.

Zhao Fu smiled. They had not yet seen him at his peak. If he was at his peak, he would have been able to annihilate those five Goblins in a single strike.

Following this, Zhao Fu continued to draw over and kill Goblins!


Back at the Great Qin Town.

"What's going on? It's been three days already, so how can there be no news from His Majesty?" Bai Qi was quite angry, and he radiated a shocking coldness that kept everyone several meters away from him.

Nearby, Li Si tried to calm him down, saying, "Commander Bai, we haven't received any notifications, which means that his Majesty is fine. He's most likely still in East Green."

Wang Jian nodded as he said, "From how things look, His Majesty seems to be fine and should be back after a while. I believe that as subjects, we should think about how to develop the Great Qin Town."

Bai Qi breathed out and calmed himself down before saying, "I have an idea; is everyone willing to hear it?"

Everyone looked over at Bai Qi as they nodded and waited to hear his idea.

Following this, Bai Qi said, "I believe that Great Qin should enter a battle-ready state. We're gaining massive amounts of money from our businesses, but we haven't bought many things with the money. I believe that we should place our emphasis on war."

Right now, what Great Qin lacked most was people. In the real world, with Great Qin's population of 50,000, the limiting factor would be food. However, because of the stat bonuses in the Heaven Awaken World, food was the thing that they worried about the least!

Bai Qi continued, "I believe that we should increase our army to 10,000 soldiers and split them into 10 divisions, each with a General commanding them. Each division will also have a King's Undead Cavalryman and 300 Skeleton Soldiers."

Including their advantage in equipment, cultivation, skills, and stats, each division will be able to take down Advanced Villages with a population of 1,200 people or less.

"Great Qin will go all out to boost its population through warfare and will establish a strict reward and punishment regime. Those who bring back large numbers of people will be greatly rewarded, while those who do not meet the requirements will be punished."

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts when they understood what he wanted. Bai Qi wanted to turn Great Qin into an emotionless war machine.

This would indeed allow Great Qin to develop even faster, but the cost in lives would be quite great as well. Not only would many people from others villages be killed, but Great Qin's soldiers would also have higher casualty rates. At the same time, Great Qin would become less humane and much colder, existing to only kill and pillage.

Bai Qi's idea split Great Qin's upper levels into three factions: the war faction, which consisted of Bai Qi and a few Outlander Generals; the pacifist faction, which consisted of Li Si, Ba Qing, and Daisy; and the neutral faction, which consisted of Wang Jian and Zhang Dahu.