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 Zhao Fu spun and slashed out a sword light, cutting the club and Ogre in half.

"Roar! Roar!" two Ogres held up their weapons and loudly roared as they rushed at Zhao Fu from his left and right.

Zhao Fu swung out with his sword, sending out a massive blood-red sword light that sent the two Ogres flying. They slammed against the walls, causing the walls to crack. There were deep gashes on their chests and their auras became incredibly weak; it seemed that they would die soon."

"Roar!" A powerfully-built Ogre grasped this opportunity to leap forwards, and it gripped its massive axe with both hands as it hacked down at Zhao Fu, causing the axe to give off a powerful sharp light.


Just as the massive light was about to strike Zhao Fu, a powerful black dragon inscription barrier appeared around Zhao Fu. The sharp light hit the barrier, resulting in a massive sound, and a few small cracks appeared on the barrier.

Zhao Fu looked up at the Ogre and the black and blood-red sword pupil in his left eye shot out a few traces of sword qi that shot into the Ogre's body.

"Arghh!" the Ogre roared as countless rays of sword light pierced out from within its body, and it fell from the air.

After dealing with this Ogre, Zhao Fu rushed at the remaining Ogres.

Soon, Zhao Fu had dealt with all of the Ogres and he continued onwards, but more Ogres rushed out.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change and he held the Sadistic Killing Sword as he once again began to kill. After a while, Zhao Fu easily finished off these Ogres, turning them into corpses. Blood covered the ground and gave off a pungent stench.

Smelling this stench, a furious roar sounded out from within the depths of the cave, accompanied by a flood-like aura.

Soon, a three meter tall Ogre with blood-red skin and holding a club appeared in front of Zhao Fu; this Ogre had World Realm strength.

Sensing this Ogre Chief's aura, Zhao Fu's expression became somewhat serious. World Realm experts were not easy to deal with, and this Ogre was an Ogre Chief.

"You bastard, you killed so many of my people; I'll definitely eat you," the Ogre Chief looked at Zhao Fu savagely as he roared.

Zhao Fu coldly smiled as he said, "You can try and see if you can eat me."

The Ogre Chief furiously swung his club, causing a massive explosion to sound out as he attacked Zhao Fu, and the entire passageway started to crack.

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and stretched out a hand, unleashing the black dragon inscription barrier.


As the force from the club slammed into the barrier, a loud sound rang out as the barrier trembled and became covered with cracks.

Zhao Fu's expression became serious as he sensed how powerful the Ogre Chief was.

Moreover, this passageway was not a suitable place to fight; if they were not careful, the entire cave could collapse. A single attack from the Ogre Chief had caused the walls to become covered with cracks.

The Ogre Chief gave off immense power as he quickly rushed at Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu unleashed his own power as a black aura flame erupted around him and he shot at the Ogre Chief.

The two of them quickly closed the distance and the Ogre Chief raised his club and vigorously swung at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu forcefully slashed out in response, sending out a massive black sword light.


The two attacks collided, causing a massive explosion to sound out as a shockwave blasted out, causing the ground to crack.

The Ogre Chief's expression was savage as he roared and pressed down with its club towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu gripped his sword and tried to resist, but he was gradually pushed back.

Even though Zhao Fu had various terrifying powers, which made it quite easy for him to deal with a Great Earth Realm Cultivator, against a World Realm expert who could easily control Heaven and Earth Power, it was still somewhat difficult for him. This was especially so given that the Ogre Chief was no ordinary World Realm expert.

The main reason was because his cultivation was too low; if Zhao Fu had World Realm Cultivation, he would be able to kill this Ogre Chief in just a few blows.

"Hahaha, I'll have a good taste of your flesh," the Ogre Chief said as he savagely laughed. It exploded out with even greater power and continued pressing down with its club.


A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu slid back ten meters before stopping, and two grooves were left on the ground.

In the next second, the Ogre Chief appeared in front of Zhao Fu and raised his club before swinging it at Zhao Fu with great power.

Zhao Fu felt quite startled and immediately unleashed a barrier.


An explosion sounded out as the barrier was instantly shattered by the Ogre Chief, and he was sent flying back, a trace of blood leaking out of his lips.

Seeing this, the Ogre Chief loudly laughed and quickly rushed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu decided to get serious and he released all of his Divine Bloodline's power, causing Divine Power to explode out. The black aura flame around him became many times bigger and he slashed out a massive blood-red sword light towards the Ogre Chief.

The Ogre Chief's expression fell, and he blocked it with his club as he also released a massive energy that formed a barrier.


The blood-red sword light ferociously slammed into the Ogre Chief's energy barrier, completely inundating it. Following this, the Ogre Chief was sent flying back and slammed into a wall, causing a large crater to appear.

A trace of blood leaked out of the Ogre Chief's lips, and his expression became savage as his entire body gave off a blood-red light and a terrifying aura flowed out of his body.

Zhao Fu did not feel any fear and started to use various powers, causing aura flames to continuously rise around him and give off wild gales.

"Father, we're here to help you!" As the two of them were about to clash again, three tall Ogresses with mature figures, snow-white skin, and beautiful looks rushed out. One had a domineering aura, one had a playful aura, and one had a barbaric aura. Because they had fangs, they all looked quite savage, and they charged out from another passageway.

Seeing their father injured, they could not just watch, and they charged out as they attacked Zhao Fu. Their cultivations were not weak, and they all had Great Earth Realm Cultivation.

The Ogre Chief's expression fell; he knew that his three daughters were not a match for Zhao Fu and he hurriedly yelled, "Don't go over there!"

However, it was already too late. The three Ogresses were right in front of Zhao Fu and were about to attack him.

Zhao Fu had wanted to kill them, but seeing how much the Ogre Chief cared about them, an idea arose in his mind.