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 There were many valuable historical remnants in this secret realm. Zhao Fu did not plan on laboriously gaining points; it would definitely be easier taking them from others. Zhao Fu already had his sights on the top few people; if he could defeat them, he would definitely take first place.

As such, Zhao Fu was not in a hurry to gather points; it was better for him to look for useful things in the historical remnants before stealing points.

Zhao Fu did not let Gou Yan follow him, as the places he would be going to could be quite dangerous. Gou Yan just had to stay in the outer region, gain some points, and wait for the conclusion of the trial to become a disciple of Outlander Ten College. There was no need for him to take risks with Zhao Fu.

Of course, Zhao Fu could not use his Nation Armament or City Lord Seal in here, so he would have to rely on his own power.

Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and disappeared over the horizon.

Looking at Zhao Fu disappearing, Gou Yan felt somewhat melancholic. However, thinking of the fact that he would be a disciple of Outlander Ten College after this if he worked hard, he felt quite motivated.

Zhao Fu soon encountered a secret realm creature. It was not a living creature but rather a creature made up of energy. They were all made from the secret realm and could continuously spawn.

The secret realm creature that Zhao Fu encountered was ten or so meters long and looked like a giant salamander. It gave off a blue light and a powerful aura.

This massive blue salamander flew in the air, and after seeing Zhao Fu, it immediately rushed at him and opened its mouth, wanting to devour him.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change, and facing that massive mouth, his speed did not decrease as he took out a sword.


Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and charged forwards, shooting into that salamander's mouth before shooting out the other side. The enormous salamander exploded and turned into countless motes of light that floated towards Zhao Fu.

"System announcement! You have killed a Level 2 Creature and obtained 500 College Points."

An announcement sounded out in Zhao Fu's mind, but he did not pay it much mind. He was focused on looking down to see if there were any historical remnants.

Zhao Fu soon arrived at a hidden valley and discovered a ruined-looking historical remnant. A trace of a smile appeared on his face and he immediately flew over.

Not only had a ranking appeared within the secret realm, showing participants' points, but the rectangular crystals also displayed the rankings on one side of the screen.

These were the top ten people, the most powerful ten people, and the most eye-catching ten people.

Number 1, Sun Elf Sherwa, 68,000 Points

Number 2, Naga Medusa, 45,000 Points

Number 3, Treasure Dwarf Durni, 34,000 Points

Number 4, Ice Dragon Person Dussi, 31,000 Points

Number 5, Ten-Tailed Fox Race Hu Baimei, 29,000 Points

Number 6, White Lion Person Madio, 28,000 Points

Number 7, Three-Headed Ogre Bou, 27,000 Points

Number 8, Iron Mountain Orc Gudu, 25,000 Points

Number 9, Eight-Winged Feather Person Yu Luohua, 24,000 Points

Number 10, Jade Elephant Person Mei Nuoka, 22,000 Points

Countless ordinary people felt quite shocked as they looked at the top ten people on the rankings, which weighed on their hearts like ten massive mountains. They had only just entered the secret realm and yet the ten of them had gained so many points; it was simply terrifying.

Apart from the people who had already entered, there were still many people who were finishing the basic exam and starting to enter. Perhaps there would be terrifying figures hidden among them. Now, it was time for the various geniuses to clash, and one could already imagine how intense things would be.

Zhao Fu did not care about any of this. He descended to the historical remnant, which looked quite crude and primitive. There was nothing that was delicately crafted, and Zhao Fu discovered many bones.

These were all bones of animals and people, and there were teeth marks on the bones.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu became wary and entered a cave within the historical remnant.

There were many bones here, and there was a rotten smell within the cave. Zhao Fu continued onwards and soon heard some noise as something charged out from ahead.

Zhao Fu held his sword and stopped as he looked ahead seriously.

The aura coming from ahead was very powerful and surpassed Zhao Fu's Cultivation. It was at the Great Earth Realm and there were many sounds.

Soon, a group of tall Ogres with fangs appeared in front of Zhao Fu.

Seeing these Ogres, Zhao Fu was not too surprised because of the bones outside. He had guessed that the creatures inside were Ogres.

Seeing Zhao Fu, the ten or so Ogres savagely smiled and licked their lips; they evidently thought that Zhao Fu was some delicious food delivered right to their lips.

After seeing Zhao Fu, the Ogres did not hesitate and took out clubs, axes, and hammers. They gave off powerful auras as they rushed at Zhao Fu; to them, these geniuses' blood and flesh were the most delicious meal in the world.

Facing these incoming Ogres, Zhao Fu's expression was calm as he held the Sadistic Killing Sword and did not move from the spot, and the Sadistic Killing Sword gave off a faint blood-red light.

The first Ogre quickly reached Zhao Fu, raised its stone hammer, and gave off mountain-shattering power as it slammed towards Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu did not move as he swung out with his sword, and a blood-red crescent flashed out. The Ogre's body stiffened as its stone hammer was cut apart with a clean cut, and the Ogre's body also fell in two halves.

The other Ogres gave furious expressions as they also ferociously charged at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu's expression was cold as he leaned forwards and also rushed out.

An Ogre raised its club and swung it at Zhao Fu, while Zhao Fu slashed out and sent out a blood-red sword light that cut off this Ogre's head. Blood sprayed everywhere and the Ogre's corpse fell to the ground.

At that moment, another Ogre rushed at Zhao Fu from his left and gripped a large axe, which it swung down towards Zhao Fu.

In response, Zhao Fu dodged to the side, causing the axe to miss and slam into the ground. The massive power behind the axe opened up a large crater, causing rocks to fly everywhere.

Zhao Fu grasped this opportunity to shoot forwards, and his sword gave off blood-red light as it stabbed out and pierced into the Ogre's heart, killing it instantly.

Another Ogre appeared behind Zhao Fu and furiously raised its club as it bashed it towards Zhao Fu.