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 However, that power did not even belong to him and instead belonged to Zhao Fu. With his strength, he could not possibly have such terrifying power.

Gou Yan wanted to explain that this power did not belong to him and instead belonged to the cloaked person next to him; it should be him that these people should be trying to curry favor with.

However, just as Gou Yan was about to say this, Zhao Fu subtly shook his head, signaling for him to keep quiet.

Gou Yan understood Zhao Fu's intentions and knew that Zhao Fu wanted to keep a low-profile, or else he would have long since revealed his power. Moreover, given his terrifying power, his background definitely wasn't ordinary, so it was best not to reveal this.

As such, Gou Yan could only embarrassedly admit that that power belonged to him and he started to talk with those three people and establish a friendship.

Zhao Fu stood by the side and did not say anything, and the three people directly ignored Zhao Fu.

After a while, of the four others who were following Zhao Fu, two people successfully passed and came to Zhao Fu.

A few hours later, there were 6,000 or so people who had passed the third exam. There were still many people who were still in the third exam, but it was time for the secret realm to be opened. After all, if they had to wait for everyone, that would require a lot of time, and they could not have everyone keep waiting.


A massive sound rang out as the 1,000 meter tall golden door exploded out with a massive aura and gave off an intense golden light. The carvings on the door seemed to come to life and started to move about.

The door gradually opened and light streamed out. After the light disappeared, another world was revealed through the door.

The Sun Elf smiled and walked through the door first, and everyone else followed through as the final trial began.

Currently, the viewing platforms were filled with people. The viewing platforms formed a circle around the trial area, and a rectangular crystal floated in front of each viewing platform. The rectangular crystals allowed the spectators to see the secret realm and the people within.

Within the secret realm, everyone's image could appear on the rectangular crystals, and everything they did would be broadcasted to countless people. Any spectator could choose to view any person or place.

There were over 10,000 viewing platforms, and each viewing platform could contain one million people. Each person who could go on a viewing platform was incredibly powerful and had prestigious identities.

Outlander Ten College was one of the seven Great colleges and the best college within the Outlander Domain. It was to be expected just how seriously everyone took it, and almost all important figures had come. In fact, there were even many higher-beings.

This was also a symbol of one's status, and a seat on a viewing platform was sold at a high price; it was impossible for ordinary people to come in and watch.

The first three exams were just to eliminate most of the unqualified people, and even though the difficulty was extremely hard for ordinary people, it was quite easy for geniuses.

The secret realm was the final trial and the true test. It was given a lot of attention and many prizes were offered. Of course, it was also much more difficult and the legendary King of Kings Mountain was within the secret realm.

The secret realm had powerful protections and even many higher-beings would not be able to blast through it. This was mainly to protect the King of Kings Mountain as well as to avoid any interference with the trial.

The people on the viewing platforms all looked at the people they were interested in.

The person who received the most attention was naturally the Sun Elf. He was someone who had awakened the Outlander supreme Emperor Star and was most likely the prophesied person who would draw out the King of Kings Sword.

After all, the Sun Elf had the power of the Outlander supreme Emperor Star, and there were very few people who possessed one. He had terrifying potential and also had immense amounts of Fate.

Only such a person could pull out the King of Kings Sword; others did not have the qualifications.

However, anything was possible, and someone else might pull out the King of Kings Sword, so the other geniuses were also given some attention.

Many people had participated in the examination, and almost everyone was here for the King of Kings Sword. Anyone who pulled out the sword would become the ruler of the Outlander Race and would unify the Outlander Race in name.

As one of the Eight Major Races, the Outlander Race had innumerable people and boundless territory. Anyone who pulled out the King of Kings Sword would have all of this belong to him or her - around one-eighth of the Heaven Awaken World's population and territory. Just thinking about this could make anyone feel excited.

However, this was all in name only and did not have any actual force. It had been many years since everyone was united under the first King of Kings, and whether the later generations wanted to be loyal to the successor was up to them.

Not just the Outlander Domain was paying close attention to this event and awaiting the results; the other Domains were also interested.

After all, this concerned the prophecy left behind by the first King of Kings. Thinking about what kind of existence the King of Kings was - someone who surpassed the world and forced Celestials back - anyone would deeply remember his name.

Under his leadership, the entire Outlander Race had reached an age of glory and other Domains had to ally together to resist it. They were simply unstoppable at that time.

It was only because of that that his name was deeply engraved on the Outlander Race and was worshipped by countless people. Thinking about his name, they all felt their blood boil and felt a sense of pride.

How could the various factions not pay attention to the prophecy left behind by such a person? As such, they all paid a great deal of attention and wanted to see if a second King of Kings would appear.

If this did happen, the people from other Domains would definitely interfere; they could not allow another of these people to appear, or else he would once again lead the Outlander Race into a golden age, making the situation dangerous for the other Domains.

Their own Domains had never had a King of Kings because it was impossible for a single person to have all other Kings and Emperors willingly submit. The existence of a King of Kings was simply a miracle, and they could not replicate it.

It was quite lively on the viewing platforms and everyone stared at the rectangular crystals. Various other Domains' people were also investigating, and some large Outlander factions were making preparations.

Zhao Fu entered the secret realm. He had only investigated matters related to the examination, and he did not yet know about the King of Kings Sword.