"You're the shame of the royal family, and you living is equivalent to losing face for the royal family. If it wasn't for the fact that killing you would not look good, I would have long since cut you up and fed you to dogs," a golden-robed young man put his foot in Gou Yan's head as he said with contempt.

There were a few other luxuriously-dressed men and women by the side, and they also looked at Gou Yan with condescension as they mocked him.

"What was father thinking bringing this bastard back and allowing him to be a Prince. I don't acknowledge his existence."

"That's right, we have an Orthodox Royal Bloodline, so how can someone lowly like him compare to us? Being a Prince when he's a Prince is so shameful."

"Haha, he actually thinks he's a real Prince, acting all dignified; how disgusting."

"Alright, there's no need for us to keep associating with lowly trash like him; this will only lose face for us. Maybe he'll even complain to father like his lowly mother!"

If it was abuse directed to him, he could endure it, as he had been bullied by these people for a long time. However, hearing them insult his mother, he furiously yelled, "Don't you dare insult my mother. You're not worthy!"

Hearing this, those people felt quite displeased and mockingly laughed as they kicked Gou Yan a few times, "What can you do about it? Also, are we wrong in saying your mother is lowly?"

"Arghhh!" Gou Yan was infuriated and his eyes became bloodshot as he roared and wanted to get up from the ground to teach those people a lesson.

However, those people came up, punched, and kicked him without any mercy, and in the end he could only lie on the ground, covered with wounds. He did not even have the strength to get up.

Only after a while did Gou Yan recover some strength and he got up with great difficulty as he walked towards his room.

On the way, he passed by some female attendants and guards who looked at him with condescending and disdainful gazes. They naturally knew what had happened, and they did not take him seriously either.

After going back to his room, Gou Yan lay on his bed in great pain and tightly gripped his fists, his nails stabbing into his palm as he wept.

The door was soon opened and a simply-dressed beautiful woman walked in. Seeing the wounded Gou Yan, she burst into tears and brought over some medicine as she asked caringly, "Yan'Er, are you alright?"

Gou Yan hurriedly wiped away his tears as he forced a smile and said, "Mother, I'm fine. Why are you here?"

Looking at Gou Yan, the woman started to cry as she said, "Mother is useless and can't protect you, making you go through so much hardships."

Gou Yan comforted her, saying, "It's not your fault mother, it's me. If I could perform better and had greater power, they would not dare to treat me like this. I'll definitely prove myself."

"Prove... myself!" Gou Yan, who was standing on the spot with a dumb expression, surrounded by white fog, suddenly thought of this sentence.


The drop of blood in Gou Yan's mind suddenly gave off an intense black light and a massive explosion sounded out in all directions. Even people outside of the fog heard this enormous explosion.

Everyone, including Zhao Fu and the top-tier geniuses, all looked towards the fog.

At that moment, Gou Yan felt an unimaginable wave of power enter his body and spread out; this power seemed to reign above everything and gave off the dignity and majesty of an Emperor.

"Arghh!" Gou Yan could not help but tilt his head back and roar as a fathomless black light instantly pierced through the fog and dyed the white fog black, covering the entire region.

A supreme aura was like a massive heavenly hand that pressed against the ground. Everyone's bodies sank down and their expressions fell as they looked at the fog in shock.

Even the geniuses who had caused the statues to give off three-colored or five-colored lights looked at the fog in shock. Even the powerful Sun Elf glanced over.

The black fog started to roil and give off shocking sounds as it made a path, as if it did not dare to stand in someone's way.

Gou Yan gave off intense black light as his eyes also became black, and his feet were a few centimeters off the ground as he floated out like a god.

Countless people's gazes were on Gou Yan's body, because it was him who had given off that terrifying aura.

Sensing the ripples from his body, everyone felt quite shocked. With this kind of power, even an ordinary person would be able to cause a statue to give off five-colored light and would not have to participate in this exam. It was most likely someone who liked to hide their strength; many people decided to avoid offending this person and try to befriend him later.

Those who had caused statues to give five-colored light looked quite serious and felt that another powerful opponent had appeared. They had to be even more careful in this final trial.

What they did not know was that this power did not belong to Gou Yan and instead belonged to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised; that drop of essence blood was even purer than most drops of essence blood he had used, and he had sent a large amount of power into it. Zhao Fu found Gou Yan to be a decent person so he decided to help him during a critical time.

It seemed that Gou Yan had somehow caused that drop of essence blood to release its power to the extreme; this was incredibly difficult to achieve.

After coming out of the fog, the black light around Gou Yan died down and his aura weakened as he returned to his original state. He looked around him and grinned as he walked towards Zhao Fu.

"Mo Ye, thank you so much," Gou Yan said gratefully. If it wasn't for the drop of essence blood that Zhao Fu had given him, he would have been stuck in the illusion and would have been eliminated."

Zhao Fu calmly replied, "It's not a big deal, don't worry about it."

"I am the Red Riddle Kingdom's Prince Zhang Lue."

"I am the Eternal East Kingdom's Prince Long Ya."

"I am the Golden Bull Kingdom's Prince Niu Liu."

Three young men with powerful auras and extraordinary bearings walked over to Gou Yan and smiled as they respectfully cupped their hands and introduced themselves.

This made Gou Yan feel quite startled. Sensing their terrifying auras, these people normally would not even take an extra look at him, and yet they now came over to greet him so courteously and seemed to want to befriend him.

Gou Yan thought about it and could guess at the reason; it was most likely because of the power he had just exploded out with.