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Gou Yan hacked at the doppelganger, but the doppelganger easily evaded and instead struck Gou Yan with its saber, opening up a gash on Gou Yan's abdomen. Blood flowed out from the wound, dyeing Gou Yan's clothes red.

Gou Yan held his hand against the wound and looked at the doppelganger with an unsightly expression, while the doppelganger expressionlessly attacked again. It slashed towards Gou Yan, while Gou Yan shouted and charged up.

Clang, clang, clang...

The two sabers continuously clashed, causing sparks to fly and sending out shockwaves. It seemed that the doppelganger held a bit of an advantage.

At that moment, the doppelganger slashed out, sending out a saber light towards Gou Yan. Gou Yan dodged to the side, but the doppelganger seemed like it had expected this and kicked Gou Yan flying, causing him to cough up a large mouthful of blood.

After falling to the ground, Gou Yan's expression became savage. He remembered all of the times he had been bullied in the past, the glares he had received in the palace, and the mocking laughter.

"Arghh!" Gou Yan roared and exploded out with a powerful aura as he rushed at the doppelganger.

Gou Yan gripped his saber with both hands and sent massive amounts of power into it, causing it to give off sharp saber light. He charged up and ferociously attacked the doppelganger, continuously slashing out as he looked completely berserk.

Zhao Fu felt quite startled; Gou Yan looked like quite a bright and friendly person, and he had never expected that he would have this kind of side.


Under the onslaught of unpredictable attacks, the doppelganger was unable to predict Gou Yan's next attack and was put at a disadvantage. In the end, it was cut apart and turned into motes of light as it disappeared.

The supervisor announced that Gou Yan had passed the exam.

Gou Yan smiled with difficulty and said apologetically to Zhao Fu, "I'm so useless, I made you wait long."

Zhao Fu nodded, and remembering how crazed Gou Yan had seemed, Zhao Fu said, "You seem to really want to pass Outlander Ten College's examination."

Gou Yan nodded with a resolute gaze, "I want to prove that I'm not useless and inferior to anyone else. I'll definitely achieve things that my older brothers and sisters have not, and show everyone in the Kingdom."

Zhao Fu looked at Gou Yan and said, "You should treat your injuries first. There's still another exam."

Hearing this, Gou Yan smiled, sat on the ground, and consumed a medicinal pill as he started to treat his injuries.

At that moment, Zhao Fu made a cut on his finger and sent out a drop of pure essence blood. He sent large amounts of his power into it and sent it into Gou Yan's forehead.

Sensing this drop of blood fuse into his body, Gou Yan's body trembled and he looked at Zhao Fu. He did not understand why Zhao Fu had fused this drop of essence blood into his body, and the speed at which he had done it did not give him a chance to refuse.

Zhao Fu only said, "It will help you in the future; focus on fusing with it."

Only then did Gou Yan understand that Zhao Fu was helping him, and he said gratefully, "Thank you!"

Following this, Gou Yan once again closed his eyes and started to fuse the drop of blood as he also healed his injuries.

The four other people who were following Zhao Fu also passed their exams and continued to shamelessly follow behind Zhao Fu. They were determined to cling onto him.

Zhao Fu did not pay them much mind. After Gou Yan had healed from his injuries, they headed to the next exam.

They soon arrived at a path covered with dense, white fog that made it so they could only see two meters in front of them.

Many people had stopped here. This third exam was called Illusory Fog and anyone who entered it would fall into an illusion. Anyone who could break free from the illusion would pass, and this was the last exam of the basic exams.

For the third exam, anyone who caused the statues to give off a three-colored light could directly pass through.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and walked into the dense fog.

Gou Yan and the others thought to themselves; there was nothing to hesitate about and they followed Zhao Fu into the fog.

After they entered, the fog seemed to come to life and flowed towards them. In just a moment, it seemed as if the others had disappeared.

The fog continued to flow towards Zhao Fu, continuously wearing away at his mind and trying to pull him into an illusion. However, Zhao Fu had his Divine Bloodline and the Five Celestial Senses, making the fog's effects quite weak.

However, the fog evidently would not let Zhao Fu off so easily and the fog in the surrounding ten or so kilometers swept towards Zhao Fu, encircling around him. The formless energy caused Zhao Fu to faintly see some illusions.

Zhao Fu closed his eyes and gathered power into his left eye before opening it wide. The blue pupil in his left eye spun a few times, giving off an illusory power and blue light, and the fog seemed to retreat in fear.

Zhao Fu had gained this blue pupil from an extremely powerful illusion monster, and this illusory power was much stronger than the fog. Following this, the fog around Zhao Fu quickly dissipated.

As Zhao Fu walked forwards, the fog made away and did not dare to block him, and Zhao Fu easily passed through the third exam.

Soon, Zhao Fu saw a massive golden door that was 1,000 or so meters tall. There were all sorts of races carved on it, all of them looking incredibly lifelike. The door gave off a golden light and was filled with majesty, and it gave off a powerful aura and might.

The final trial was within a secret realm, and this golden door was the passage to the secret realm.

Within the secret realm, one could kill all kinds of creatures to obtain points, and after gaining a certain number of points, they would be able to officially become a disciple of Outlander Ten College. There were also various rewards in the secret realm.

Whoever gained the most points would place first, and these points could be obtained not only through killing creatures but also defeating others. Defeating another person would result in one gaining one-third of the defeated person's points.

There were many people waiting in front of the door, including the Sun Elf and the others. They stood closest to the door and no one else dared to stay close to them; that was the intimidation given off by peerless geniuses.

Even though Zhao Fu was the fastest person to clear the third exam, he was not the first person to reach this place, so no one else paid him much mind. In fact, some people did not even bother looking at him, and Zhao Fu did not mind this and waited by the side.