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 Standing on the stage, Zhao Fu came before the mirror. He felt quite curious as to how much of his power the mirror would be able to reproduce.

The magic formation on the stage was enlivened and countless rays of light spread out. The magic formation slowly spun and the spirit qi in the surroundings quickly flowed into the stage as the mirror gave off a light and shined on Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu felt a wave of power enter his body, which was most likely the mirror copying his power.

However, when the mirror sensed various terrifying powers within Zhao Fu's body that were unreproducible, the light gradually faded and the magic formation stopped.

This made everyone look quite surprised and they did not understand what had happened. It seemed that the mirror was unable to reproduce Zhao Fu's power - the mirror could reproduce everyone else's power, so why could it not do so for Zhao Fu?

However, thinking about what had just happened, they could all make a guess; didn't this prove that Zhao Fu was no ordinary person?

The supervisor looked quite surprised and went up to check on the mirror. He found that there was nothing wrong with the mirror, and that it simply could not reproduce Zhao Fu's power.

However, the supervisor soon took out a four meter tall oval mirror and placed it in front of Zhao Fu and said, "Try this."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu came in front of the mirror and the magic formation was once again activated and gave off boundless light. Countless traces of spirit qi flowed into the stage, and the mirror gave off intense light that was twice as intense as the one from before.

The light covered Zhao Fu and the mirror's power entered Zhao Fu. After sensing Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline and his other terrifying powers, this light also faded.

Even this mirror was unable to reproduce Zhao Fu's power!

The supervisor now looked quite shocked. He looked at Zhao Fu and thought to himself before taking out a nine meter tall oval mirror. This mirror's sides were made from extremely precious Spirit Wood, and its abilities were incomparable to the two meter tall mirror from before.

"Try this one!" the supervisor said to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt even more curious as to whether this mirror would be able to reproduce his Divine Bloodline and various powers.


The magic formation once again came to life and gave off an intense light. Its aura was evidently many times greater than before, and countless traces of spirit qi gathered as a terrifying wave of power entered the mirror.

The nine meter tall mirror gave off a shocking aura and gave off a fathomless light. Everyone else on other stages looked over, not knowing what had happened.

The light from the mirror covered Zhao Fu's body and gave off immense power as it continuously flowed into Zhao Fu's body.

This mirror was evidently greatly different to the two from before. Not only was it more powerful, but when it detected Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline and various powers, it did not shrink back and instead tried to reproduce them.


An explosion sounded out as the magic formation on the stage spun even faster and even more spirit qi poured into it, and the stage sent this power into the mirror.

The mirror gave off even greater aura and light, and it continuously tried to reproduce Zhao Fu's power.


A clear sound rang out as a crack appeared on the mirror, which grew bigger and bigger before the mirror shattered and the pieces fell to the ground.

Seeing this, the supervisor was completely dumbfounded. This was an extremely high-grade mirror and was especially made for special existences. It could even reproduce peak Imperial Bloodlines, and yet this mirror could not reproduce Zhao Fu's power before shattering.

Everyone watching could not help but cry out; they had never thought that something like this would happen. Just when that mirror had given off an incredibly powerful might, everyone had thought that the nine meter tall mirror would be able to reproduce Zhao Fu's power, but it had actually shattered.

This was the first time everyone had seen or heard of such a thing. There was only one possibility, which was that Zhao Fu possessed something terrifying that could not be reproduced.

Just how terrifying was Zhao Fu? Even the highest grade of mirror could not reproduce his power. Everyone felt that he was simply too shocking, and he now seemed even more mysterious.

Zhao Fu was wearing a black cloak and no one could see what he looked like. Everyone tried to guess at Zhao Fu's identity and where he came from, and countless people were filled with curiosity.

The supervisor secretly reported this to Outlander Ten College's higher-ups so they would take attention of him. Perhaps he was the peerless genius hiding within the crowd.

The supervisor understood that not everyone liked to act showily and have the whole world know about them; some truly terrifying geniuses liked to keep a low profile and mix in with crowds. It was these kinds of people who were the most terrifying.

Many similar geniuses had appeared in the past; the second-ranked person in the previous examination had been such a person. That person had seemed incredibly ordinary at the start, but he had revealed terrifying power at the end and defeated the top ten or so geniuses and shaken everyone.

"You don't have to do any more exams, you pass," the supervisor said as he courteously smiled. In his eyes, Zhao Fu would become a major figure in Outlander Ten College in the future.

Zhao Fu nodded and started to walk off before turning and saying to Gou Yan, "Don't take too long!"

Gou Yan looked delighted; Zhao Fu had acknowledged him as a friend. After seeing Zhao Fu's terrifying power, Gou Yan felt that the gap between him and Zhao Fu was too great, so he had planned on not bothering Zhao Fu anymore.

However, he was now pleasantly surprised. Gou Yan grinned as he went up on the stage and stood in front of the mirror. This time, nothing out of the ordinary happened and a person who looked exactly the same as him came out of the mirror.

After the doppelganger came out, it drew a long saber and hacked at Gou Yan. Apart from reproducing the person, the mirror would also reproduce all equipment. Of course, the reproduced equipment were not as strong as the originals and could only last for a short while.

Even though the doppelgangers were at a disadvantage, they were familiar with how the real versions acted and thought, so they were always prepared for attacks.

This made the real versions fall into a disadvantage. After fighting with the doppelganger for a while, Gou Yan had received many injuries and was in a tough spot.