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 The Dragon person statue was already angered by Zhao Fu's words, and hearing Zhao Fu call him shameless, he became completely infuriated as he roared, "Boy, you brought this on yourself. Trash, take your final exam!"


Massive amounts of Heaven and Earth Power flowed into the Dragon person statue's body, and an even greater power burst forth, forming a massive might that blasted down on countless people's bodies. The Dragon person statue was now using its World Realm Cultivation and caused the air to become incredibly heavy.

There had still been a few thousand people standing on the stage, and now many of them crumpled to the ground. Only a few hundred managed to stay standing with great difficulty.

Zhao Fu also felt a greater might weigh down on him, but with his Sovereign Bloodline and the Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline, most of it was negated and he was still able to take it easily.

The Dragon person statue ignored everyone else and fixed its gaze on Zhao Fu. Seeing Zhao Fu still stand there easily, it felt quite surprised and did not understand how Zhao Fu could withstand its might so easily.

He still felt quite angry and thought to himself, 'I just don't believe that this boy can easily withstand my full might.'


An explosion sounded out as an even greater might heavily fell on everyone's bodies, causing the air to seem to solidify.

"Ahhh..." Of the hundreds of people left on the stage, half of them fell, while the rest yelled and exploded out with their full power to resist that might.

Gou Yan also released his full power, and a yellow aura flame erupted around him, fighting back against the might.

Zhao Fu's body sank down and he started to use his power to defend, and his expression became cold as he said, "You've broken the rules!"

Before, Zhao Fu had researched the rules, and the Dragon person statue using his full power was clearly against the rules.

Hearing this, the Dragon person statue loudly laughed and said, "I naturally know the rules, but the rules also state that if there is anyone with immense talent, I can increase the difficulty.

"You are that person with immense talent; weren't you taking it easy before? Are you afraid now? If you admit your wrongdoing I'll spare you this once, or else I'll definitely make you suffer."

Zhao Fu frowned and said coldly, "You're going too far!"

The Dragon person statue loudly laughed as it said, "I'm a guardian spirit; what will you do even if I go too far? Now that I've determined you have immense talent, I'll continue to raise the difficulty. Now, all of you tremble in fear!"

As it spoke, the Dragon person statue laughed as it drew in Heaven and Earth Power and prepared to unleash even greater might.

At that moment, Zhao Fu released his Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline's power, which flowed into the violet dragon pupil in his left eye.

The violet dragon pupil danced with violet light and gave off the Violet Sky Dragon Star's power as he mercilessly looked at the Dragon person statue.

The Dragon person statue sensed a boundless coldness that immediately inundated its body. No matter if it was its bloodline or soul, it felt immense terror and directly lay on the ground strengthlessly as it looked at Zhao Fu in fear.

Based on that terror from its bloodline and soul, it could tell that this person had supreme Dragon Race power, or else he would not give it such fear.

"Are you afraid now?" Zhao Fu said as he looked at the Dragon person statue coldly as he gave off a formless might. His voice was also filled with dignity like a sovereign.

"Yes, yes, this lowly one was blind before; please don't take it to heart, sir," the Dragon person statue lay on the ground as it hurriedly said in fear.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief because the Dragon person statue had withdrawn its might and they were now free from the pressure.

However, they now looked at this scene in shock. That incredibly arrogant Dragon person statue was not lying on the ground in fear of that cloaked person, who did not seem very special.

Just who was that person? And what kind of power did he have to make the Dragon person statue act like this?

Zhao Fu ignored everyone's gazes and coldly asked, "Have I passed this exam?"

The Dragon person statue immediately replied in the affirmative. He did not understand why Zhao Fu was here; with his power, he did not have to participate in this exam at all. Why was he with this group, acting like an ordinary person?

Zhao Fu did not say anything else and walked away. Gou Yan grinned as he followed and put his arm around Zhao Fu's shoulder and said, "Mo Ye, just who are you? I don't believe that you're an ordinary person."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu's expression did not change as he said, "I'm just an ordinary person."

The four people who had originally spoken against the Dragon person statue came up and smiled as they said, "I wonder who sir is and where he came from, as well as if he is willing to give us the opportunity to become friends."

In their eyes, Zhao Fu was an incredibly mysterious person who far surpassed them. If they could become friends with a person like this, it might be of great help to them in the future.

However, Zhao Fu was quite cold to these people. "Apologies, I'm not interested."

The four people looked quite awkward; with their identities, they would not normally try to curry favor with someone. However, with Zhao Fu's immense talent, he had the right to treat them like this. Since they could not become friends with Zhao Fu, they turned their attention to Gou Yan. As they talked with him, they thickened their skin and followed behind Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu did not mind much and came to the second exam.

There were also stages here that were covered with jade bricks. However, they were only one meter tall and 20 or so meters wide. There were no statues at the center and instead had oval mirrors as tall as people.

Those mirrors were called Duplication Mirrors. Anyone who stood in front of a mirror would be duplicated, but the duplicate's strength and abilities would be slightly weaker as some things could not be duplicated.

There were over 10,000 of these stages and everyone needed to go up to be examined. Anyone who caused the statues at the gate to give off a violet-gold light could directly pass to the next exam.

Here, there were some spectators as there were people who had been able to cause the statues to give off an orange light. Even though they had not been able to cause the statues to give off a violet-gold light, they were still geniuses.

This exam needed a certain amount of strength, and it was not as simple as the first exam, which only required one to endure pressure.