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 Hundreds of thousands of people stood on the stages and magic formations were activated, causing light to spread out from the ground. The statues at the center of the stages gave off powerful light and seemed to come to life as they exploded out with extremely terrifying mights.

The scene was quite majestic, but there were essentially no onlookers as everyone's attention was focused on the geniuses. No one wanted to bother watching people who could not cause the statues to give off even violet light.

Even if some people managed to make it past this stage by luck, they would definitely fail in the later stages. Moreover, even if they became a disciple of Outlander Ten College, they would only be very ordinary disciples, so the major figures completely ignored them.

Zhao Fu and Gou Yan stood on a stage with a Dragon person statue, which exploded out with a terrifying power.

Sensing this massive dragon's might weigh down on them, countless people's bodies sank down and their expressions became grim. Some people directly crumpled to the ground, and those who fell were naturally eliminated.


A few minutes passed and the Dragon person statue gave off even greater dragon's might that turned into an invisible force that pressed down on the people's bodies.

At that moment, even more people fell to the ground.

Gou Yan felt a trace of pressure and his gaze became serious. He mustered his strength to resist that might, and as for Zhao Fu, he seemed completely fine.

This was because this kind of might could not make Zhao Fu feel any pressure at all. Firstly, Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline was able to greatly weaken the might. Moreover, with Zhao Fu's Billion Sovereign Dragon Imperial Bloodline, the Dragon person statue's might was naturally unable to affect him.

The Dragon person statue smiled as it looked at the people on the ground. The Dragon person statue was not an inanimate object; rather, the statue contained a Dragon person's soul, and it controlled the magic formation.

Looking at so many people unable to withstand its might, the Dragon person statue felt quite proud. As the guardian spirit of the first exam, the Dragon person liked to bully these ordinary people. It had nothing to fear as all of the terrifying figures had no need to participate in the first exam.

"A group of trash, you can't even withstand this much might and yet you want to participate in Outlander Ten College's examination," the Dragon person statue said mockingly as it laughed.

This made everyone feel quite dissatisfied and angry, but they did not dare to say anything as the Dragon person statue was the guardian spirit of the first exam. If they offended it, things would not turn out well for them.

Seeing that no one dared to say anything, the Dragon person statue felt even more pleased.

An even more terrifying might exploded out from the Dragon person statue's body, and a massive explosion sounded out as the might heavily weighed on everyone's bodies, causing the air to become heavier.

Sensing this might, everyone's expressions became quite unsightly and they did their best to resist. Some people were unable to fight anymore and crashed to the ground.

In actuality, those who participated in the exam had at least Saint Realm Cultivation and would be seen as powerful people in outer Domains. However, in the inner Domains, they were like ants and the Dragon person statue had at least World Realm power.

On the stage, all City Lord Seals, Nation Armaments, and support items were unusable, and one could only rely on their own strength.

Seeing many more people fall, the Dragon person statue arrogantly laughed, "Hahaha, a group of useless trash. Hurry up and scram; with your weak power, you won't be able to enter Outlander Ten College."

At that moment, a cruel-looking young man dissatisfiedly cried out, "You're the trash; increase the might if you dare. You think your elder fears you?"

A crude-looking big man was also angered by the Dragon person statue's words and said, "Bastard! Keep unleashing your might. I'm the Young Lord of a Tribe and I was just being courteous to you but I definitely don't fear you. Don't go too far."

A beautiful and proud-looking woman said coldly, "You'd best watch your mouth; we won't accept being humiliated like this."

A young man with a pair of rabbit ears said angrily, "We're not trash, you're going too far. We're not at all weak in our own factions, so don't talk to us with such a tone."

The Dragon person statue looked at them condescendingly, "You people from small factions dare to say such words in front of Outlander Ten College? Outlander Ten College can destroy you all with a single finger; am I wrong in calling you trash?"


A massive aura lifted up a wild gale. Right after the Dragon person statue finished talking, it exploded out with an even more powerful aura and a greater might descended.

Under this might, everyone's expressions fell; this might was twice as strong as before.

"Hahaha, are you all afraid now? Do you still dare to say such words? You brought this on yourself," the Dragon person arrogantly laughed.

The people's faces became pale as their bodies sweat and they did their best to endure. They glared at the Dragon person statue but did not say anything else because they were already under immense pressure. If this went on, it would be very difficult for them to endure.

Gou Yan looked quite pained and cold sweat ran down his face as he endured this pressure. However, when he looked over at Zhao Fu, he saw that Zhao Fu looked completely fine and stood there at ease. He could not help but say, "Mo Ye, I knew you were powerful; you can actually take this might so easily."

Zhao Fu calmly replied, "It's not that I'm powerful but that this might is not very strong."

Hearing this, Gou Yan felt quite dispirited and awkwardly smiled; he could tell that Zhao Fu was not simple at all from the very start.

Seeing how everyone was reacting, the Dragon person statue's smile became even brighter, but hearing the conversation between Zhao Fu and Gou Yan, his smile froze.

After all, he was the guardian spirit so he was connected to the magic formation, and he could sense even the slightest ripple. That was why he had been able to hear Zhao Fu's words.

This made the Dragon person statue feel quite angry, and it glared at Zhao Fu as it said loudly, "Boy, you only have Harmony Realm Cultivation and yet your words were even more arrogant than theirs. You dare to say my might is weak?"

The Dragon person statue was just a World Realm statue; if Zhao Fu could use his Nation Armament, he would be able to slaughter it easily. Even though he could not use his Nation Armament right now, he was not afraid of it.

Zhao Fu coolly replied, "That's right, you're weak, and you only dare to bully those weaker than you - shameless!"