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 The Gnome elder standing on the tall building also looked at the sky in shock and said to the others, "Did that just happen? Is there something wrong with my eyes? Putting aside that ten-colored light, 23 statues simultaneously lit up. What's going on? Even possessors of our Outlander supreme Emperor Star can only cause one statue to give off a ten-colored light; how could 23 statues simultaneously give off ten-colored light?

"Moreover, from the simultaneous reactions of those 23 statues, that was definitely caused by a single person. How could a single person cause 23 statues to react? This has never happened before."

The Fox Race middle-aged man looked quite serious as he said, "There's only one possibility for one person making 23 statues react, which is that person has 23 races' bloodlines. However, how can someone possess 23 races' bloodlines? Moreover, the statues all shined with ten-colored light; only the Outlander supreme Emperor Star can cause such light."

The beautiful woman looked down at the crowd of people and said, "Hurry and have a look to see which one of them caused the statues to react. If we can find that person, we can directly take him to the Headmaster. For such a heaven-defying figure to appear, even the Headmaster will be delighted and will definitely take that person to be his legacy disciple, and Outlander Ten College might become the top of the Seven Great Colleges because of that person."

The chubby Bear person elder looked down and shook his head as he said, "There are too many people, making it impossible to tell. That person has also hidden his aura.

"However, we don't have to be too worried. Even if he tries to hide himself, he will probably be exposed during the examination. I'm quite excited to see what kind of person this terrifying existence is."

The Fox Race middle-aged man said with a trace of confusion, "But why would such a terrifying person appear at a time like this? I feel that the King of Kings' prophecy might be fulfilled; perhaps that person is the prophesized person. He will become the second King of Kings and lead the Outlander Race to a new age of glory."

Hearing this, everyone could not help but look quite excited and nod. Even the Gnome elder who did not believe that the prophecy would be fulfilled nodded.

The chubby Bear person elder laughed as he said, "No matter how things turn out, he will be a student of Outlander Ten College. When that time comes, Outlander Ten College needs to protect him at all costs, and he will definitely become someone who will be above us."

The beautiful woman smiled as she nodded and said, "I suddenly remembered that matter about someone having five Emperor Stars; it's said that that person is a peerless genius.

"That kind of person will shake the world sooner or later, and everyone will know of his existence. He will become someone countless people can only look up to, an unrivaled genius.

"I was worrying about how the Outlander Race would face such a person, but if this person is the prophesized person, he will become the Outlander Race's most brilliant genius and the new King of Kings; he should be able to contend with that person."

The Sun Elf and the other geniuses all looked at the sky with serious expressions.

Now that such a terrifying person had appeared, they all felt immense pressure and understood that his examination would be incredibly intense. They did not dare to be careless or underestimate anyone.

They wanted to take a look and see what kind of person it was, but seeing that that person did not reveal him or herself, they could only give up on that.

Of course, they understood that that terrifying person would definitely be forced to reveal themselves during the examination.

The countless others in front of Outlander Ten College's gates also wanted to know who had caused those abnormal signs. They all cried out in shock or called out.

"Heavens, do you know who caused those abnormal signs? Twenty-three statues simultaneously lit up; I was nearly scared to death."

"I also want to know which friend has such terrifying power. How about we be friends? If you're not willing, I'll even be your servant."

"That person didn't reveal him or herself and is hiding among us. One of us actually caused such terrifying signs, making me feel a bit better. That person is a bit too low-profile, but I respect that."

"That's right, those top-tier geniuses from before were all so proud and ignored us or treated us condescendingly; that did not feel good at all."

"Brother, please reveal yourself so we can all pay our respects!"

The crowd stopped and looked around or talked, creating a raucous scene.

The Kobold young man grasped this opportunity, and he pulled Zhao Fu along as he squeezed into Outlander Ten College. He looked back and smiled as he said, "What do you think? I'm pretty amazing, right?"

Zhao Fu struggled free from his grip and lightly nodded.

The Kobold young man happily smiled before he asked, "Brother, do you know what happened? It's the first time I've seen or heard of 23 statues lighting up. Brother, you look like someone who knows a lot; do you know anything about this?"

Zhao Fu calmly shook his head and naturally did not tell him that it was him who had caused this.

Seeing this, the Kobold young man looked somewhat disappointed. He then started casually chatting with Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu found out that his name was Gou Yan. Zhao Fu introduced himself as Mo Ye, the name he had used in the Demon Domain.

After the two of them came into Outlander Ten College, they followed the group to a large open space where there were many stages.

The stages were two meters tall and were covered with a white jade. There were statues on each of them, and all of the stages had different statues. They were statues of various races. They were 100 meters tall and seemed to be made of jade, and they gave off powerful auras.

Those who wanted to participate in the examination had to stand on a stage to participate in the first exam. This was the most basic exam.

Each stage could have 10,000 people take the exam, and there were dozens of stages. There were millions of participants, so they were split into many groups.

There were many guards from Outlander Ten College managing the process, organizing people to go up to the stages to take the exam.

Zhao Fu and Gou Yan had entered relatively quickly, so they were in the first group. The top-tier geniuses from before and anyone who could make the statues give off at least an orange-colored light would not have to do this exam and could directly pass through.

Zhao Fu naturally wanted to keep a low-profile and did not want to expose his identity, so he could only follow these ordinary people to the first exam.