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 Seeing so many geniuses, the teachers on the building once again smiled.

The elegant-looking beauty was quite surprised as she smiled and said, "If it wasn't for the recruitment this time, I wouldn't have known there were so many geniuses. There are many unfamiliar faces; the large families have probably been hiding them."

The chubby Bear person elder happily laughed, "With so many geniuses participating, we need to increase our intake this year. If we miss out on some good students, that would be a true pity."

The Fox Race middle-aged man smiled as he said, "Now, I'm feeling quite keen for the examination to begin. With so many geniuses clashing, the outcome will definitely be very intense."

Hearing this, the others nodded.

The number of people participating, as well as the number of geniuses, was many times that of the past. Not only had the number of applicants increased, but the quality had also risen. All of the geniuses were incredibly terrifying and none of them were weak. It seemed that this examination would be the most intense one in Outlander Ten College's history.

Everyone in the Outlander Domain was paying attention to this matter. Countless terrifying existences had come to Outlander Ten College and were waiting for the examination to begin.


Suddenly, a massive sound rang out as an enormous figure descended from the sky and heavily landed on the ground. A terrifying wave of power spread out, causing the ground to crack.

A three meter tall Ogre with three heads and a mouth full of fangs appeared, and the people around him backed off in fear.

Ogres were incredibly ferocious existences among the Outlander races and liked to eat people. They even ate their own kind and often savagely killed other races.

This three-headed Ogre savagely laughed as it looked around it, causing people to feel chills on their backs, and the Ogre walked to the gates.


The Ogre statue exploded out with a terrifying aura, and a five-colored light shone out.

Everyone looked incredibly shocked and cried out, "It's five-colored light! It's even higher quality than everyone else."

The expressions of the 100 or so people standing at the front looked quite unsightly, and they were forced back ten or so steps.

This Ogre was actually quite famous and many people knew him. He was the Imperial Prince of the strongest Ogre Empire, and his bloodline was at the peak of the Imperial Bloodline. His cultivation was at the World Realm.


Another massive aura flooded out as a powerfully-built Orc with skin as black as steel walked out.

"This is the Orc Empire's Imperial Prince!" This Orc was also quite famous and many people recognized him. He came from the strongest Orc Empire and also had a peak Imperial Bloodline.


The Orc statue sensed his aura and blasted out with a terrifying aura as a five-colored light spread out.

Seeing this, everyone was not very surprised because these were all incredibly famous geniuses and were much more terrifying than the geniuses from before.

"Hehehe..." a flirtatious laugh sounded out as a seductive-looking woman with a sexy figure and peerlessly beautiful looks appeared. She had a pair of platinum-colored fox ears and gave off an extremely bewitching aura, and what was shocking was that she had ten tails.

Countless people stared at her as if they were bewitched, and their hearts pounded as their bodies heated up. They had already fallen under the charm of that woman, and it took them a while to recover.

This Fox Race woman was also an incredibly famous genius, and she had peerless looks too. She was also the number-one ranked beauty on Outlander Domain's Beauty Rankings.

Just as expected, she caused the Fox Race statue to give off a five-colored light.

"Roar!" a dragon's roar sounded out as countless rays of black light covered the sky. A massive might descended as a cold-looking man with dragon horns; a dragon tail; and short, icy-blue hair appeared in the sky.


He descended and the Dragon person statue sensed his aura and gave off a monstrous aura as five-colored light shined out.

This Dragon person naturally came from the strongest Dragon person Empire, and his bloodline was also at the peak of the Imperial Bloodline. He was also an incredibly terrifying person.

Boom! Boom!

Two massive explosions sounded out as two powerful-looking figures giving off terrifying auras appeared in the sky.

One had an elephant head, a human body, and two jade-like tusks. This Elephant person looked quite gentle and easy-going.

The other had a lion head, snow-white fur, and a human body. The Lion person gave off a dignified aura and made people feel nervous.

Boom! Boom!

Sensing their auras, the Lion person statue and Elephant person statue exploded out with terrifying auras and five-colored light spread out.

They were from the most powerful Elephant person Empire and the most powerful Lion person Empire, and their bloodlines were also peak Imperial Bloodlines. Their natural mights and their terrifying talent caused people to feel terror.

Currently, an Ogre, an Orc, a Fox person, a Dragon person, an Elephant person, and a Lion person had unleashed five-colored lights. The six of them were incredibly famous and not only did all of the Outlander Domain know their names, but even other Domains also knew about them.

No one was too surprised that the six of them had unleashed five-colored lights, as they knew how terrifying these people were. The six of them were brilliant stars on the Outlander Rankings.

However, they were standing there looking at the sky, as if they were waiting for something.


A powerful aura spread out, sending out a wild gale. Everyone was sent back as a Dwarf young man appeared in the sky. He wore glowing armor and held a hammer.

Even though this Dwarf young man looked quite short, he was the Outlander Domain's third-ranked expert of the younger generation and naturally came from the most powerful Dwarf Empire. He had a peak level Imperial Bloodline and had extraordinary forging skills, and he could craft Divine Armaments.

The Dwarf young man landed in front of the gate and the Dwarf statue gave off a five-colored light, but it was much more intense than that of the other people's.

After coming to the gate, the Dwarf young man also began to wait.


A powerful aura spread out as the sky was covered with green light and a figure appeared in the sky.

This person had a graceful-looking figure and peerlessly beautiful looks. She had long, green hair and had the upper body of a human and lower body of a snake. What was terrifying was that the woman's green hair all seemed to have a life of their own.