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 Five or six teachers of Outlander Ten College stood at the top of a tall building and looked down. A man from the Fox Race lightly smiled as he said, "This recruitment is much more lively than previous years', and there are ten times more people who were able to cause the statues to react. All of them are young and brimming with life, and they are all proud individuals."

A chubby Bear person elder chuckled as he replied, "Not just these people, there are 60 times more ordinary geniuses; this is a blessing for the Outlander Domain. If this continues, the Outlander Domain's power will rise above those of other Domains."

A voluptuous beauty with elegant looks smiled as she said, "I don't think that's necessarily the case. The Outlander Domain's Fate has not changed much and it's impossible for so many geniuses to have popped up out of nowhere. Each of these geniuses possesses immense Fate and all come from different powerful factions. The reason so many geniuses have appeared is most likely to do with the prophecy left behind by the Outlander Race's King of Kings."

Hearing the woman's words, a middle-aged man in scholarly robes could not help but sigh as he said, "The Outlander Race's most glorious era was under the leadership of the King of Kings. During that time, all Outlander races acknowledged him as King, and all Kings and Emperors submitted to him. He was able to unify the entire Outlander Race and even the God, Demon, and Devil Races had to give way in front of us.

"However, after he died, the entire Outlander Race became like a pile of loose sand and became one of the weakest out of the eight major races. I hope that his prophecy will be fulfilled and that someone will take his place and become the new King of Kings to lead our Outlander Race to a new age of glory."

A serious-looking Gnome elder wearing glasses said, "After the King of Kings died, Outlander Ten College has been following his orders to protect the King of Kings Mountain. However, despite so many years passing by and many people climbing the King of Kings Mountain, none have been able to pull out the King of Kings Sword at the top.

"The King of Kings was like a star that shined over the whole world, and after that star fell, it is very difficult for another person like him to appear. As such, no one in the past tens of thousands of years have been able to pull out the King of Kings Sword. I think that it will be quite difficult because if it could be pulled out, it would have been done so long ago."

The middle-aged man in scholarly robes said, "The King of King's prophecy was not just about someone pulling out the sword, but that someone will pull out the sword and inherit his position to lead the Outlander Race. I feel that there is still hope."

The chubby Bear person elder smiled as he agreed, "I also think that it is possible. After all, the prophecies left behind by a terrifying existence like the King of Kings definitely won't be false. This is why so many races have sent their geniuses here.

"The number of people applying this time is a record for us, and perhaps one of them will be the prophesized person."

The Fox Race middle-aged man looked at the people below and said somewhat condescendingly, "Unfortunately, I don't think any of them is the prophesized person. All of their talent and potential are too low, and none of them can pull out the King of Kings Sword. Even those thousands of people who caused the statues to react might not even have the right to go up to the sword. I feel that perhaps one of the unparalleled geniuses who has not yet arrived might be able to pull out the King of Kings Sword."


Just as the Fox Race middle-aged man spoke, a terrifying aura blasted down, seeming to cause the air to freeze. Countless people's hairs stood on end as they felt a wave of terror.

A Feather person with six pairs of white wings appeared in the sky. He was an incredibly handsome young man and gave off an intense white light. He wore a white robe and looked like an angel, and countless women could not help but feel moved.


The Feather person statue gave off an incredibly terrifying aura as a three-colored light spread out.

Seeing this, everyone cried out - just the aura he gave off and that three-colored light meant that this Feather person young man's talent surpassed everyone from before. He was a true genius and countless people looked at him in awe.

The Feather person young man lightly smiled and landed in front of the gates. The thousands of people who had arrived earlier looked somewhat grim and retreated ten or so meters. Now, there were three divisions.

"Yu Luo, you've hogged all the spotlight." A Centaur young man with pure-black eyes and long, black hair gave a smile as he walked out and came to the gates.


Sensing the young man's aura, the Centaur statue gave off an incredibly terrifying aura, and a three-colored light spread out.

Even though the Centaur young man did not give off a massive aura like the Feather person young man, it was evident that he was another unparalleled genius. Countless people exclaimed and looked at him in worship.

Suddenly, a black figure flashed past in the air like lightning and appeared in front of the gate. It was a young man with cat ears and tail, and he gave off a powerful aura.


The Cat person statue sensed the young man's aura and gave off a terrifying aura as three-colored light spread out.

It was yet another peerless genius, and everyone's gazes fell on this young man. The young man looked a bit bashful and felt quite embarrassed seeing all those looks.

At that moment, the crowd parted as an Elf slowly walked out with a group of female attendants.

The Elf had long, silver hair and silver eyes. She had a tall and slim figure as well as extremely beautiful looks, and she was the Silver Moon Empire's Princess. She was a famed beauty in the Outlander Domain and her appearance caused countless people to look over and praise her.


As the Elf woman walked to the gates, the Elf statue sensed her aura and gave off an immense aura as a three-colored light spread out.

Following this, more and more peerless geniuses revealed themselves.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The statues gave off terrifying auras and massive mights as three-colored lights shined in all directions.

The thousands of geniuses had grim looks as they were forced dozens of meters away, and they were shocked at how powerful these people were.

Now, about 100 or so people stood in front of the gates. All of them were incredibly monstrous figures who ordinary people would never see in their lifetimes, but they had all gathered here. It could be seen how seriously the large factions all took this recruitment.