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 One of the young men took out two crystal-like golden eyes and said, "This is our Eagle people's ancestral item, the Eagle Eyes."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and took the eyes and examined them. The four other people also took out their own treasures. Of them, two were just ordinary treasures that were useless to Zhao Fu, while two were ancestral items.

One was a silver skull that seemed to belong to a Goblin. It gave off faint silver light and a powerful aura.

The other item was a corpse that was quite small and had withered skin. It was a Gnome ancestor's corpse and gave off a powerful might, and the ancestral power that it contained definitely would not be weak at all.

After examining the two ancestral items, Zhao Fu smiled and put them into his spatial ring.

Sensing Zhao Fu's terrifying aura, one of the young men said respectfully, "Sir, may we take away our relatives now?"

Seeing how cold and serious their fathers and big brothers looked, the women felt that they would definitely be severely punished when they went back, and they could not help but feel afraid. They had made a lot of trouble this time.

Now, they did not want to go back and only wanted to stay by Zhao Fu's side to serve him.

At that moment, Zhao Fu said, "They're my women now, so they will stay by my side. Don't worry, I won't reveal this matter, and I'll give you these things."

After all, he had taken their little sisters or daughters and had made them hand over three ancestral items, so Zhao Fu felt quite bad and gave them some valuable treasures.

The men did not expect this, and after looking at the treasures, they all smiled widely. Since Zhao Fu was not willing to let the women leave, they could only take the treasures and return.

Following this, the five beautiful middle-aged women came here and Zhao Fu brought them and the five Eagle women to the others.

The seductive-looking Eagle woman was called Ying Meini, the bewitching-looking Eagle woman was called Ying Can, the reserved-looking Eagle woman was called Ying Wenwen, the bold-looking Eagle woman was called Ying Wu, and the elegant-looking Eagle woman was called Ying Xiu.

The Feather people's Chief was called Yu Sisi, the shrewdish-looking woman was called Yu Huhuo, the graceful-looking woman was called Yu Youyou, the gentle-looking woman was called Yu Rou, and the gloomy-looking woman was called Yu Yinyin.

They stood in two lines in front of Zhao Fu, one line of mature beauties and one line of young beauties. Technically speaking, they were mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, but they did not like each other much. As such, Zhao Fu ravaged them together and had a good taste of them so they would get along in the future.

A few hours later, the women strenghtlessly lay together with reddened faces, pressed next to each other. They no longer seemed estranged and had accepted each other.

Zhao Fu had long since gotten up and he came to an empty area as he took out the five ancestral items. It was the first time he had obtained so many ancestral items, and he felt quite happy. He planned to refine all five ancestral items before going back.

He started off with the Eagle Eyes and sent his power into it. The two eyeballs gave off intense golden light, making them look like two orbs of golden light that were as big as lychees.

Zhao Fu opened his mouth and consumed the two orbs of golden light. They gradually melted and fused into Zhao Fu's body, and they flowed into Zhao Fu's eyes.

This caused Zhao Fu's sight to become a bit sharper, and at the same time he felt a pain on his back as a golden Eagle person totem appeared on his back.

Next was the Feather People Spirit Crystal. Zhao Fu sent some power into it and it gave off an intense white light. It turned into an orb of white light that was as big as a ball and a powerful aura spread out.

Zhao Fu controlled this orb of light to fuse into his chest, and a massive wave of energy spread throughout Zhao Fu's body.

As the massive wave of white energy fused into Zhao Fu's body, Zhao Fu's body gave off white light and a white Feather person totem appeared on his back.

Following this, Zhao Fu sent large amounts of his power into the Dwarf ancestor's remnant spirit, causing the orb of light to give off an immense light. A Dwarf's image appeared in front of Zhao Fu, which continuously absorbed Heaven and Earth Power from the surroundings and became corporeal.


The instant that the Dwarf image condensed, it ferociously punched towards Zhao Fu with terrifying power, wanting to blast Zhao Fu's head apart.

Zhao Fu was expressionless as he stretched out his hand and lightly grabbed the incoming fist. His palm gave off intense black light and a suction power as he sucked the Dwarf figure into his own body.

Zhao Fu started to refine that Dwarf's body, and the powerful Dwarf ancestor power spread throughout Zhao Fu's body, causing his constitution to become more powerful as a gray Dwarf totem appeared on his back.

Following this, Zhao Fu sent power into the Goblin skull, which flew into the sky. It gave off an intense silver light and Heaven and Earth Power continuously gathered.

The silver skull absorbed large amounts of Heaven and Earth Power and became a 100 meter tall silver Goblin that gave off a terrifying aura.

Zhao Fu immediately sent out chains to bind up this Goblin ancestor. He dragged it in front of him, stretched out a hand, and began to absorb it and refine it.

"Arghhhh..." the Goblin continuously howled within Zhao Fu's body as its body broke apart and fused into Zhao Fu's body. Boundless silver light spread out from Zhao Fu's body as a silver Goblin totem appeared on his back.

Last was the Gnome ancestor's corpse. Zhao Fu gave off large amounts of black mist that covered the corpse, dissolving it into a pool of black liquid.

Zhao Fu opened his mouth and sucked the black liquid into his mouth, which quickly spread throughout his body. After absorbing the liquid, he felt a pain on his back as a black Gnome totem appeared on his back.

After refining the five ancestral items, Zhao Fu grinned.

Zhao Fu now had 23 totems: the Jackal person totem, Minotaur totem, Wolfman Totem, Lizardman Totem, Kobold Totem, Pigman Totem, Orc Totem, Leopard person totem, Goat person total, Fox person totem, Naga Totem, Centaur totem, Tiger person totem, Ratfolk totem, Elephant person totem, Rhinoceros person Totem, Deer person totem, Bear person totem, Eagle person totem, Feather person totem, Gnome totem, Dwarf totem, and Goblin totem.

If anyone heard about this, they would be greatly shocked. After all, a single person having two totems was already incredibly difficult, let alone 23. This was an absolute miracle.

Zhao Fu returned to the group and traveled for another two days before finally arriving at Outlander Ten College.