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 The Feather people's ancestral item was a stone that gave off a white light. It was called the Feather People Spirit Crystal and contained massive amounts of ancestral power. It was an extremely precious treasure of the Feather people.

The Feather people's Chief had her own conditions for giving Zhao Fu this treasure, which was to kill the Eagle women and the four other Feather people. After all, this matter was incredibly serious and could not be leaked.

Zhao Fu did not give a reply through a letter and instead asked her to come and talk, and the Feather people's Chief immediately agreed.

However, when she reached the meeting point, which was a valley, she was quite confused as four beautiful, middle-aged Feather people were doing it with a handsome young man.

She knew these four women; they were all wives of the elders, and their sons were very close with her son. Their sons were the four other men Zhao Fu had captured.

An hour earlier, when the Feather people's Chief had asked him to kill the other men, he had wanted to act. The bold-looking woman supported killing them, and the elegant-looking woman also supported this in consideration of her own family.

The seductive-looking woman's man was the Feather people's Young Lord, so she did not need to plead with Zhao Fu. However, the reserved-looking woman and bewitching-looking woman kneeled and pleaded with Zhao Fu to let off their men.

Their men were incredibly touched; having these two women as wives was a blessing to them. The bewitching-looking woman's man felt guilty towards her, while the reserved-looking woman's man looked at her hatefully.

Zhao Fu came before the five Feather people young men and thought about whether or not he should kill them.

One of the Feather people said in fear, "Sir, don't kill me; I heard what you said just then. You want ancestral items, right? My mother has an ancestral item of the Dwarves; if you spare me, my mother will definitely give it to you."

Seeing this, another young man said, "My relatives will also give you an ancestral item, so please don't kill us."

As such, Zhao Fu decided to try things out and sent information to their families and had them prepare ancestral items.

The four families knew that the matter was quite serious, so they agreed to Zhao Fu's demands and quickly hurried over.

Of the four women, one had a voluptuous figure and seemed quite charming, one had a slim figure and looked quite gentle, one had a fiery figure and seemed quite shrewdish, and one had a seductive figure and had a gloomy aura. They were all quite beautiful and all had white wings.

The four of them came to the meeting location but only one of them had a Dwarf ancestor remnant spirit; the three others all had decent treasures but Zhao Fu did not need them and only wanted ancestral items.

Hearing that Zhao Fu did not want her treasure and was not willing to spare her son, the shrewdish-looking woman angrily cursed, "You bastard piece of trash, I won't let you off. Just you wait and see."

This made Zhao Fu quite angry and he captured the four women and ravaged them. Right now, it was the shrewdish-looking woman lewdly moaning under Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu turned and lightly smiled as he looked at the Feather people's Chief. He glanced over her figure and seeing her noble bearings and mature figure, he said, "Come over and serve me as well!"

The Chief's expression was icy as she said, "I won't agree to such a thing. Also, I brought the ancestral item you asked for, so hurry up and release my son. Also, I want you to promise that you won't leak information about this."

Zhao Fu said domineeringly, "The price has been raised. Don't you see these four serving me with all their strength? You can either obediently serve me willingly, or I can capture you to serve me."

As he spoke, Zhao Fu released his terrifying aura, causing the Chief's expression to fall. She hesitated for a moment before squatting down and starting to serve Zhao Fu with the other women. Afterwards, Zhao Fu had a good taste of this Feather people's Chief.

Following this, Zhao Fu brought the five of them to the pool from before and let them see their sons.

When the Chief saw her son with his incredibly swollen face, she glared at Zhao Fu vehemently. The women then went up to check if their sons were alright.

Seeing their mothers with reddened faces and giving off enticing auras, their hearts sank and could not help but imagine Zhao Fu ravaging their mothers. Some felt incredibly guilty and sad, while others felt furious.

Zhao Fu did not mind them and smiled as he held two items in his hands. One was a white stone, which was the Feather People Spirit Crystal, and the other was an orb of light that contained the hazy image of a Dwarf; this was the Dwarf ancestor's remnant spirit.

"Now that you've obtained what you want and enjoyed my body, you can release our sons!" The Chief looked at Zhao Fu coldly; she could not face her son's furious and guilty gaze.

Zhao Fu smiled as he undid the chains binding the five young men, and the five beautiful women prepared to take their sons away.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "They can leave, but you five need to stay. Also, do you really feel like you can leave me?"

The five beautiful women's faces became red, because after doing it with Zhao Fu, they felt that they had fallen for him. If they left Zhao Fu like this, they would miss him forever.

The shrewdish woman harrumphed and said, "You at least need to give us some time to go back and prepare. We never planned to leave with you, so we have things to settle first."

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded; only then did he allow them to leave.

After they left, Zhao Fu and the five Eagle women waited. At the same time, Zhao Fu wrote five letters to the Eagle people, threatening them into bringing him their ancestral items.

Otherwise, he would spread news about this matter and would also come and kill their people.

Zhao Fu imbued the letters with some of his power; when the five families received these letters, they did not hesitate to comply.

Firstly, if news of this matter was spread, the consequences would be quite severe. Moreover, sensing Zhao Fu's extremely terrifying power, they felt powerless and could only prepare the ancestral items to avoid disaster.

The Eagle people's five families sent out five men. One of the men was the seductive-looking woman's big brother. After reaching the meeting point, they descended with serious expressions.