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 Seeing these five men and five women do it, he could not help but feel quite indignant. They were doing such things in broad daylight without any shame; Zhao Fu felt that he had to stop them.

Clang, clang, clang...

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and the golden pupil in his left eye quickly spun. The five pairs of lovers were caught off-guard and were bound up by chains, and they were suspended in the air.

The ten people's expression fell, not understanding what was going on.

Zhao Fu walked out from the side and looked at the five women suspended in the air. No matter if it was their figures or their looks, they were all exquisite beauties. Now that their bodies were all exposed to Zhao Fu, he could not help but react.

A handsome-looking young man furiously said, "Who are you? Why have you bound us up? Do you know who I am? I'm the Young Lord of the Feather people, so hurry up and let us go."

Zhao Fu calmly looked at him and waved his hand, causing a wave of energy to slap against the young man's face and for his face to swell.

The young man felt humiliated and cursed, "You bastard, you shameless person, I'll definitely kill you."

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile as he once again waved his hand, and a few more formless slaps slapped against his face.

Pa! Pa! Pa...

The young man's entire face became swollen and a few teeth were knocked out, and he was unable to speak clearly anymore.

The others looked at Zhao Fu in terror, not daring to say anything.

Looking at the young man, whose face now looked like that of a pig, Zhao Fu no longer felt interested in bullying him and prepared to kill him.

Seeing this, the seductive-looking woman hurriedly said, "Please don't kill my husband; I'll serve you."

The five women were not wearing any clothing and were completely exposed as they hung in front of Zhao Fu. From Zhao Fu's gaze just then, the women knew that Zhao Fu was somewhat interested in them.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu stopped and gave a trace of a smile. He tossed the five men to one side and covered their eyes with chains before lowering down the five women.

The five women looked at Zhao Fu in fear and understood what Zhao Fu wanted to do. They nervously stood there, not daring to do anything.

Zhao Fu came up and brought them into his embrace before starting to do it with them.

The five women soon started to lewdly moan under Zhao Fu, making the five men feel incredibly furious. Their women were being ravaged right in front of them, and some of the men remained silent out of fear while some furiously cursed.

Chains covered up their mouths, making it so they could not speak, but the chains around their eyes loosened so that they could see how lewd their women were under Zhao Fu.

Seeing that her man was watching her being ravaged by another man, the reserved-looking woman felt quite guilty, but she felt quite excited and responded to Zhao Fu.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged the five panting women and obtained the information he wanted.

It turned that these highlands were occupied by the Feather people and Eagle people. A single mountain could not have two tigers, and the two races were enemies and often were in conflict. There was a lot of enmity between them, so the two races naturally did not allow relationships with the other race and made it a heavy crime to do so.

Originally, the two groups did not know each other. One time, the men had come across them bathing here, and they had almost started fighting. However, the five Feather people men had fallen for them and passionately wooed them.

In the end, the women agreed and secretly became their wives. Because the pool was quite hidden, it became the meeting place for their rendezvous.

Moreover, the handsome-looking young man was the Young Lord of the Feather people, and his woman was the seductive-looking woman, who was the daughter of the Chief of the Eagle people.

Whether it was in terms of their looks, dispositions or identities, they could be said to be a perfect match. It was just that they came from opposing factions and could not be together.

Now that these five women had been tamed by Zhao Fu, they looked at him with gazes filled with love and seemed incredibly obedient.

"Owner, can you release our husbands now?" The bewitching-looking Eagle woman lay in Zhao Fu's embrace as she smiled.

The reserved-looking woman said shyly, "Exactly, seeing how much effort we put into serving you, can you spare them this time? We'll serve you well every day."

However, the bold-looking Eagle woman said, "Owner, I want you to kill them. If this matter is spread, our families might be heavily punished because this is a great crime."

The Feather people felt incredibly furious and felt that this woman was simply too vicious. This was especially so for her man, who felt a chill in his heart. He had never thought that his woman would suggest killing him; they had been deeply in love before.

Another of the men's eyes were completely red as he looked at Zhao Fu and the women hatefully.

He was the man who had seen how Zhao Fu had ravaged his woman, which was the reserved-looking woman. He did not feel any gratitude towards the reserved-looking woman and instead hated her, and he wanted her to die.

Zhao Fu did not say anything and already had his own plans. He wanted to obtain the ancestral items of both races.

"I'll deal with them. Also, you're all now my women, and you'll be leaving with me later."

Hearing this, the women all nodded.

Following this, Zhao Fu put his plan into motion. He sent news to the Feather people about this; the handsome-looking young man was the Feather people's Young Lord and was the most valuable of them, and he could be used to trade for anything.

The Feather people's Young Lord had actually been fraternising with an Eagle woman, and if this was spread, he would be finished. Not only would he not be able to become the Chief, but the current Chief might also be forced to step down.

Zhao Fu wanted various things, and the Feather people's Chief would have to give them to him.

After hearing about this, the Feather people's Chief felt incredibly shocked; she had never thought that her son would do such a thing, and if this was spread, countless Feather people would be enraged, as they had great enmity with the Eagle people.

When that time came, she would be forced to step down by the Elders and their family would be in a difficult situation. All Feather people would see them as traitors.

In light of Zhao Fu's demand for their ancestral item, the Feather people's Chief did not hesitate and quickly replied to Zhao Fu, agreeing to give him the ancestral item.