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 The beautiful woman came up and said, "Sir, since my daughter is yours, we are your father-in-law and mother-in-law. If you kill him, Lu Yu won't be able to accept it. Now that he knows he is in the wrong, please spare him; mother-in-law is begging you."

Zhao Fu turned to look at the beautiful woman and lifted up her chin as he gave a slight smile and said, "Leave with me; I'll consider whether or not I want to spare him."

Seeing this, the Prince felt furious. Zhao Fu had taken his daughter and now he had taken interest in his wife; how could he not be angry? However, he did not dare to say anything, because he was afraid of dying. If he died, he would lose everything.

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Lu Yu angrily pinched Zhao Fu and had never thought that he would take an interest in her mother. Thinking of serving Zhao Fu with her mother in the future, Lu Yu's face became red and felt quite embarrassed.

Looking at her fearful husband and embarrassed daughter, the beautiful woman could only helplessly nod, "Alright, so please let off my husband!"

Zhao Fu smiled and took his foot off the Prince and looked at him as he said, "I also need your family's ancestral horns. If you hand them over, I'll immediately let you off."

Hearing this, the Prince hurriedly took out a pair of yellow deer horns.

Zhao Fu took the deer horns, sensed their power, and smiled. He put them away and did not say anything else before leaving with Lu Yu and her mother Lu Lu.

A while later, Zhao Fu brought the mother and daughter back to the others, after which he went back to find the Bear Prince.

Because of the restrictions, the Bear Prince had been waiting obediently and did not dare to take a single step away.

Zhao Fu directly said, "Tell them that I want your Bear people's ancestral item; you should have something like that. If they give me the ancestral item, I'll spare your life."

The Bear Prince nodded and wrote a letter. He had people deliver it to the Bear Kingdom, and Zhao Fu quickly received a reply.

The Bear Prince was the Bear Kingdom's only Prince and was very important to the Bear Kingdom. As such, the Bear Kingdom directly agreed to Zhao Fu's request and used the ancestral item in exchange for the Bear Prince.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu arrived at the exchange location and hid in the surroundings. If there was any danger, he would immediately leave.

A tall and slim woman with icy and beautiful looks, a pair of black bear ears, and long, black hair came to the exchange location and waited.

The Bear Prince felt a bad feeling; why did his big sister come to deliver the ancestral item?

Zhao Fu prepared to go out with the Bear Prince, but the Bear Prince was worried that Zhao Fu would be interested in his big sister, so he said, "That's not someone from our Bear Kingdom. How about I write another letter and make sure they get the location right?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu looked at the Bear Prince and grabbed him and walked out; he naturally did not believe him.

After all, the woman was quite similar to the Bear Prince, whether it was in terms of her looks or her aura. She was most likely the Bear Prince's relative.

Seeing Zhao Fu walk out with the Bear Prince, the woman felt quite relieved. The Bear Prince was the Kingdom's only successor,and they could not afford for anything to happen to him or else there would be severe consequences, and the throne would fall to the subsidiary branches.

"This is the ancestral item you asked for; please let my little brother go," the woman held out a bear skull and said coldly.

The woman, Xiong Xi, naturally would not treat this person, who was holding her little brother, with much courtesy.

She did not know what this attitude of hers made Zhao Fu even more interested in her. Zhao Fu sensed the bear skull's power and found that it was an extremely powerful ancestral item and should be able to summon an ancestral spirit.

Zhao Fu glanced over Xiong Xi and smiled as he said, "I can let your little brother go, but now I not only want the ancestral item but you also need to stay and serve me."

Xiong Xi's expression became cold as she looked at Zhao Fu. She exploded out with a terrifying aura as she said coldly, "Keep dreaming!"

Zhao Fu did not care and released an even more terrifying power which ferociously pressed down on Xiong Xi's body, causing her expression to become grim.

Seeing her grim expression, Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, "You have no other choice; agree to my demands or both of you will die here."

Xiong Xi's expression was cold as she looked at the Bear Prince. Facing his big sister's gaze, the Bear Prince felt incredibly guilty and regretted his actions. If he did not go after Lu Yu, he would not have ended up like this and dragged his big sister into this.

"I agree to your demands!" Xiong Xi said calmly.

Zhao Fu smiled and brought Xiong Xi into his embrace before saying to the Bear Prince, "You can go now!"

The Bear Prince looked at Xiong Xi with a troubled expression and said, "Big sis, I don't want you to do this; he's not a good person. With his character, he definitely has countless women. Things won't be good for you if you go with him."

Zhao Fu frowned and said mockingly, "I'm not a good person; are you a good person?"

Xiong Xi understood that Zhao Fu was somewhat angry and immediately said to the Bear Prince, "Don't worry about me, I'll take care of myself. The Bear Kingdom needs you, so I hope you'll remember this lesson and become a good King in the future."

The Bear Prince wanted to keep saying something, but Xiong Xi said with a cold expression, "Hurry up and leave."

In the end, the Bear Prince could only leave and return to the Bear Kingdom. He rushed into the palace and said to a bearded middle-aged man, "Father, please go and save big sister; she's been captured by that bastard."

Seeing the Bear Prince, the middle-aged man felt furious, but hearing his words, he felt quite shocked and asked, "What happened?"

Following this, the Bear Prince told everything to the middle-aged man.

Hearing this, the middle-aged man sighed, "He released power equivalent to the Emperor Heaven Realm, so even if I brought people, it would be useless. Your big sister also understood this, which is why she had you leave. Don't worry about her; also, come over here so I can undo the restrictions in your body."

Hearing that there was no way to save his big sister, the Bear Prince looked quite distressed as he walked over.

The middle-aged man placed his head on the Bear Prince's forehead and sent a massive wave of power in, and he immediately sensed the blood restriction formed from Zhao Fu's Divine Bloodline.

Immediately, the middle-aged man felt an immense sense of terror from his bloodline, and his body became cold. He only came back to his senses after a while and slapped the Bear Prince to the ground as he said angrily, "You bastard, just what kind of person did you offend?"