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 Zhao Fu hugged the Deer woman and walked towards a secluded area and prepared to do it with her. The Deer woman pretended to struggle for a bit before sinking in the pleasure and cooperating with Zhao Fu.

The Bear Prince heard the intense sounds as well as the Deer woman's lewd cries and felt a lot of envy towards Zhao Fu.

This was the woman who he had set his sights on, and he had spent a lot of effort in order to have a taste of her. However, she had become someone else's and Zhao Fu had reaped the rewards in the end.

The Bear Prince had wanted to run, but sensing the restrictions within his body, he could only give up on that. He felt that even if he ran, the restrictions would definitely kill him.

Now, he could only sorrowfully listen to the woman he wanted panting under Zhao Fu.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged the Deer woman and lay on the grass as they looked at the deep blue sky and enjoyed the light breeze blowing.

The Deer woman was called Lu Yu, and her face was quite red as she lay within Zhao Fu's embrace. She said shyly, "Husband, will you ask for my hand in marriage when we go see my parents?"

Zhao Fu lightly smiled as he asked, "Does your family have any ancestral items or things related to godly spirits?"

Lu Yu thought to herself before replying, "We have a pair of ancestral horns that can summon our ancestor's spirit. If you want that, I'll help you get it, but you have to marry me."

Zhao Fu directly refused, "I won't marry you here; it will be too troublesome. I'll take you back to become one of my Concubines."

Lu Yu felt quite displeased but Zhao Fu comforted her, after which she agreed, and the two of them put on their clothes and walked out.

Looking at Lu Yu, who had a red face and was giving off an enticing aura, the Bear Prince could not help but feel quite moved.

Zhao Fu looked at the Bear Prince and said, "Wait here; I'm going to leave for a while, and I'll come back later."

Hearing this, the Bear Prince obediently nodded.

Zhao Fu brought Lu Yu to the others and explained the situation before heading to her family's mansion.

Lu Yu was the daughter of the King's brother and was not an official Princess. This Deer Kingdom was just a small Kingdom and Zhao Fu did not care about it too much. He would only treat the Prince with some respect for Lu Yu's sake.

However, after coming to the mansion, when the Prince heard that Lu Yu had brought a man back and said that he was her husband, he was infuriated and surrounded Zhao Fu with a group of soldiers.

On one hand, he was angry that Lu Yu had casually found someone to become her husband - this made him lose a lot of face. Also, he wanted to marry Lu Yu to a powerful Minister to solidify his standing, but this plan had been destroyed by Zhao Fu.

"You'd best leave right now; my daughter is a Princess, so don't think that you're good enough for her. She's completely out of your league," the Prince was a long-faced middle-aged man and he spoke haughtily to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu frowned and felt quite angry; he had wanted to act courteously, and he did not expect something like this would happen.

Seeing this, Lu Yu hurriedly tried to mediate, "Father, my body already belongs to husband and I've decided to marry him, so please don't stop us. Also, husband, please don't be angry. He's my father, so please try to understand, alright?"

Hearing this, the Prince felt even angrier; he had never thought that his daughter would have already given her body to this person, and he cursed out, saying, "You lecherous bastard, you dare to sully my daughter? You have to die today! Men, cut him into pieces!"

The soldiers around them obeyed and prepared to attack.

Lu Yu immediately blocked in front of Zhao Fu and said coldly, "If you dare to harm my husband, I definitely won't spare you all."

The soldiers were forced to stop, and they looked at the Prince.

The Prince said angrily, "Are you going to obey me or obey her? Hurry up and kill this lecherous bastard; if the Princess tries to stop you, subdue her first."

Hearing this, the soldiers once again prepared to attack. At that moment, a beautiful woman with a mature figure; long, green hair; and a pair of deer horns hurriedly walked out and shouted, "Stop! Don't be like this, can't we talk things out?"

After being repeatedly stopped, the Prince called out furiously, "Wife, don't get involved; this lecherous bastard sullied our daughter so I have to kill him today or I won't be able to quench my anger. Didn't you hear me? Kill him and don't listen to anyone else."

Hearing this, the soldiers roared and gave off powerful auras as they rushed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked quite furious as he exploded out with an immense aura that weighed on everyone's bodies like a massive boulder. The soldiers froze in their tracks and looked at him in terror.

Zhao Fu coldly waved his hand and a massive power sent the soldiers flying out. They coughed up large mouthfuls of blood before falling to the ground; it was unclear if they were still alive.

The Prince stared at Zhao Fu in shock and had never thought that Zhao Fu would have such terrifying power. It was simply too unbelievable.

Zhao Fu coldly looked at him and stretched out a finger, and a massive power shot out towards the Prince.

Seeing this, the Prince erupted out with his own power, causing the air around him to become heavy, and a yellow energy barrier appeared around him.


A muffled explosion sounded out as the energy barrier was destroyed and the Prince was sent flying. He crashed onto the ground and coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

As the Prince of a small Kingdom, he had Great Earth Realm power but Zhao Fu had already used his Nation Armament's power. In front of Zhao Fu, the Prince was like an ant that could be crushed at any moment.

Zhao Fu walked up and put a foot on the Prince's body as he said coldly, "I wanted to treat you courteously, but since you're seeking death, don't blame me."

The Prince looked terrified; he could tell that Zhao Fu now wanted to kill him. He hurriedly said, "You can't kill me; I'll agree to let my daughter marry you. I'm your father-in-law, you can't kill me."

Zhao Fu coldly laughed as he said, "Don't you feel that saying this is too late? You disgust me."

As Zhao Fu spoke, he pressed down on the Prince's chest with his foot, about to crush his chest.

The Prince was in great pain and pleaded fearfully, "Don't kill me, I'll agree to anything you want, as long as you spare me."

Lu Yu's eyes became teary; she knew things would end up like this. She went up to pull on Zhao Fu's hand as she begged, "Husband, enough, please don't harm my father."