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 After returning to the group, they continued onwards.

After crossing this boundary, they came to a world called the Deer World. The people here had deer horns but they were not very big, around ten centimeters long.

Apart from deer horns, they also had deer tails and were the same as humans in other regards.

Of course, some Deer people had deer-like heads and large horns, but the bodies of humans.

The Deer people were quite friendly, and nothing unpleasant happened.

Zhao Fu's group was currently passing through a forest, and they were now quite close to Outlander Ten College. In just a few days they would be able to arrive at Outlander Ten College, which was in time for the examination.

"Roar!" Suddenly, a bestial roar sounded throughout the forest, and it seemed quite close. Zhao Fu thought about it and flew out to see what was going on.

He saw a massive black bear ferociously chasing after a group of people. The group seemed to be made up of soldiers, and they wore armor and held swords and bows. They looked like they had come out to hunt, but they did not think that they would encounter this black bear.


The black bear raised its massive paw and slammed towards the ground, causing a formless shockwave to blast out. The ground caved in and the group of soldiers were hit by the shockwave and flew out before crashing onto the ground.

The black bear rushed up to the ground and savagely smiled as it looked at a woman with a seductive figure, and it grabbed at her with a massive paw.

The black bear's gaze was slightly licentious and it seemed to want this Deer woman. The black bear most likely was not an ordinary bear but something transformed from a person.

As the paw grabbed toward her, the Deer woman said with a fearful expression, "Xiong San, this is the Deer World and not the Bear World. If you dare to do anything to me, the Deer World definitely won't let you off."

The Bear person loudly laughed as he said, "You're just a Princess of a small Kingdom, while I'm the Prince of the Bear Region's largest Kingdom. Even if I do anything to you, do you think the Deer World would start a war with the Bear World over you?"

The Deer woman's expression became quite unsightly because the Deer World indeed would not start a war over her. The consequences would be too severe.

The soldiers climbed up from the ground and rushed at the black bear as they yelled, "Hurry and run, Princess!"

Hearing this, the Deer woman came to her senses and hurriedly got up as she ran away.

The guards gripped their weapons as they charged forwards and gave off sharp lights as they slashed towards the black bear. However, the black bear slammed the soldiers into meat pancakes in just a few strikes and continued to chase after the Deer woman before grabbing towards her.

The Deer woman looked terrified and felt a trace of despair; she was unable to escape from that large paw.


Suddenly, a sword hum sounded out as a sharp sword light tore through the air and slashed into the paw, causing blood to splash everywhere. The black bear roared in pain as a deep gash, through which bone could be seen, appeared.

The black bear furiously looked at Zhao Fu and said furiously, "Who are you? You actually dared to attack me."

The Deer woman looked at Zhao Fu in delight and felt that she was saved. She hurriedly said, "Sir, I'm the Princess of the Deer Kingdom. If you save me, I will definitely reward you handsomely."

Zhao Fu stood in the air as he lightly laughed and said, "Stay here, Princess. Leave this black bear to me."

Hearing this, the Deer woman felt at ease and smiled as she nodded.

The black bear's expression became quite grim. It did not hesitate to turn and run because it was certain that it was not a match for Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed and sent a massive sword light towards the black bear, sending it flying. It crashed through countless trees, causing massive sounds to ring out.

The black bear furiously roared, "I'm the Prince of the Bear Kingdom; if you dare to kill me, the Bear Kingdom won't let you off."

Those words sounded quite familiar, as the Deer woman had just said them to the black bear. Now, it was the black bear saying it to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu said disdainfully, "Do you think that would scare me?"

The black bear felt incredibly furious and glared at Zhao Fu before turning and running. Apart from running, it had no chance of survival.


However, it was unable to run away. Zhao Fu once again slashed out and sent the black bear flying, and he left a long gash on its back, from which blood continuously flowed out. The black bear howled, but Zhao Fu did not show any mercy and once again slashed against the black bear, causing blood to fly everywhere as another wound appeared on its body.

Now, the black bear was afraid, and it was no longer as arrogant. It kneeled on the ground and pleaded, "Sir, please spare me; I'll agree to anything. Also, I'm the Bear Kingdom's only Prince, so you can ask my father for anything and he'll definitely agree."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about this and felt that this would not be too bad, so he nodded. He then made a small cut on his finger and controlled a few drops of blood to become a blood-red rune. He pointed out, and the blood-red runes sank into the black bear's forehead.

The black bear did not dare to resist and allowed Zhao Fu to set restrictions within its body. After the restrictions were set, it breathed out and became smaller.

In the end, it became a big man with bear ears, a bear tail and black hair. He looked quite ferocious and was quite well-built. The injuries were still there and were still bleeding, and he was not wearing any clothes. Seeing this, Zhao Fu frowned and looked quite displeased.

The Bear person understood and immediately put on clothes, took out some medicinal pills, and ate them as he started to treat his injuries.

Zhao Fu did not pay him any mind and descended from the air. He looked at the Deer woman and found that she was quite beautiful.

Facing Zhao Fu's gaze, the Deer woman's face became slightly red as she said gratefully, "Thank you for saving my life, sir. I'll properly thank sir after returning to the Deer Kingdom."

Zhao Fu walked up and directly hugged her as he lightly laughed and said, "No need, just use your body to repay me now!"

The woman immediately started to struggle; she had never thought that Zhao Fu would have such thoughts about her as well. However, smelling Zhao Fu's scent, her body became weak and started to want to do it with Zhao Fu.