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 Zhao Fu naturally could not refuse because he was not so good-natured as to help someone for nothing. He evidently had his own goals.

The Elephant King not only felt incredibly grateful to Zhao Fu, but he could also tell that his identity was incredibly terrifying and was at least an Emperor. He naturally could not take him lightly, so he treated Zhao Fu incredibly courteously.

At the banquet, various Elephant people toasted Zhao Fu and expressed their gratitude to him, and Zhao Fu courteously responded.

Of course, many people also gifted many things to Zhao Fu. There was one item that was especially good, which was a Mammoth Den.

The Mammoths had thick fur and massive tusks, and they were enormous. They had great defensive abilities and had Stage 4 strength. Zhao Fu was quite pleased with this Den.

However, Zhao Fu still had not obtained what he wanted the most. He did not hold back and asked the Elephant King, "Do you have any ancestral items or things related to godly spirits?"

The Elephant King smiled and took out a heart-shaped green crystal. It was as big as a fist and he gave it to Zhao Fu as he said, "This was made from an ancestor's heart, and it contains incredibly powerful and pure Elephant Ancestral Power."

Zhao Fu took the green crystal, and sensing the power it contained, he gave a trace of a smile and said, "Many thanks!"

The Elephant King lightly laughed as he said, "It's just an ancestral item and is not very important to me. We still need to repay sir's grace for saving my son."

Zhao Fu raised his cup and smiled as he said, "There's no need to be so courteous; let's continue to drink."

The Elephant King also raised his cup and drained it in one gulp as he asked, "Where is sir from? It must be a powerful Empire."

The Elephant King felt incredibly curious about Zhao Fu's identity, as his bloodline's power was simply too powerful. However, because Zhao Fu had hidden his aura, he could not tell what kind of bloodline it was.

It was an Imperial Bloodline at the very least, or even a top-tier Imperial bloodline. What he did not know was that Zhao Fu's bloodline was already an Orthodox Divine Bloodline.

The Elephant King thought that Zhao Fu was not simple, so he wanted to find out more about Zhao Fu's background and then befriend him. A person like this might be a big help to his Kingdom.

However, Zhao Fu calmly smiled as he replied, "Just an unimportant, small place. Let's keep drinking!"

Seeing that Zhao Fu was not willing to answer, the Elephant King did not continue pursuing the matter. He didn't know that what Zhao Fu had said was the truth, as he came from the outer boundary of the Heaven Awaken World.

After the banquet concluded, Zhao Fu and his group moved on.

Sitting within the carriage, Zhao Fu took out the green crystal heart and started to fuse with it.

Zhao Fu sent some power into the heart, causing it to give off a green light. It then started to melt until it became an orb of green liquid, before vaporising and turning into a one meter wide green heart.

This green heart was made of vapor and Zhao Fu opened his mouth and inhaled, taking in all of the green vapor and starting to refine the heart.

As the traces of green vapor fused into Zhao Fu's body, Zhao Fu's skin became slightly green. After fusing with all of the green vapor, a green Elephant person totem appeared on his back, and his skin returned to normal.

"Big brother, are you done?" A short while later, little Shu Ming poked her head into the carriage and looked at Zhao Fu as she smiled happily.

Seeing Shu Ming, Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "What is it?"

Shu Ming came into the carriage and held out a yellow flower to Zhao Fu as she smiled and said, "Look, big brother, this flower is so pretty. I picked it just for you."

Zhao Fu grinned and took the flower and patted Shu Ming's little head before bringing her out.

By now, they had left the Elephant Kingdom and came to a boundary region. This place was a grassy plains, and all that could be seen was lush grass and yellow flowers, and there was a trace of flower fragrance in the air.

Because Zhao Fu had been refining the Elephant ancestor heart, the women had gone outside and were lying on the grass. Some were picking the yellow flowers to make garlands to wear, while some sat by the side and talked and laughed.

The scenery here was quite beautiful, and adding on the beautiful women, the scene seemed even more stunning.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to walk forwards, arrows containing immense force suddenly shot out. There were thousands of them, and they gave off a shocking aura.

Facing the incoming arrows, Zhao Fu's expression did not change and a black dragon-inscription barrier spread out with terrifying power, covering the surrounding 1,000 meters and blocking the incoming arrows.

The people hidden among the grass felt quite shocked and had never thought that they would encounter such a dangerous person. Seeing that their group was so small, they thought that these people would be easy to deal with, and they shot out a wave of arrows to see if they could finish the other side. However, that person had blocked all of the arrows.

The people hidden among the grass did not hesitate and immediately retreated, not daring to stay.

Ai Fei coldly harrumphed and held his spear as he led 30 or so Centaur soldiers and charged into the grass like lightning.

"Arghhh..." cries sounded out, as did the sounds of weapons clashing. Countless sharp lights flew out, and grass was sent flying into the air.

Soon, the sounds died down and a stench of blood came from the grass as the 30 or so Centaur soldiers dragged a few people out.

These people had the heads of rhinoceroses and human bodies. They had gray skin and powerful-looking bodies, but they were not very tall. They looked terrified and were covered with blood. They were Rhinoceros people had around Stage 5 Cultivation.

Even though there were only 30 or so Centaur soldiers, each of them had Saint Realm Cultivation, and dealing with a few thousand Stage 5 Rhinoceros people would be no problem for them at all.

Ai Fei brought the Rhinoceros people before Zhao Fu and said, "Sir, these Rhinoceros people have surrendered and the others have been killed. Is there anything you would like to ask them? If not, I'll kill them now."

Zhao Fu was currently sitting on the grass, hugging the Naga Goddess and Wolf Goddess. Seeing that Ai Fei, the Centaur Prince, had performed quite well, he lightly laughed and said, "You can go! I'll question them myself."

Ai Fei retreated to the side and the Rhinoceros people were brought before Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at these Rhinoceros people and lightly smiled as he asked, "Where are you all from?"