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 As a Royal Kingdom, it could not be compared to an Imperial Kingdom. Those Emperors were all high and mighty, so how could the Elephant King ask one to help his son dispel his bloodline curse?

Moreover, it was only a possibility and success was not guaranteed. The higher grade their bloodline was, the greater their chance of success would be.

Only a top-tier Imperial Bloodline would have a high chance of success. However, it would be almost impossible to ask someone like that for help, as they would be someone who stood at the apex of this world, and the faction that stood behind them would be incredibly monstrous as well.

Facing such terrifying people, the Elephant King would have to kneel in greeting; how could he ask such people to help his son dispel his bloodline curse?

The Elephant God did not say anything else and gradually disappeared.

A woman next to the Elephant King started to cry after thinking about how much pain her son and his sons and daughters would have to go through in the future.

The other Elephant people all looked quite sad. As subjects of the Elephant Kingdom, they naturally did not want their beloved little Prince to have such a fate, and they too felt devastated.

However, even the Elephant King could not dispel the curse, so what could they do to dispel the curse? Even asking the Elephant God was useless.

An elderly Elephant person sorrowfully clasped his hands together and knelt as he prayed, "Glorious godly spirit, glorious ancestors, please save our little Prince. He is the future of the Elephant Kingdom."

Hearing this, everyone else knelt and clasped their hands as they also prayed.

A young Elephant person cried out, "Glorious godly spirit, glorious ancestors, please save our little Prince. I will use my life to serve you and fight for you."

A crudely-dressed Elephant woman shouted, "Glorious godly spirit, glorious ancestors, please save our little Prince. I'm willing to offer my virgin body to you and remain pure for life."

Countless Elephant people knelt and prayed, but there was no response. They could not do anything about this bloodline curse.

In the end, the Elephant Queen loudly wept, as she was heartbroken for her suffering son, but also because she was moved by the Elephant people.

The Elephant King also felt quite uncomfortable and his eyes danced with tears. Looking at the little Prince's face wracked with pain, he decided to see if he could find an Emperor to help. Worst came to worst, he would allow the evil god to do whatever he wanted to him in order to dispel this bloodline curse.

The atmosphere became incredibly mournful, and everyone felt incredibly uncomfortable.

"Perhaps I can help!" a voice sounded out. It was not very loud, but it was like a massive boulder falling into water, sending out enormous waves. Everyone's gazes gathered onto Zhao Fu's body in that instant.

Facing the countless gazes, Zhao Fu stood there calmly with an unchanging expression.

All of the Elephant people sensed Zhao Fu's Harmony Realm Cultivation and looked quite doubtful, not sure if this person could really save their little Prince. Of course, they held onto a trace of hope.

Moreover, cultivation was not everything; dispelling the curse did not rely on cultivation but on bloodline.

Furthermore, only a powerful Imperial Bloodline could dispel the curse; could it be that this person was an Emperor?

Thinking about that, the Elephant people's gazes became reverent; they did not dare to offend a grand figure like this. Moreover, he had come to save their little Prince. No matter how things turned out, he was worthy of their respect.

The Elephant King turned and looked at Zhao Fu and examined him for a few seconds before stretching out his hand and saying, "Please dispel my son's curse, sir."

The Elephant people in the surroundings all made way for Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu walked up to the altar and came to the little Prince's side. He squatted down and gathered his Divine power in his palm as his Divine Mark appeared and gave off a faint black light.

Following this, Zhao Fu placed his hand on the little Prince's forehead, and the massive amount of Divine power flowed into the Prince's body.


A muffled explosion sounded out as countless traces of blood-red aura once again flooded out of the little Prince's body. What was shocking was that the blood-red aura seemed to be afraid of something and was escaping from the little Prince's body.

What was going on? That Elephant God from before had power that surpassed the Emperor Heaven Realm, and yet it had been unable to make the blood-red aura react like this. This cloaked person only had Harmony Realm Cultivation; just what terrifying power did he possess?

"Ahhhh..." the little Prince cried out in pain and struggled on the ground, but Zhao Fu held onto his head and continued to send large amounts of his Divine power into the little Prince's body.

Seeing how pained the little Prince was, the Elephant Queen wanted to go up and ask Zhao Fu to stop for a moment, but she was held back by the Elephant King. This was a critical moment and he could not allow Zhao Fu to be disrupted.

The blood-red aura once again formed into that blood-red figure, and Zhao Fu sent even more Divine power into the little Prince's body.


The little Prince's body exploded out with a massive aura and his body gave off an intense black light as the blood-red figure gradually disappeared and no more blood-red aura flowed out from within the little Prince's body.

Zhao Fu stood up and the Elephant King immediately went to check on the little Prince's body. Everyone looked at the King expectantly, waiting for him to announce the result.

After examining the little Prince's body, the Elephant King looked delighted as he turned to Zhao Fu and said gratefully, "Thank you for dispelling my son's curse, sir!"

Hearing this, everyone in the surroundings started to cheer. The little Prince's curse had been dispelled, and everyone happily smiled as they praised Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, "It's not a big deal, you don't have to be too courteous."

The Elephant King smiled as he said, "We owe a great debt to sir, and sir deserves Our respect. We will immediately prepare a banquet for sir. Please give Us face so We can properly thank sir."