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 Hearing this, Shu Chang froze, and he turned as he smiled and said, "Ah I almost didn't recognize you, my friend. Come, I'll treat you to a drink."

Shu Chang led his people back into the restaurant and booked a private room, while Zhao Fu hugged Shu Su and entered as well. Shu Chang had the guards stand by the door and forbade anyone from coming close.

Within the room, Shu Chang looked at Shu Su affectionately resting within another man's embrace, and his expression became cold as he said mockingly, "The man you've found is not bad and most likely has some status. You've been together for a long time, right? Why have you come to find me then?"

Shu Su felt a stabbing pain in her heart and her expression became quite unsightly. She felt quite angry and wronged, as it was Shu Chang who had abandoned them first, and now he was mocking her for finding a man so quickly.

Zhao Fu hugged Shu Su and said comfortingly, "Let me take care of everything."

Hearing this, Shu Su hugged Zhao Fu with both arms and smiled sweetly as she nodded.

Zhao Fu looked at Shu Chang and a massive might exploded out from him and weighed down on Shu Chang, causing Shu Chang's face to become pale. He had never thought that Zhao Fu would have such great power.

At that moment, Zhao Fu said, "She's my woman now, so you'd best show more respect. Also, the reason I came to find you was that I want you to steal your family's Rat Spirit Jade."

Hearing this, Shu Chang hurriedly shook his head, "I can agree to anything but that's impossible. That's the family's Clan Armament and is hidden in the family's private cell. I can't steal it, and even if I could, I'll die a horrible death."

That family belonged to an Imperial Kingdom, and this was an Imperial Kingdom within the Heaven Domain. Even their weakest soldiers had Stage 5 strength, and the family's position in the Imperial Kingdom was quite high. Zhao Fu could not directly force his way through and snatch the Clan Armament, so he could only rely on more secretive methods.

Zhao Fu thought about it and said, "Then just cooperate with me. As long as you help me obtain the Rat Spirit Jade, everyone will be well-off. If I can't obtain the Rat Spirit Jade, I'll definitely make you die a horrible death. Don't underestimate my power - if it wasn't for the fact that I want to keep a low-profile, I can wipe out that entire family."

Shu Chang's expression became quite unsightly. He felt quite shocked about Zhao Fu's power, and after thinking about it, he could only nod and agree.

Afterwards, Shu Chang told Zhao Fu that the private cell had three keys that were each kept by three people. Only by gathering the three keys could the private cell be opened. Moreover, it had to be someone who was part of the family who entered, or else they would be attacked and killed by the magic formation within.

Zhao Fu snuck into the family and easily found the family leader's room according to Shu Chang's information and obtained the first and most important key.

"Mother, I like you so much." However, when Zhao Fu got closer, he heard moans sound out from two people entangled together, and Zhao Fu snuck over.

He found that there were two women intensely going at it together. One had a graceful figure and beautiful looks, and she was an elegant-looking middle-aged woman. One had long, violet hair and a fiery figure, and she seemed quite unruly. They both had rat tails and looked somewhat similar.

Zhao Fu realized who they were and a barrier spread out, covering the room. Zhao Fu also suddenly appeared as he smiled and said, "I had never thought that a mother and daughter would do such a thing."

Hearing Zhao Fu's voice, the mother and daughter immediately came back to their senses. Seeing Zhao Fu, the unruly-looking woman said coldly, "Who are you? You dared to sneak into our family's residence; you're seeking death."

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "Is that so? I'll call over people to capture me then."

This caused the mother and daughter's expressions to fall; if others found out about this, it would be terrible for them.

The beautiful middle-aged woman was tactful and looked flirtatiously at Zhao Fu as she said, "Sir, you've watched for a while, don't you want us to serve you?"

Hearing this, the unruly-looking woman felt quite shocked as she looked at her mother. She then realized that she wanted to seduce Zhao Fu and then kill him, so the young woman also looked at Zhao Fu enticingly and said, "Come, sir!"

Zhao Fu could guess at their intentions, but he did not mind so he smiled, went up, hugged this mother and daughter pair.

The mother and daughter were careless and did not think that Zhao Fu could give them such pleasure. They cried out lewdly under him and completely forgot about wanting to kill him.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged the strengthless mother and daughter and smiled as he asked, "Do you still want to kill me?"

The beautiful middle-aged woman rolled her eyes at Zhao Fu, "Who could bear to kill you now? Also, just who are you, and why have you come to our family? As the family leader, if you don't give me a good explanation, I won't let you off. I'll imprison you and have all of our women toy with you."

Indeed, this beautiful middle-aged woman was the family leader. This family had always been a matriarchy, and the men did not have much status or power.

Zhao Fu didn't hide his goal and directly told her.

The beautiful middle-aged woman harrumphed as she said angrily, "So you came for our Clan Armament, and you want us to help you; you must be dreaming. Do you really think we'll give our treasure to an outsider like you?"

Zhao Fu did not mind and laughed as he released his power and then activated the restrictions within their bodies, "With my power, I can slaughter your entire family, but I'm holding back because of the Imperial Kingdom. I've also already set down restrictions in your bodies, so there's no use in resisting."

Sensing Zhao Fu's power and the restrictions within her body, the beautiful middle-aged woman could only give in and say, "Alright, I agree to your demands. However, that Clan Armament belongs to the whole family and I can't make a decision by myself. If you can obtain the two other keys, I'll give you the Rat Spirit Jade, but you can't harm anyone from our family."

"There's no problem; after all, we're all on the same side now, so I'll try not to harm them," Zhao Fu said as he smiled.

The young woman looked up and gave a pleased smile as she said, "I can help. My aunty has the second key and I often play with her body. She's quite lewd and with your power you should be able to conquer her. However, you need to properly satisfy us; I've never felt such pleasure when doing it with a man before, and I feel even better than when doing it with women."