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 The Seventh Prince had never expected that in just one day the status quo in the Tiger Kingdom would completely change. He, who originally had no hope in ascending to the throne, had become the new King without doing anything. This had been too easy and was like he had been given everything for free. What he did not expect was that his mother and big sister had sacrificed their bodies.

Hu Ling'Er and Hu Wangchan had been somewhat worried, and they were surprised that matters had been resolved so easily, and they also felt quite delighted.

The next day, the Seventh Prince ascended to the throne, but his mother, big sister, and female attendants were not present, as they were repaying Zhao Fu for what he had done. They were gratefully serving Zhao Fu, and later the Queen was called over as well.

After enjoying the women's bodies, Zhao Fu also obtained what he wanted, which was the Tiger Kingdom's ancestral item. It was an orange piece of amber that was irregularly shaped and was as big as a palm. It gave off a faint orange light and looked quite pretty.

Zhao Fu took it and fused it into his body. The amber contained incredibly pure Tiger person energy that spread throughout Zhao Fu's body, and it sent out a shockwave.

Zhao Fu's body gave off intense orange light, and a Tiger person's image appeared within Zhao Fu's body before disappearing.

Zhao Fu had already fused with the massive energy and he felt a pain on his back as an orange Tiger person totem gradually appeared on his back.

After feeling the Tiger person totem on his back, Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile. Now, it was time to leave and take the women.

The Seventh Prince tried to get Zhao Fu to stay, as he had only ascended to the throne with Zhao Fu's help, and he felt incredibly grateful. However, in the end Zhao Fu still refused.

As for his mother and big sister, they did not tell him about their relationship with Zhao Fu. They just left a letter to say that they were going out to travel and have fun, but they were actually leaving with Zhao Fu.

Two days later, Zhao Fu and his group finally came to the center of the Outlander Domain. This was the most bustling place for Outlanders, and there were all kinds of races and countless people flooding the streets, creating a bustling scene.

Zhao Fu hugged Hu Ling'Er as he sat by the window and looked at the scene outside.

Now that they had reached the center of the Outlander Domain, they had to be careful; let alone someone with Harmony Realm Cultivation, even someone with Emperor Heaven Realm Cultivation had to be careful.

At that moment, Zhao Fu saw a little girl who looked four or five years old. She had black hair, delicate features and a rat tail. She wore tattered clothing and looked quite pitiful as she pulled on passerbys' clothing and pleaded, "Sir, sir, can you give me a bit of money? My mother is sick and I want to get her treated."

Most people treated this little girl quite disdainfully and shook her off. Some people even contemptuously dirtied her clothes or pushed her to the ground.

The little girl scraped her hands after falling to the ground, which hurt and caused her bright eyes to become teary.

However, she held back the tears and got up as she continued to pull on people's clothes, pleading, "Sir, sir, please give me some money. My mother is sick and needs treatment."

Zhao Fu stopped the carriage and came to the little girl's side.

Seeing Zhao Fu, the little girl did not dare to go up to him, as his carriage looked far too exquisite. Her mother had told her that the better people were dressed, the more prestigious their identities would be. Such people could not be offended as they were incredibly terrifying.

She remembered her mother's words; this was an important principle for people living at the bottom of society. As such, she looked quite scared and did not dare to go up.

Zhao Fu felt quite moved and gently laughed as he said, "Take me to your mother; I'll treat her sickness."

"Really?" The little girl looked delighted and jumped up as she happily looked at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled as he took the little girl's hand and said, "Really. Take me to your home."

"Okay!" The little girl happily nodded and held Zhao Fu's big, warm hand as she led him forwards.

The women in the carriage felt quite surprised because the impression that Zhao Fu gave them was one that was incredibly cold and ruthless. Even though he treated them quite well, they had never seen him so gentle and kind before.

They did not know why Zhao Fu was treating a little girl like this and felt quite confused. However, they listened to Zhao Fu and waited for him here.

The little girl happily ran as she led Zhao Fu on, and they came to a shabby little alley and stopped in front of a little wooden house.

"Sir, this is my home," the little girl said as she looked up and let go of Zhao Fu's hand. She opened the door with great effort and walked in.

Zhao Fu followed her in and saw a beautiful woman with a pale face lying on the bed. She had long, black hair and gave off a simple but loving aura, and Zhao Fu could not help but feel quite touched. He felt an ache in his heart and could not help but think about his own mother.

"Mother! Mother! I brought this sir to treat your sickness," the little girl held the woman's hands as she lightly shook her and said happily.

The woman opened her eyes with great difficulty, and seeing how well-dressed Zhao Fu was, she forced a smile and said weakly, "Sir, my daughter is not very sensible; please forgive her if she offended you."

Zhao Fu lightly smiled as he said, "Not at all, don't worry. Let me first treat your sickness."

Afterwards, Zhao Fu checked the woman's body and found that it was just an ordinary sickness. He took out a bottle of top-tier medicinal pills and fed one to the woman, before taking out a bottle filled with Water of Life and helping the woman drink it.

Soon, the woman's face became ruddy and her aura was no longer as weak, and she seemed to be filled with life.

"Mother, are you cured?" the little girl looked at the woman as she smiled and asked.

The woman smiled and nodded as she affectionately stroked the little girl's face. She looked at Zhao Fu and said, "Thank you for saving my life, sir!"

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "It's not a big deal."

The woman said apologetically, "Sir saved my life but I have nothing to repay sir with, I'm sorry."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile as he looked over the woman's mature figure. He took out a few delicious fruits and gave them to the little girl as he said, "I have some things to talk to your mother about. Have these and play outside for a while, alright?"

Looking at the fruits in Zhao Fu's hand, she smiled and said sweetly, "Okay!"

Zhao Fu looked at the woman, and sensing his gaze, the woman's face became red with shyness as she lowered her head, not knowing what to do.