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 Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and nodded as the three people put on their clothes.

The Seventh Prince only came back after a long time, by which time it was night time. His face was quite pale and he looked quite dispirited as he said to his mother and big sister, "Mother, big sis, I think that it's better that we leave as soon as possible; it's better to just stay alive."

After such a long time, the redness from Hu Ling'Er and Hu Wangchan's faces had disappeared, so the Seventh Prince did not realize anything. He just felt that his mother and big sister gave off an even more enchanting and mature

However, given that he had just taken a big blow, he did not pay much mind to this.

Seeing her son like this, Hu Ling'Er quickly asked, "What happened, Huang'Er?"

The Seventh Prince replied with a grim expression, "Father called me over to tell me to give up on the throne. He doesn't plan to pass the throne to me, and he told me that it's best to give up early to stay alive."

Hu Ling'Er said angrily, "That old fogey looks down on us mother and son, but don't worry, I'll definitely make you the Tiger Kingdom's King."

The Seventh Prince felt much disbelief and looked at his mother as he asked, "Really? But I don't have an advantage at all, and even father gave up on me."

Hu Ling'Er lightly smiled and said, "Don't worry and just trust me. It's getting late, so you should go and rest."

The Seventh Prince felt quite doubtful as his father had already declared that it was impossible for him to become King, but because he didn't want his mother and big sister to worry, he nodded and returned to his room.

After the Seventh Prince left, Hu Ling'Er and Hu Wangchan looked at each other, immediately called over Zhao Fu, and told him about this because only Zhao Fu could do something about this situation.

Zhao Fu sat on a chair and enjoyed Hu Ling'Er and Hu Wangchan's service as he thought about this matter and lightly smiled as he said, "Take me into the palace later; I'll solve this."

Hearing that Zhao Fu could resolve this situation, Hu Ling'Er said in delight, "Thank you, husband!"

Following this, intense sounds sounded out in the room, and the Seventh Prince could hear them from his own room. However, he assumed that he was hearing things, as his mother and big sister would not be so lewd.

The noises soon subsided, and even though the Seventh Prince was not very confident that his mother could help him ascend to the throne, he still felt quite hopeful. Perhaps his mother would have some idea to help him take the throne.

"Where are the King's chambers?" Zhao Fu and Hu Ling'Er successfully arrived at the palace and stood in a concealed area.

Hu Ling'Er pointed in the direction and said, "Husband, make sure you're careful."

Zhao Fu nodded before flying off.

Zhao Fu soon reached the King's chambers and found that it was heavily guarded. There were many Saint Realm soldiers as well as Harmony Realm experts. Moreover, adding on the King's Fate Dragon, it would be quite difficult to sneak in.

Zhao Fu's plan was to assassinate the King and fake an order for the other three Princes to come so that he could kill them together.

However, now, it seemed that he could not sneak in. Given that the King was on the verge of death, if Zhao Fu exploded out with his power, it should be possible to easily kill him.

However, if he killed the King, the other three Princes would definitely stage uprisings and the Tiger Kingdom would fall into chaos.

Zhao Fu waited for a while, and soon, a beautiful woman with a graceful figure, white tiger ears, a tail, and a gentle aura walked out from within. She looked quite sad and led out a few female attendants.

This was the Tiger Kingdom's Queen, and after thinking about it, Zhao Fu grinned and followed behind her.

The Queen was called Hu Baibai and after coming to her chambers, she had everyone leave and sat in a chair as she wept.

She had a son, who was the Crown Prince, but he had died in a battle. Now, her husband was going to leave her as well, and she would not have anyone to rely on.

After her husband died, she would not have any power and the new King would do with her as he pleased. As such, she felt incredibly sad and felt immense pressure.

"Why are you crying, Your Majesty?" a voice sounded out from behind her. Hu Baibai thought that it was an attendant, so she said softly, "Didn't I tell everyone to leave me? I want to be alone for now. Don't come and disturb me."

However, that person did not leave and instead came up and hugged her. Hu Baibai felt quite startled and had never thought that this person would be so daring as to offend her. She turned and saw that it was an incredibly handsome young man.

Looking at this young man and smelling his scent, Hu Baibai's heart rate could not help but speed up.

Hu Baibai had wanted to call in guards from outside, but looking at the young man in front of her, she softly asked, "Who are you? Why are you doing this?"

Zhao Fu lightly smiled as he looked at Hu Baibai. She did not have the airs of a Queen at all, and she instead seemed quite weak, making one want to look after her. He picked her up and walked towards the bed nearby.

Hu Baibai could tell what Zhao Fu wanted and started to struggle, but she was still brought to the bed by Zhao Fu and ravaged by him.

However, she greatly enjoyed it and demonstrated a weak and gentle lewdness.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu hugged her and told her who he was and his goal. Hu Baibai angrily glared at him and said, "I won't help you; I didn't know that you came to kill my husband. You'd better leave now, or else I'll call for people."

Zhao Fu said shamelessly, "Call in people to see how lewd you are? If this matter spreads, that husband of yours will definitely kill you and destroy your whole family. Call people in if you want!"

Hu Baibai felt quite aggrieved and teared up. She had never thought that the person who had made her feel such pleasure would be such a bastard.

Zhao Fu hugged her and comforted her, and he promised to give her a better life and that he would treat her family better. Only then did Hu Baibai agree to help him.

Originally, Zhao Fu wanted Hu Baibai to poison the King, but Hu Baibai adamantly refused. As such, Zhao Fu could only ask her to open up the way through the guards so he could sneak through, assassinate the King, and seal his corpse. After all, if the King died, abnormal signs would appear throughout the Kingdom.

Zhao Fu then summoned the three other Princes and easily killed them. They had not expected the king to die, and they had thought that they were coming to hear the King's last will and testament. They did not think that they would die here.

Zhao Fu and Hu Baibai gave out a series of commands and gained control of the military, after which Hu Baibai wrote a fake imperial edict, announcing the Seventh Prince as the heir to the throne.

The three other branches were quite dissatisfied, but since their Princes had died, they could only accept the situation. Moreover, they did not hold any military power, and all of the neutral factions now supported the Seventh Prince.

If they tried to incite anything, they would definitely fail, so they could only submit to the Seventh Prince.