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 Facing this handsome young man, the woman had a bad feeling and hurriedly cried out, "Let go of me, I need to save our Prince. If the Prince dies, the Tiger Kingdom definitely won't let you off."

Zhao Fu disdainfully coldly harrumphed. The Tiger Kingdom was only a Dukedom Kingdom, and Zhao Fu did not care at all. He took off the woman's clothes and started doing it with her.

Soon, the woman forgot all about the Prince and lost herself in pleasure as she lewdly moaned.

Afterwards, the Tiger woman, Hu Min, put on her clothes and wanted to leave. Her mind had become clear again, and she was surprised to find that she had recovered from her injuries from doing it with Zhao Fu.

However, she savagely glared at this man who had taken her body before preparing to rush out of the tavern to save the Prince.

Zhao Fu lay on the bed and had a satisfied smile after enjoying Hu Min's body. He did not mind her anger and said, "Do you really think you can save him? If you go, you'll just be adding another corpse."

Hu Min paused; she understood that with her power, she could not save their Prince. However, she quickly thought of a solution and leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace as she bewitchingly smiled, saying, "Good husband, can you please save our Prince? If you save him, I'll serve you well in the future."

Zhao Fu hugged her body and was not in a rush to agree, and he instead first asked what benefits there were.

However, because time was of the essence, Zhao Fu put on his clothes and hugged Hu Min and talked with her as he flew.

The King of the Tiger Kingdom was about to pass away, so the Princes started to kill each other in order to seize the throne. The Crown Prince and Second Prince had died early on while the Sixth Prince had died young. That left the Third Prince, Fourth Prince, Fifth Prince, and Seventh Prince.

The next King would be picked from among them, and the Seventh Prince's faction was the weakest one. It was because he did not have much power that the other Princes dared to try to assassinate him so openly.

If Zhao Fu helped the Seventh Prince ascend the throne, Zhao Fu would be able to obtain everything he wanted.

Zhao Fu thought about it and agreed in the end.


The Seventh Prince was hit by an attack and heavily crashed into the ground, smashing out a large crater and causing rocks to fly everywhere.

The Seventh Prince coughed up a mouthful of blood and crawled up before shooting off in another direction. Only by running did he have a chance at survival; if he stayed here, he would definitely die.

Despite this, the assassins once again quickly surrounded him.

The Seventh Prince's expression was quite grim as he said, "If you're willing to let me off this once, after I return to the Royal City, I'll give you whatever you want."

The leader of the assassins loudly laughed as he said, "Seventh Prince, there's no need for you to think too much; we definitely won't let you off. Brothers, act together and kill the Seventh Prince so we can bring back his head to receive our reward."

Hearing this, the others savagely smiled as they prepared to go up and finish off this Seventh Prince, and the Seventh Prince looked quite despairing.


A sword hum suddenly rang out as an enormous sword light containing terrifying power shot out incredibly quickly. Before the assassins could react, their bodies were cut in half by the sword light.

The Seventh Prince looked quite confused and had never thought that such a thing would happen. He looked up at where the sword light had come from and saw a handsome young man hugging his guard, Hu Min.

The Seventh Prince quickly realized that it was this young man who had saved him. Fortunately he had not offended him, or he might have died at his hands.

Zhao Fu hugged Hu Min and landed in front of the Seventh Prince.

The Seventh Prince said gratefully with a smile, "Thank you for saving my life, sir."

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile as he said, "I know about your situation and I can help you seize the throne, but you have to give me what I want, such as ancestral items or things related to godly spirits."

Hearing this, the Seventh Prince felt quite delighted, because to him, these things could not compare in importance to the throne. As such, he immediately agreed, "That's no problem, I accept."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and nodded.

By now, the Seventh Prince had noticed how intimate Zhao Fu and Hu Min were. Adding on her red face and the air around her, he understood what had happened.

He inwardly sighed; this beautiful guard had been by his side for a long time and he had never touched her as it did not conform with his morals. If Hu Min did not take the initiative, he definitely would not do such a thing to his loyal subordinate.

Now, it seemed that she belonged to someone else, making the Seventh Prince feel a slight ache in his heart. However, for the throne, everything was worth it.

Hu Min could tell that the Seventh Prince understood the relationship between her and Zhao Fu, and she said with an embarrassed look, "Is there anything else, Your Majesty?"

Hearing her words of concern, the Seventh Prince felt better and smiled as he replied, "No, I'm fine."

Following this, Zhao Fu returned to the tavern. Seeing the terrible state it was in, Zhao Fu gave the owner some money so that he could build a new tavern while he left for the Royal City with his people to avoid any more trouble.

Within the Royal City, the various factions naturally would not dare to act so daringly, and this was so especially for the various Princes. If they dared to act openly here, they would lose their right to inherit the throne.

Within a mansion in the Royal City, a beautiful-looking woman with long, green hair, a voluptuous figure, tiger ears, a tail, and green tiger inscriptions tearily hugged the Seventh Prince.

"I'm so happy. I thought you had died, but you're completely fine. Also, didn't I tell you to leave the Tiger Kingdom? We have no opportunity to take the throne, so it's better to withdraw early on. You'll be killed by your brothers."

Seeing how worried his mother looked, the Seventh Prince said with a resolute gaze, "Mother, as the Tiger Kingdom's Seventh Prince, how can I act so cowardly? No matter what happens, I want to at least try. Moreover, I brought with me a very powerful person; he has the confidence to help me take the throne, and it was him who saved me."

Hearing this, the beautiful woman looked at Zhao Fu and said gratefully, "Thank you for saving my son, sir. Later I'll properly receive sir to thank you."

Zhao Fu lightly smiled as he replied, "No need!"