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 Five or six days later, Zhao Fu and his group arrived at a new Kingdom. Soon, they would be able to see what the true Outlander Domain was like.

The group stopped at a tavern and rested for a while. The Centaur Prince was a good leader and directly booked out the entire tavern. He had all of the soldiers wait by the side, and all Zhao Fu had to do was get out of the carriage and would not have to worry about anything else.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite pleased, and he felt much more relaxed.

After coming to the tavern, all of the tavern's workers acted incredibly cautiously because anyone could tell that Zhao Fu's identity definitely was not simple. If they accidentally offended Zhao Fu, they would not even know how they had died.

Zhao Fu hugged the Naga Goddess and the Wolfman Goddess, while the other women followed behind, and they sat at a large table. The food was already ready and Zhao Fu did not even need to feed himself, as the women were all too willing to feed him.

Ai Fei felt quite much admiration. Even though he did not dare to get too close to the carriage while traveling, the women's lewd voices were quite loud and now he felt a lot of respect towards Zhao Fu.

As a Centaur and someone with royal blood, he was quite powerful in that regard, but even he felt that he would not be able to conquer the women by Zhao Fu's side or make them feel such pleasure.

What shocked Ai Fei even more was that as the women did it with Zhao Fu, they seemed to become more and more beautiful and enchanting.

At that moment, a tall and handsome-looking Tiger person leading a few other Tiger people prepared to walk into the tavern.

Some of the Tiger people had tiger heads, human bodies, tiger-like skin, and tiger tails. Others had human faces, but their bodies were covered with tiger-like patterns and had tiger ears, tails, and sharp claws.

To ordinary animals, tigers were kings of the jungle, and Tiger people also looked incredibly ferocious and powerful.

Just as they were about to enter the tavern, the Centaur soldiers at the entrance held out their spears and stopped them, saying, "Apologies, we've booked out the entire tavern and this tavern is our master's for now. Please leave."

A big Tiger person said loudly, "This tavern is your master's? If you know what's best for you, you'd better leave. Do you know who this is? This is the Tiger Kingdom's Seventh Prince; how could your master compare to him?"

Hearing this, the Centaur soldiers felt quite startled. This was the Tiger Kingdom and if they offended the Prince, things could become quite troublesome. The Centaur soldiers thought about it and decided to report this to Zhao Fu.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu did not mind much. After all, the tavern was quite big and he did not need all of it. Moreover, he did not like those people who like taking over places for their ego.

As such, the Centaur soldiers withdrew their weapons and opened the way.

The Seventh Prince remained expressionless and led his people in, while the big Tiger person gave a pleased smile and said, "It's good that you lot were tactful!"

After entering the tavern, the Seventh Prince saw Zhao Fu, and seeing the exquisite beauties around him, he could not help but feel quite moved and stared for a moment.

Seeing this, the big Tiger person smiled and said, "Your Majesty, those women are all so pretty; how about I ask that person to gift a few to you? With your prestigious identity, that would be incredibly good luck for them."

The Seventh Prince felt quite startled and shook his head before saying, "No need, even though I'm quite interested in those women, they already have someone and I don't want to take them. That person's identity definitely isn't simple either, and I don't want to make any trouble."

The big Tiger person did not say much and booked a few rooms from the manager before heading to the rooms.

By now, it was night time and stars shined resplendently in the dark sky. There was no moon, and the sky was covered with stars.

After eating and drinking their fill, the women looked at Zhao Fu with great desire, and he brought them to their room. Afterwards, they started doing it until late at night.

At that moment, a few masked people snuck into the tavern. They glanced towards where Zhao Fu and the women and Centaurs were staying before looking away; they were not their targets.

They stealthily headed towards the other side of the tavern, which was where the Tiger people were staying.

The Tiger people were prepared, and the instant those people attacked, they immediately counterattacked.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive sounds rang out as windows were shattered and sharp lights shot towards the assassins. Facing these attacks, the assassins did not panic and released powerful auras as they easily blocked those attacks.

Sensing the assassins' auras, the Tiger people's expressions fell as the assassins' strength was much greater than theirs. It seemed that the situation was going to become quite dangerous.

A tough-looking young Tiger person immediately said, "Your Majesty, hurry and escape back to the Royal City. If you can reach the Royal City, no one will dare to attempt to assassinate you there."

The Seventh Prince nodded and did not hesitate. He gave off a powerful aura as he rushed out of the tavern and flew away.

The assassins immediately gave off powerful auras and chased after the Seventh Prince. However, they were stopped by the Seventh Prince's guards. A battle exploded out, and both sides unleashed ferocious attacks causing sharp lights and powerful winds to sweep out.

However, it was evident that the assassins were stronger. They also had more people and had a great advantage, making it so that the Seventh Prince's guards were at a great disadvantage.

The tough-looking young Tiger person was the first to be killed, and his corpse was cut up into pieces. The big Tiger person was heavily injured, and he quickly escaped from the side.

Finally, a beautiful-looking Tiger person woman with short, black hair was sent flying by a punch and crashed into the room that Zhao Fu's group was staying in.

The assassins were after the Seventh Prince, so they did not care about the escaping big Tiger person or the injured woman, and they gave off powerful auras as they chased after the Seventh Prince.

Zhao Fu angrily looked at the scene in front of him. This perfectly good tavern had been ruined, and his peaceful night had also been destroyed.

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on the woman who had come flying into the room, and he grabbed with his hand as a formless large hand brought the woman in front of him.

The woman coughed up a large mouthful of blood and her aura was extremely weak. Her injuries were quite heavy, and when she had crashed in, she saw a group of unclothed women lying on the bed with reddened faces before being grabbed over to Zhao Fu.