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 With the Centaur elder's strength, he naturally knew how terrifying a Holy Son was. Even incredibly powerful Empires would have to lower their heads in front of Holy Empires. Their Centaur Kingdom was a mere Royal Kingdom, and it was just like an ant in front of a Holy Empire.

The Centaur elder wanted his descendant to form a connection with someone terrifying like Zhao Fu. This might bring his Kingdom immense opportunities in the future.

Even an Empire could only dream of such a thing, so the Centaur elder definitely would not let go of this opportunity. The reason he was so courteous was not because he was afraid of Zhao Fu but because he wanted to form this connection.

The Centaur Prince looked completely dumbfounded and had never thought that his ancestor would have him, a prestigious Prince, become someone else's servant. He was a Prince! With how proud he was, how could he agree?

If it was under normal circumstances, the Centaur Prince would have immediately jumped up and started to rage. However, by his side was his ancestor and a Holy Son of the legends, so he did not have the courage to do this at all. He could only say nervously, \"Ancestor, I'm a Prince of our Centaur Kingdom; being a servant isn't very fitting.\"

The Centaur elder coldly harrumphed, \"Are you going to be an ordinary servant? You're going to be a Holy Son's servant, which will bring glory to our Centaur Kingdom. Later, your father will personally receive Lord Holy Son; this matter has been decided.\"

The Centaur Prince's expression became quite unsightly and he did not dare to say anything else.

Zhao Fu did not know what to say either. He wanted to refuse the offer, but after having just received this favor from the Centaur elder, he felt quite hesitant.

The Centaur elder could tell that Zhao Fu felt troubled and lightly smiled as he said, \"Lord Holy Son, I will personally tell this matter to the Centaur Kingdom's King. He will bring large amounts of Centaur treasures for Lord Holy Son; please give us some face, Lord Holy Son.\"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded in the end.

A while later, the summoning power disappeared and the Centaur elder vanished. However, a valiant-looking middle-aged Centaur dressed in golden armor quickly arrived with a group of soldiers.

This was the Centaur Kingdom's King, and he had strength at the peak of the Extreme Divine Realm, and he was only a trace away from breaking through to the Emperor Heaven Realm. Seeing Zhao Fu, he crossed his arms and gave a steady bow; this was the most formal greeting of the Centaurs.

\"Holy Son, the ancestor has informed me of everything. I have prepared a grand banquet for Holy Son,\" the Centaur King said courteously.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, and he brought the group of women waiting at the lake to the Centaur Royal City.

There were not many people at the banquet, only the most important people of the Centaur Kingdom. After all, Zhao Fu was a Holy Son, and if this news was spread, it would definitely cause massive waves.

At the banquet, Zhao Fu was naturally the center of attention. Countless people came up to him to try to curry favor with him, even the King.

Zhao Fu did not mind this too much and courteously replied, but he was quite interested in the things that they gifted him.

First were a few pieces of square jade as big as a palm. They were green and contained faint images of horses within them, and they gave off a faint green light. These were Horse Jade Souls, and they could be used on Dens. They could raise the Black God Horses' power to Stage 2.

Great Qin's Cavalry mainly used Black God Horses, and this single Den could not fulfil Great Qin army's demand. The Stage 2 Black God Horses would not have great numbers and would be given to Great Qin's elite.

Zhao Fu was also given a blueprint for a weapon called the Dashing Spear. They were special spears for Cavalrymen that contained terrifying piercing power and would greatly increase the Cavalrymen's strength. With this blueprint, Great Qin would be able to mass-produce Dashing Spears.

Next were lychee-like fruits. They were white and gave off a faint fragrance, and they did not have to be peeled before being eaten.

These were called Human Horse Fruits, and if a human and horse ate this fruit together, their hearts and souls would be connected, allowing them to have greater cooperation and battle power.

The Centaur Kingdom not only gave many fruits but large numbers of seeds as well. Zhao Fu could go back and mass-plant them and once again increase Great Qin's Cavalry's strength.

Of course, these fruits were effective for other creatures as well, such as the Wolf Cavalry. If the riders and Giant Wolves ate the fruits, they would also gain this ability, but it would not be as powerful as humans and horses.

There were also many other things, and some were quite useful for Zhao Fu. As a Royal Kingdom in the inner regions of the Outlander Domain, the Centaur Kingdom had a powerful foundation and had many good things.

After accepting these things, Zhao Fu grinned and felt quite happy.

\"Holy Son, please let me toast you,\" the Centaur King held up a cup of wine as he smiled and said.

Zhao Fu also brought up his cup and courteously smiled as he replied, \"You don't have to be so courteous; thank you for your hospitality this time.\"

The women were also at the banquet. Zhao Fu had never told them about his identity, and after finding out that he was a Holy Son, they all felt incredibly delighted.

They had long since known that Zhao Fu's identity was not simple, but they would never think that he was a legendary Holy Son. That was an existence above Emperors, and even ordinary Emperors were existences that were far above them, let alone Holy Sons.

Thinking about how terrifying Holy Sons were, to be able to serve a man like this, they would have unimaginable benefits and opportunities.

The most direct examples were that they had become more and more beautiful, enchanting, and powerful.

At the banquet, the Centaur Prince Ai Fei felt incredibly depressed. He had tried to persuade many people to try to change this decision. After all, as the Prince of a Royal Kingdom, how could he become someone's servant? However, everyone refused, and he could not change the outcome.

He had never thought that things would turn out like this - he had just been out hunting and not only had he not been able to obtain those beautiful women, but he was also going to become a servant.

A few hours later, the banquet concluded and Zhao Fu said his goodbyes.

The Centaurs had given him many good things, so he did not refuse bringing along Centaur Prince Ai Fei. The Centaur Kingdom also gave him 30 or so Saint Realm Centaur soldiers.

These soldiers all had a lot of experience and knew a lot about the Outlander Domain. Moreover, with their strength, they were quite suited to being attendants and guards for Zhao Fu.

The Centaur Kingdom realized that it would be quite awkward for Zhao Fu to travel with a group of women and just one man, which was why they had also given Zhao Fu these soldiers.

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased about these soldiers, and he continued on with his group.